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PROPHECY: Three Asteroids-Timing
April 14, 2003

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We have had much prophecy, even as one has suggested, a quorum of prophets, who have received much concerning what I refer to as the "Three Asteroids Revelation". I had inquiry today as to whether we know anything about the timing of the event.

I have had two timing related prophecies in my entire prophetic ministry, and they both relate to this event, in my opinion, since this event may very well be the commencement event regarding the events in America that many have seen.

1) August, 2002, the Lord said that we were at “ZERO HOUR”. This prophecy was inextricably tied together with Neumann’s “The Basement”, which had been issued a year earlier. Neumann’s word had certain information in there that indicated that it could not commence until after November, 2002.

2) May, 1999, the Lord said that we would not have trouble in America on 1/1/2000, but that when I could buy Y2K type preparedness supplies for a dime on the dollar, I could know that it was time for them to begin had arrived. Last month, March 2003, I bought 24 Doulton Ceramic water purification candles for a dime on the dollar, and that prophecy is now fulfilled. Since that prophecy was almost four years from issuance to fulfillment, I cannot understand what import it might have unless it points to 2003, and I am of that opinion. I believe that prophecy marks this year. I am not certain of it, but I am planning with that belief in place, since it would be purposeless for the Lord to give me this, and then delay more than a year or two.

3) Bob Neumann has always stressed looking at the Hebrew Holidays. April 17 this year coincides with Passover. I have had personal revelation connecting American Independence with something that happens on April 17 in some future year. The siege of Jerusalem began on Passover eve in 70 AD, so there is some history for the commencement of national judgements on Passover. There is, of course, the 9th of Ab, which falls this year on August 6/7. Much national judgement occurred on that date. Then, Rosh Hashanah falls on Sept 27/28 and Yom Kippor on Oct 5/6. There is of, course, Marheshvan 17: the flood anniversary, which falls on November 11/12, 2003. Then, we have February 17, 2004, which is related to prophecy that has come through me. Those are the dates I key on through the year as we look through Passover, 2004.

As I step back from it, and realize that the Lord has given me two timing words, and has put others around me like yourself, who have had some serious warnings for the coming year, I believe we are looking at commencement of these events as being the most likely in the April 17 to October 6, 2003 time period. It seems also possible that these events could push forward one year, but not likely to me.

To me, if we don’t see these events beginning in 2003 or 2004, there would be no purpose for the Lord to have given me the words concerning timing, and I am certain these two words were from the Lord, so I will take them to mean what I have said.

I am reminded of what Ann Peterson told me when she inquired of the Lord concerning coming judgements, and He showed her the three asteroid/comets. She actually complained to the Lord that there weren’t that many warnings out there about this. The Lord replied back to her that the prophecies are the only warnings we will get, other than the warnings just prior to the event. It drove home the point to me that the CHURCH OF THE LORD JESUS CHRIST, THE BRIDE, is designed to pay attention to and heed prophecies from the Lord. THE HARLOT is NOT!

The Harlot is run by Kings who are primarily pastor/teachers. They have made the construction of their ministries into idols that they have set up before their eyes. God will answer them according to their idols. My heart weeps for the people who are trapped in the harlot. I moan with Gene Edwards as he often says…THE BRIDE….WHAT HAVE THEY DONE TO HER?

I am also given pause to reflect that Jerusalem had 40 years prophetic warning. Then, prophetic warnings came in the last 3.5 years prior to the destruction. The church paid heed to those prophetic warnings and fled. Also, I have just finished reading the story of the escape from Armenia that made possible the ministry of Demos Shakarian. Apparently, that genocide in Armenia was prophecied 14 years in advance, and then a final warning to flee came that needed to be heeded in about 3 years.

In our case, the warnings concerning the three comets began to come in 2001, perhaps 1997 if we receive the Virginia Boldea vision as being from the Lord. We know we have had prophetic warning. We have even had some warnings as to imminence of time. We now wait for the final warning. Only a very foolish person would make no preparations based upon what we have seen. Yet, what do I see all around me? Foolishness. I cannot report that one single church, other than the one that meets in my home, is ready to flee from this deluge. Out of all the pastor’s letters I sent out, I have had inquiries for more information from only two. Even in the WPA, with 162 members, I can only count 45 as members of the WPA Emergency Alert System. That is 28%.

Look at the last sign the Lord gave us: The three apparent meteors that turned out to be the three stars from Orion’s belt, as photographed from the Space Station. The scripture in Amos 5:8 connects Orion with flooding. Now, look at this: the name Orion is connected with Marduk and Merodach, the city/state deity of Babylon. The Hebrew word for Orion, “Kesil”, also means “foolish, or a fool”.

The Lord is ready to display the utter foolishness of the false religious system: the harlot of the apocalypse. Unfortunately, there are a lot of innocent lambs trapped in that system. The Lord has warned us to come out of her. How long will we wait?

Stephen L. Bening

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