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PROPHECY: Leadership And Responsibility
April 27, 2003

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Being the leader, or the earthly undershepherd of any work here that has as it's objective the advancing of the Kingdom of Our Lord Jesus Christ requires the making of hard decisions.

Once those hard decisions are identified, carefully thought out and devoted to fasting and prayer, with due consideration given to Godly counsel, the leader is left, alone, to make a decision when the course of action becomes clear. To delay is sin.

Saturday afternoon, it became quite clear to me that Jonathan Powell will not be corrected by the written word of God. Alex Puyol has already clearly stated that he cannot be corrected in this way either, since, for him, close communion with the Holy Spirit obviates this necessity, in that, for him, the word of God is incomplete.

Unity, for unity's sake, is pretense. We can have rallies around the Lordship of Jesus Christ, but those who gather here have done so for more than that. Compromise on these issues will not win us true comrades!

Watchmen Prophets Assembly will be, in the future, a place where the devil will be met with these words: IT IS WRITTEN!

As of this time, I have deleted the memberships of Jonathan Powell and Alex Puyol in Watchmen Prophets Assembly. Should they resubscribe as members, they will have no posting rights, until such time as they may repent of their current positions regarding the written word of God, and it's authority over the current day revelatory prophetic word.

This decision is made with resoluteness, and no real joy in it, but it, nevertheless, must be made.

Likewise, any other current members of Watchmen Prophets Assembly who will not answer and bow their knee when the hammer of the word of God falls upon them are invited to quietly depart from our midst.

This is a world that is currently being filled with deception, mind control and the work of the evil one.

We intend to submit to God, and to resist.

Stephen L. Bening

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