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Prophecy: The Godfather, The Protection Racket, And The Capos!
June 10, 2007

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Saturday night, I spoke with a woman who is really missing her child. She has been praying and trusting God to bring the boy back to her, as the child has been caught up in a custody battle.

The woman was working on Saturday, and a pastor and his wife came to see her, and offered to pray for her. Before he prayed for her, however, the pastor asked her whether she was tithing to her church. When she said that she did not believe in doing that, the pastor told her that God would not hear her prayers if she was not tithing where she was congregating.

I became so angry when I heard this. I told her that she had been lied to, and that God has NEVER commanded the church to follow any tithing law. We are all to give as led by the Holy Spirit. So long as this woman had given whenever the Holy Spirit prompted her, she had committed no sin.

I have written much on this topic. You can read the articles at: WPA Tithing Articles

Later on, after midnight, it was now early Sunday morning, and I was preparing to go to sleep, and I was talking to the Lord about this situation. I said:

"Lord, this makes me so angry, what these pastors say about you. I feel this intense anger in my heart whenever I hear them saying that you won't heal someone, or answer their prayer, unless they are obeying the tithing law. Lord, I have told people that what they are saying is a great abomination, and it is worse than homosexuality and child pornography. Lord, do I have it right? Am I correct to have such intense anger about this, and is it from you?

The Lord gave me a short answer back:

"These pastors have made themselves into Capos, and they are running a protection racket. They claim that I am the Godfather, in charge of it all, and that if you don't empty your pockets, that I will send the goon squad after you."

I considered that for a minute, and without further concern, I considered that God had fully answered my question. His peace filled me, and I promptly went to sleep for the night.

Stephen L. Bening

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