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Prophecy: What Shall We Do About Church?
August 12, 2017 Ab (Mo 5) 20, 5777

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I put the finishing touches today on an article, the third in a series, about God's presence. Much of the article had to do with the subject of church and how our present church structures and practices produce a level of defilement that will prevent God from being with us to a great enough extent to provide protection and refuge. Clearly, frightening threats like the present North Korea situation should cause any right thinking believer to think and pray about this topic with a sober mind. Once I completed yesterday's article and all of the edits, I was looking at the completed whole of the article. I then heard the Lord say, "What Shall We Do About Church?". Suddenly, I saw the front page of my website in a quick vision and I knew right where this new article was also supposed to be placed on it as well as in the archive of my writings.

I have written dozens of articles on the subject of church deficiencies and defilement since I received my vision of the Senior Pastor controlled church, called the Pyramid Vision, in 1991. I have urged reform of church. I have urged Senior Pastors to step down from their thrones and to appoint other pastor/elders to positions of equivalent level. I have also urged people to pray about coming out of churches where the Lord gives the leading and the guidance. Today, I have some new guidance from the Lord because the Lord has shown me today that His people are caught in a kind of "Catch 22". God's people need guidance from His Holy Spirit to be able to come out of a church. Such guidance comes when God's people are worshiping Him in Spirit and truth, without hypocrisy. The cleaner the individual and the cleaner the church, the more reliable the word from the Lord will be. Yet, God's people are worshiping Him in dirty places, with dirty lives. The words they have been hearing have been unreliable: hitting and missing like a slant six engine running on three cylinders. The unreliability of their hearing has them stuck, right where they are, afraid to move. Intuitively, they may sense that something is very wrong with their churches. They have eyes in their heads. They know the sick are not being healed and demons are not being cast out, yet they do not know for sure just what they might do that would be better, or even how to start in a direction that might lead to a better day. Today, I will address this subject and make some recommendations for things you should do even before you decide to leave the church system.

To start, you need to develop the ability to determine what a maximum level of God's presence really is: what I would call a baseline level of the presence of God. To develop this knowledge about this baseline level of the maximum level of God's presence, you will need to:

Step 1) Clean House! Clean up the only house of God over which you have complete control: yourself. You will need to repent of all sins and be converted. You must deny yourself, take up your cross and follow Jesus. You must become a disciple of Jesus, with no reservations and nothing held back. You will need to clean up all of your habits to such an extent that the Holy Spirit has given approval to your lifestyle. Any sin must be quickly repented of and corrected. This includes all things that are going into your home, such as TV, internet, books, music and visitors. You must clean up your body, the inputs to your eyes and ears and all activities in your home to the maximum extent possible. In short, you will have to wage a war against modern culture and/or the Devil in your own home and do whatever must be done to create a clean environment. Ideally, this should be accomplished by a husband and wife who are dwelling together, in one accord, who have their children in proper subjection. This is easier said than done. One person can do this alone, but a marriage where the partners are unequally yoked will make it more difficult for you to accomplish this to such an extent that you can move on to step 2.

Step 2) Hold a clean meeting! Husband and Wife should establish a clean meeting of their family ALONE, once the conditions of Step 1 have been met. No one else should be invited at the first. The only ones present should be those adults who have covenanted to live clean. This should be done a minimum of once per week and preferably more often and should include praise and worship, prayer, study of the word and the moving of the Spirit through the spiritual gifts. Include fasting as your are led to do so by the Spirit. Once you do these things, you will discover what you have been missing in church. God will manifest Himself powerfully when you lift up your hands to worship. He will overpower you and regularly reduce you to tears. He will speak clearly to you. You will now be aware of exactly what I speak about when I refer to the "baseline level" of the maximum level of God's presence. Wherever you do or wherever you go, whether it be to home meetings with others or to churches, you will now be aware of the maximum level of His presence. Every measure of the presence of God will be compared by you to this plumb line of God's presence-it will become your benchmark-and in this present age, everywhere else you go, God's presence will be LESS than you have experienced in your "clean meeting". Once you have learned exactly what this BASELINE LEVEL is, you can invite others to your home meeting.

Once you have been armed with this knowledge, you will be on your way to becoming a Connoisseur of God's presence and no one will be able to trick you or fool you any more. I have been in churches where they marched through their pantheon of songs and then some minister arose to say "Oh how wonderful God's presence is in this place today". I was not fooled. I knew there had been no presence there that day. Once you are so equipped, you will not be fooled either.

Saints, there is much deception in the Earth today and you must equip yourself to deal with it. Wait for the church to teach this to you and your faith will likely be shipwrecked one day soon. Don't wait! Clean up your life, clean up your family and home and hold a clean meeting at least once a week. Get to know the Lord and His presence like you have never known Him before. Then, you will know what you are supposed to do and no man will be able to trick you or talk you out of that which God has instructed you to do.

You will have it directly from God! You will not have to say that you have done what some prophet told you to do. God will tell you to do it Himself!

Stephen L. Bening

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