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PROPHECY: Carl Hahn-First Encounter With Seeing Angels Daily
April 26, 2003

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Saints, i being one who does a great deal of reading as you all well know by now, recommend all, all 13 or so of Carl's Holy Spirit communications and Holy Angel Reports. These booklets are chuck full of understanding revelation from the Holy Spirit, with Scriptures to support. There is much to much for me to try to get it all to you and it is VITAL for today... you will need to purchase these booklets... i am reading most of them now and am in AWE continually... i am, however, working an a special e-mail to come out as soon as i can get it finished to help some of you that are being attacked so heavily by demonic spirits...

Again, get all of the Angel Reports, you will be awed - you will not be disappointed!

You should read how God first starting him on seeing holy angels and know also that he is a Prophet of God and a minister of the Gospel.

Sharon Rose Peszek

February 1990,Holy Angels Visitation, Seeing Holy Angels Daily —

While I was pastoring a southwestern state in February 199o, Holy Spirit communicated to my wife and me that it was time for us to return to our home in central United States to be close to her elderly parents. This part of our calling from Our Father is that for a time our priority will be to be care givers for my wife’s elderly parents. Four months later, I again began to pastor in our home state.

On January 1, 1997, I retired financially, and Holy Spirit led us to a small rental house in our home state about one mile from my wife’s elderly parents. In about three months we were in a daily schedule of visiting them once a day and taking to them their evening meals. We enjoy doing this as we feel that this is a part of the calling Our Father has placed into our lives.

On November 22, 1997, the Saturday before Thanksgiving Day, Our Father began doing something that is making important changes in both of our lives. My wife’s mother was then ninety years of age and in failing health. On that particular day, she was in a hospital bed in her home, very weak and breathing unevenly. My wife’s sister and brother-in-law, a niece and a great nephew from a southern state were visiting my wife’s parents. As a way to believe for my wife’s mother’s healing and to encourage her parents, we had a Holy Communion Service by the bedside of my wife’s mother. Very unexpectantly and to my surprise, during the Holy Communion Service, I saw two angels sitting in the window at the head of my wife’s mother’s bed.

For the next eight days I continued to see angels in the bedroom of my wife’s mother. Three days after the Holy Communion Service we began to play a tape of Christian music by the bedside of my wife’s mother. The third song on the tape was, “Amazing Grace.” When this song started to play, I saw the two angels get out of the window and start to dance around the bedroom. For the next several days, every time I went to my wife’s mother’s bedroom I saw these two angels, and every time we played a tape of Christian music, I saw these two angels dancing.

Seeing these two angels in the bedroom of my wife’s mother was always an enjoyable experience. Then on December 1, 1997, an event took place that began a big change in my life. At 2:00 A.M. I awoke and KNEW that someone had awakened me. In our bedroom partially lighted by light from street lights, I looked to my right and saw that my sleeping wife had not awakened me. Seeing that she had not awakened me did not frighten me. I then looked to my left and saw an angel, like one I had seen in the bedroom of my wife’s mother, standing by my side of our bed. The angel communicated with me and said, ‘My name is Precious.” Then he introduced me to another angel named, Wonderful, and said, “We are two of your Guardian Angels.”

Angels continued to appear to me on a nightly-daily basis for the next two-hundred and thirty-nine night and days. Every morning I wrote a report about my seeing angels during the previous twenty-four hours. This book is made up of the first one-hundred and twenty-one of these reports. I have omitted a few reports when the communication was for my family and too personal to print in a book.

When I asked Holy Spirit for an explanation of what was going on, Holy Spirit led me to Numbers 22:22-31, especially verse 31, “Then the Lord opened Balaam’s eyes, and he saw the Angel of the Lord…” I still do not know all the reasons why this is happening to me, but I do know that I can see angels in the spirit realm around us. Carl W. Hahn, Jr.

From: Carl W. Hahn, Jr’s booklets available $12.00 each: Pastor Carl W. Hahn, Jr., 423 North State Street, Westerville, Ohio 43082, or Phone: 1.614.882.8330.

Stephen L. Bening

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