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Romans 1:30 tells us something startling about those who serve darkness and are themselves lost souls. It describes them as "inventors of evil things".

We the people of God, look to the law and to the testimony. To us, there really is nothing new under the sun. To the evil one and his servants, they are ever inventing new types and shadows of evil, new activities of evil.

Jeremiah, in his day, faced many false prophets. Their arguments are recorded in the book that bears his name. These false prophets predicted prosperity for Israel, good times to come, and Jeremiah's attitude was, let it be so, but if it be not, you will die. And so, many of the false prophets died early, as Jeremiah's message was vindicated by God.

Because of this, some have concluded that false prophets will always come before us with a contrary message, similar to what Jeremiah battled against. If God is saying war, they will say peace. If God is saying trouble, they will be saying good times. This is not totally the case today. Satan and his servants have invented new evil things.

Have you ever had an enemy? An arch rival? I'm talking about the kind of person who disagreed with you about everything. How did you react on the day when that person agreed with you about something, no matter how insignificant? You were in shock, were you not? You were also very skeptical, looking for the deeper, hidden and foul plan.

I notice that this "inventors of evil" scripture is New Testament teaching from Romans. We have another New Testament hint of this new type of false spiritual attack in the book of Acts. Paul encountered a certain damsel, spoken of in 16:16-19, who was possessed with a spirit of divination. This scripture indicates that this damsel "met us" as Paul and Silas were on their way to pray. This damsel followed Paul, crying out a true message: "These men are the servants of the most high God, which shew unto us the way of salvation."

The scripture records that she repeated this activity for many days. Finally, "Paul, being grieved, turned and said to the spirit, "I command thee in the name of Jesus Christ to come out of her. And he came out that same hour."

Why would the enemy attack Paul in this way, in front of others, proclaiming a true message?

First of all, the damsel must have had an appearance of weirdness. Have you ever seen someone yelling out, at the top of their voice, following someone else. They have a look of wildness and weirdness in their eyes. People discern this weirdness. It is obvious. Therefore, Paul's message would have been tainted by the testimony coming from a person who appeared weird, or somewhat out of her mind.

So what we have is a new type of evil, a new tactic of the devil, used to discredit the true message of God: It presents a true message, but does it in a weird way, thereby discrediting both messages.

This is going on today. One sign of it may be seen in warfare. When an enemy missile is locked on to a US fighter Jet, that Jet releases chaff. This chaff presents confusing radar images to the missile, disorienting it so that it does not know which one to follow. We have some of this chaff right here at Watchman Seer's USA.

I posted a message last night. In that message, I gave a very strong, unpleasant word about the chastisement that is soon to come to America. I gave instructions to intercessors in how to pray. I am a prophet of the LORD GOD. That is not arrogance. It is simply who I am.

I noticed that very soon after I posted my article, a very similar article was posted by Vincent Berardi, entitled "Prophets of Baal and Asherah vs an Elijah prophet.

Vincent agreed almost 100% with my post: and this is the problem.

I have confronted Vincent in the past about his use of the phrase, "HVOICE says", when he writes anything prophetic. I notice that he has now expanded this term HVOICE to "The Voice of the Home Consultant". This is even more weird than before. I ask you, the reader, to judge whether this be a strange method of communication, or not.

I have also confronted Vincent about his stated belief that one may attain to salvation without having a belief that Jesus is God. Vincent is very clear in his position that you do not have to believe that Jesus is God. Vincent is lost, and I have told him so in prior posts. He has argued that you may believe in a Jesus who is Lord, but not God. I have proven conclusively that LORD AND GOD are one. They are inseparable. Deuternonomy 6:4, spoken by Jews for thousands of years in prayer, clearly states that "The LORD our GOD is one LORD". Isaiah said that Messiah would be called the "mighty God".

Vincent was not responsive on point, but chose to bind the "spirit of arrogance". If there is anything to bind, it is bound within him. I choose not to bind spirits when I confront them, but to cast them out, in the name of Jesus.

I want to bring out into the clear light the plan of the enemy, which is to discredit the true word of God by accompanying it with a testimony, from a source tainted by weirdness, and by the spirit of divination. It is of critical importance that intercessors read and react to the word I posted yesterday, and not cast it aside because of it's apparent relation to the post made by Vincent, or HVOICE.

I am much grieved by Vincent's actions and words, and in the name of Jesus, I command that you spirit of divination, come out of Vincent. Come out of him, in Jesus name. Amen.

Stephen L. Bening

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