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Prophecy: It's Starting-Launch Codes Authenticated!
May 18, 2007

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I was reading the yearnings of someone yesterday who wished that God would send a prophet who would tell us what is coming upon us?

God has spoken as He has seen fit in giving visions, dreams, words and impressions to His servants. Some things they have understood, some things are veiled and some things await confirmation. Most of what God has said to contemporary American prophets and servants can be found on my website.

Perhaps most of you saw the movie "Crimson Tide" from the last decade. The movie plot was based around the orders to a US Submarine to launch its' nuclear missiles. There was much focus on the authentication process for a missile launch in that movie. Every order to launch had to be authenticated: the Captain and the Chief Executive officer had to agree that the message was authentic, and that it was proper to launch the missiles.

God's sending of His prophets can be compared to this authentication process. God confirms every word in the mouths of two or three witnesses. (Hebrews 10:28, 2 Corinthians 13:1, Matthew 18:16, Deuteronomy 19:15, Deuteronomy 17:6) God will do nothing unless He tells his servants the prophets about it (Amos 3:7) and He has not fully "told" His servants what will be until He has told two or three of them the same thing. Then, you know, when you see that occur, that the thing is established by God, and it will occur.

Tonight, God has confirmed the words of another of His servants to me. I sit in my office: astounded and sobered. It is starting! It is time! It has been confirmed and authenticated by the Lord!

On May 12, I called all who read my website to repentance and to watching and praying unto the Lord for the balance of the month of May, 2007.

On May 14, I was given a night vision of a freight train, hauling flatcars accross a plain. That train was carrying four full size battleships. Rick Wiles spoke to me in that vision as he violently turned the truck he was driving in a 180 degree turn. Rick said: "It's starting, we have to get back." When I spoke to Rick Wiles about this word, Rick said: "We are now on a fast track to war, particularly with Iran."

On May 16, I informed all of you about the heavenly messenger: the 17 meter asteroid, scheduled to miss the Earth by 1.7 million miles on May 17.

You can read the three prophetic articles on this site prior to this article to get those details about why that is important.

Later in the day, on May 16, I was informed that Chuck Youngbrandt has sent 9 warning letters to President Bush on the 16th day of each month, culminating on May 16, 2007. The last letter on May 16th warned of an opportunity to escape the trap of war that had now expired because the President had failed to call the nation to fast, pray and return to the Lord. I will post a copy of this letter if I can obtain permission from Chuck to do so.

Today is May 18, and I was meditating over these things, before the Lord. I felt led to re-read the very first Chuck Youngbrandt prophecy. This prophecy is available on my website at the New Madrid Earthquake prophetic superpage.

Chuck received a vision over four days in 1973: July 2 through July 5. He saw a terrible earthquake and a subsequent tidal wave hit Chicago, and he saw many cities destroyed by the terrible earthquake. Then, as I read, I noticed something that had been hidden from my eyes for all these years; right there in the text of that vision of Chuck's.

On the fourth day of the vision, July 5, 1973, he cried to the Lord and asked that the vision be taken away from him. The vision ceased. Then, Chuck asked the Lord when these things would happen. The Lord showed him the number SEVENTEEN. Chuck had no idea what this number might mean. You can read Chuck's vision and other prophecies about the great prophesied earthquakes in the middle of the USA at this link: New Madrid Earthquake Prophecies

So, tonight, I am astounded that on the day Chuck wrote to our President to give him warning that the opportunity to escape from the trap of judgement had just expired, I reported the existence of a heavenly messenger: 17 meters wide, on May 17th, to miss the Earth by 1.7 million miles. Those warnings to President Bush have been authenticated and confirmed. Chucks prophecy and vision of July 2-5, 1973 has been authenticated and confirmed. It is now established.

Sixteen years ago, I was given an all night dream where I repeatedly heard the Lord utter the words FOUR and SEVENTEEN. This happened to me on the night of July 4 and the morning of July 5, 1991. I had only been a Christian believer for four years at that time, and I was not to hear about Chuck Youngbrandt until 1998. You can read about my 4:17 dream at this link: 4..17 Dream

I am astounded because Chuck was given that vision over FOUR days in July 2-5, 1973 and at the end of that vision he was shown the number SEVENTEEN. I was shown the same two numbers in 1991 on the same night and day that he saw them in 1973.

Now, it is almost 34 years (2 X SEVENTEEN) from the time when Chuck received that vision. July 2, 2007 will mark the 34th anniversary of its' receipt. July 2 this year will mark Tammuz 17 on the Hebrew calendar. Tammuz 17 is the FOURTH month of the Hebrew sacred calendar and the day indicated will be the SEVENTEENTH day of Tammuz. It is a fast day for the Jews, as they recall in mourning the day the Babylonians breached the walls of Jerusalem on Tammuz 17, in the year 586 BCE.

Now, I want to remind you that when Chuck asked the Lord about timing of his terrible Chicago earthquake vision, he was shown the number SEVENTEEN. This number has to do with establishing timing of these events. Through the years, God has associated this number with the vision that I am most known for as well.

The vision of the attack on the USS Kitty Hawk was given to me on January 9, 1993, which was Tebeth 17 in that year. Tebeth is the FOURTH month on the Hebrew civil calendar. You can read about that vision, and other prophecies about attacks on US shipping at this link: Aircraft Carrier Prophecies

The Lord has also shown a prophet a receded US Coastline in a vision, and then showed him the number 17, hanging in midair. That man was Jim McCants, and he saw this vision in 1999 during a 40 day fast before the Lord. One can only conlude that such a receding coastline might have been caused by a tsunami, and such a tsunami might be caused by the impacts in the ocean of asteroids. You can read about many such prophecies, including the McCants vision, at this link: Asteroid/Tsunami Prophecies

Speculation is required for me to draw any further conclusions other than the word of the Lord that has gone forth from His prophets, and has now been confirmed, authenticated and established in the mouths of three witnesses.

It is obvious that we are being warned NOW to get ready NOW. These events have begun. When doctors diagnose a patient with a terminal disease, they instruct such a one to "get your affairs in order". This is wise advice, for the inhabitants of America have no assurance now of further delay. These events will now transpire at their appointed time. God has said, through his prophets, that the time of avoiding these judgements has expired, and further delays will not be granted.

On May 16th, the news for that day informed us that Iran has overcome all technological hurdles with the enrichment of Uranium. They will now press on inexorably toward the production of nuclear weapons: unless they are stopped. This is now in the current news, and has left the realm of prophecy. It has begun! We are on a fast track to war, and God is saying that other things; other terrible events are going to happen in this country.

I will not engage in the speculation of attempting to predict specific events at specific times and places. To go beyond the word of the Lord would be to speak unadvisedly as many have done in the days and hours leading up to this present time. Moses spoke unadvisedly and suffered for it. (Psalm 106:33)

Repent and prepare to meet your God. It is obvious that these events could occur now at any moment, and that God has drawn our particular attention to the July 2, 2007 through July 5, 2007 window for some possible event. Common sense is all that is now required to lead any child who can see and hear that the double decker airplane that Chuck Youngbrandt saw in his 1973 vision did not exist at that time, but that very airplane has already flown into Chicago this year. Wake up and repent of your mocking and scoffing.

I make no specific prediction that anything will occur at that time, but wisdom demands action from those who have eyes to see, and ears to hear, that God is speaking to His people.

Stephen L. Bening

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