PROPHECY: The Davidic Apostolic Movement and The New Sanhedrin
January 27, 2001

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I was led of the Lord to go to late night services at a church last night, after services at my church were completed. The focus of the entire service was worship and meditation on Jesus, which lasted about three hours. It was difficult for me to focus for three hours in worship and meditation, because everything was in Creole and the enemy was battling with me: keeping me from entering in for the longest time. But I submitted to it and was profited in the spirit. I needed the corporate prayer in my heavenly language that we did for about an hour. The enemy was really working on me during the first two hours of the three.

I arrived home and read several of these words, of which yours here were among that mix. Some others were saying that America has been given a reprieve from judgement. I purposed to pray and sleep on them before making a reply.

During the night, I had a dream vision of the total nuclear destruction of Ft. Lauderdale. When I awoke, to reply to your messages, I had one from Alex, asking me to reply to this post, which by the Lord's strength, I will now make an effort to accomplish.

I'll say this: Many who think they are Davidic are of Saul, and many who are Davidic had better cast off all elements of the Sanhedrin. We had better be careful not to fall into this part of a Davidic hierarchy that is coming that seeks to rule over ministers and ministries and seeks places and positions of importance, where worship from men may be received. All that glitters is not gold.

This is going to be a difficult minefield to navigate in the years ahead. Anyone who is in any way a leader today must guard himself in his spirit and continually examine himself, because prosperity and popularity are the greatest tests a minister can face.

The terrible thing is that deception is utterly deceiving, and it is intoxicating. It makes men drunk. It is so easy to become infected with pride and arrogance without knowing it. Oh Lord Jesus, reveal our secret faults to us. This is the way that David prayed.

It is undeniable that the sword of judgement still hangs over this land: pushed back by a space. Just how much of this coming "religious" war America will see is still an open question. It depends upon the prayers of the saints and the potential repentance of the American people. As for me, with current victory in hand and with intense focus on Jesus as my current menu, I am restlessly seeking the Lord for the next phase.

How do we best pray and war concerning our nation? How do we pray to bring in a national repentance and a turning from the wickedness that has been described in the latest posts here by Ron Williams? Unless our nation turns, this God seeking start made by this administration will be wasted.

I tend to see coming events in exactly the cast that Alex has portrayed. His vision is my vision. David has seen another part of it, and it looks a little bit different from the part that I have seen, but that doesn't mean that it's not a real part. I am told that the Matterhorn, in the Swiss Alps, looks like four different mountains when you view it from the four different directions. We are talking here about the prophetic panorama of a fairly long span of years that effects many nations and peoples. We can expect that many different views may come forth, as we see darkly, as through a glass, and we prophesy in part.

I will tell you though, regarding what David has written, that I do believe in a Davidic Apostolic revolution, but that there are people running around with similar words to this who will use it to control people and Lord over the flock. There will be a true Davidic apostolic revolution and there will be a new Sanhedrin, which will be a demonic counterfeit of it, which will claim to be the same thing. Leaders are going to have to be careful and most will be deceived, because absolute power corrupts absolutely.

As far as we know, only 2 out of the 72 in the Sanhedrin confessed Jesus at the time of his ministry. If you are given authority over men in this hour, hold on to it lightly with your two smallest fingers.

Stephen L. Bening
a servant and prophet of our Lord Jesus Christ

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