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PROPHECY: A Few More Things From The Master
December 30, 2005

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Got a call today from Mr. Robert Neumann.

Now, that always gets me moving in the Lord. It seems I always start hearing God when I am speaking to Bob.

Well, at one point during the conversation, the Lord said...."Tell the WPA what I told you about the harlot when you were with Rick Wiles".

Well, that one is easy.

You see, I speak often about putting lipstick and makeup on the harlot, and perhaps, some people do not understand.

For years, I was one of the lead vocalists on a worship team in a harlot church. I held on, year after year, thinking that if only I could get "more anointing", or hear "more clearly", then they would change.

Finally, the Lord pulled me out, and then told me why. Later on, the Lord explained to me what I had been doing by going there. The Lord is not with the harlot, and His presence will not abide there. But whenever remnant people are there, His presence will go with them.

So, when I would sing in worship at the front of the Church, the Lord would anoint it, because He is with me. The anointing of the Lord that was on me was being used to draw people in to the harlot and to keep people there. Those people were unable to discern. By singing there, I was helping with the enslavement and imprisonment process. I was making the harlot more pretty....even with some real anointing thrown in.

Then, some additional conversation with Mr. Neumann followed, and the Lord spoke again. This time, it has to do with attitudes of those who are in the harlot church: particularly the pastors.

For years, I have encountered this attitude, that is disgusting to me, that many in the harlot simply do not want to live if their lives of comfort are gone. If an event like an asteroid caused tsunami occurs, they simply would rather die than flee to the mountains. They have no will to survive. They love their SUV's with all the gas they can burn, and they love to stuff their mouths with harlot system food.

What the Lord said to me today is that those harlot members who hold that attitude and who have heard true prophecy are like the ten spies in Israel who believed the evil report. They liked it better in Egypt. But two believed that even though warfare and hardship would come, it would be tremendous because the Lord will go with them. So it will be with this remnant. The Lord will go with us, and it will be tremendous.

Bring on the giants of Anak, whereever they live. That is the ground I want to take. The bigger the battle, the greater the presence of the Lord that will go before us.

Stephen L. Bening

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