PROPHECY: Interceding and Warring in Worship
January 26, 2001

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Have you ever warred in the spirit, or interceded by worship? This article will be short, but I believe it may revolutionize the way that God is able to use some of you, His precious son's and daughters.

We have recently placed great emphasis on the premise the the abiding focus on Jesus of Nazareth and his miraculous atonement will bring deliverance. To be freed from sin, we are told by the word of God to look up at the serpent on the pole, placed there by the revelation knowledge and power of God. Don't look down at that serpent on the Earth: your sin. Look up!

Now, when we focus on Jesus, what is the very best way to do this? Worship is one of the best. And yet, how many times do we worship and praise in order to reach a place where we begin to pray, and then once we begin to pray, we leave off in worship?

While we are praying, we are asking and pleading with God for many things? Where is our focus? On the Earth, or looking up?

If I am bound and seeking deliverance, and can only find freedom by looking up and focusing on Christ, what is the duty of the one who finds himself standing today, rejoicing today, in prosperity today? He should be examining the body of Christ to search out the wounded member. He should be helping, healing, assisting and intereceding. But how should he intercede?

I put it before you that the best intercession that the standing saint can bring before the Father on behalf of a hurting or struggling brother is worship of Jesus: that abiding focus on Jesus.

If you find yourself in a rare time where you are full of joy and troubles are quiet, make a declaration to the powers of the heavenlies on behalf of a wounded, hurting or struggling brother or sister. Declare to the heavenlies that your worship that is to follow is on behalf of that brother that is lying flat on his back. That worship is being offered by faith to the deliverer in the hope and prayer that deliverance from bondage will be released from the master as worship is offered up to God intercessionally.

If this is speaking to you, do it first of all immediately in private, right after you read it, on behalf of a hurting saint. Also, the next time you are in corporate worship with the brethren, offer your worship to God by declaration, as being given on behalf of a brother or sister who may not be able to worship. That brother or sister may not be able to raise their voice to God with a shout of triumph right now. Perhaps.....you can do it for them.

Do it! Kick the devil off of your brother or sister's back. Bring the worship and focus on Jesus that will provide power for deliverance, for the Lord sends deliverance with His presence when we worship Him in spirit and in truth.

Stephen L. Bening
a servant and prophet of our Lord Jesus Christ

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