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FULFILLED PROPHECY: The Indonesian Tsunami
December 26, 2004

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The world regards this day as boxing day. I really do not need to provide any links to boxing, nor do I need to present any links to the news coverage regarding the tsunami that was triggered by a great earthquake in Indonesia. This tsunami destroyed buildings and extracted a huge cost in human life all the way from Indonesia over to India and the East Coast of Africa.

What I would really like to discuss is the time period that fell between February 18, 2002 and December 26, 2004. During this time, I had placed a prophecy on my website about asteroids that were set to hit the Earth, triggering huge tsunamis. However, also on the very same day of February 18, 2002, I talked about a smaller tsunami that is expected to be the height of double that of a two story beach home, hitting the South Florida coast. There was no discussion about the cause of that, but the height implied would be about 60 feet, and that would be very similar to the tsunami that just hit today.

Then, on November 18, 2004, I reported on this website that a prophecy was received by a man named David Haase, where he saw seven asteroids inbound that will hit the Earth. They all had skull faces on them.
7 Asteroid Haase Prophecy

I had written many articles about asteroid prophecies and tsunamis prior to December 26, 2004. Here are the links to them:
3 Asteroid Vision-Neuman, Lallier & London
Bening-3 Asteroid Dream
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3 Asteroids Unfolding Revelation
3 Asteroid Revelation-Timing

All of these articles were published before December 26, 2004 and were visible on my website. These are just five of them: there were more than that. So, you can see that this was a big prophetic deal prior to December 26, 2004. You can even check to web archives to verify it at the Internet Archive if you want to.

Now, my question for you goes like this: How is it that you mock and say that we prophets know nothing in advance from God when I was talking about these things for almost three years before there was any indication in the natural realm of even a hint that such a thing COULD happen? I know many people, even Christian believers, who say they do not believe it is possible for ANYONE to predict future events. They do not believe in prophecy, even though the bible commands them by saying "Do not despise prophecy". I lived my entire life since my birth in 1957 without ever reading any news report about a modern destructive tsunami. Such a thing was a matter of historical record, certainly, but I had not been aware of it. Were you?

Now, after the fact, people will behave as though a tsunami is a commonplace thing and they will no longer be shocked when we prophets speak about them. But prior to December 26, 2004, a tsunami was the farthest thing from the minds of most people: except for the minds of the prophets.

Stephen L. Bening

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