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Prophecy: Destruction Of The Church
September 3, 2015

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I read something from a relation of mine this morning that stirred me to thinking. She wrote "Why can't the religious leave the non-religious alone? Why can't the non-religious leave the religious alone? She had offered no answer. I pondered the matter and decided that the two groups have never left one another alone in the whole history of Earth. People have always bothered one another (or worse) over religion. Furthermore, people do not always remain in one group exclusively for all of their lives. There are many converts that head in either direction. So, I do not expect either group to ever leave the other alone.

My understanding is that true Christianity is not a religion, but most people who attend church probably think that it is. True Christianity is walking and talking daily with a living Lord. It is about a real, active relationship with God. Our society has framed this idea in such a way that we often might think that only those who "go to church" have a relationship with God, but this idea is man created and does not originate in the Bible or with God. Many expect that their "pastor" has a better relationship with God. This was mans idea and not Gods. Furthermore, people have been trained by generations of society to accept a mindset that there are church members and there are pastors/priests/ministers. They believe this separation was God's idea, but really it was mans. God's intent is that all who serve Him should be ministers, priests and pastors. But our practice walking this out has fallen far short of that which God intended.

Twenty four years ago, I did not consider myself a minister, priest or pastor. I was a church member: a worshiper of God. I was seeking God, voraciously reading my bible and giving myself to prayer. I really wanted to know the truth about God. I was the Father of three daughters. God had called me to go to church: this particular church that met several times a week. So, I was at the place where I knew the voice of God. I was in relationship with Him, but at the time, I thought that church membership was the way you did that. On Sunday, 600 or so gathered in a High School auditorium and I had my regular seat just about in the middle, toward the back, or about 25 rows from the front. At that time, I had not yet preached or been in a pulpit. I had witnessed about my faith a bit but I did not consider myself to be any kind of a full time minister. I was a CPA who had escaped from public accounting into industry. I was a co-chief executive charged with oversight of about two billion dollars of South Florida Real Estate. So, I thought that I knew my place in life. I was a businessman who loved God. I was making good money and doing well in the eyes of the world. But...........I was very serious with God.

Four years prior to that, God had called me to seek Him. One client of mine witnessed to me incessantly and He led me to Christ. So, here I was, four years later, in early 1991, sitting in church as a mere "church member". Suddenly, everything changed for me. I had a vision. I knew my bible. I knew what visions were and that men have had them for thousands of years. Now, suddenly, I was sitting in church, listening to the pastor speak, but I was having this vision. I could see the pastor at the podium, preaching his message, but the vision was adding things to what I was seeing. I saw a pyramid form at a height of about 20 feet over the pastor's head. This pyramid looked to be about 6 feet tall. Then, I saw lines appear on the pyramid in a type of tree fashion, like a corporate organizational chart. I saw names fill those lines: Pastor Dominic's name filled the line at the top of the pyramid. We had three other elders: their names filled lines on the next row. We had seven deacons: their names filled the lines on the third row. Then, Jesus appeared, standing to the left of the pyramid, hovering in the air. He had a club in his hand. (just like the one Bam Bam had in "The Flintstones") He looked kindly at me, directly in my eyes, then he looked at the pyramid and became visibly angry. Then he looked back at me and declared, "I did not build this thing". He turned back and beat that pyramid to dust. The vision ended.

That vision put me into the ministry more than any other event. It became what I refer to as my "Defining Vision" on my website. God gave me the mission to explain to the church that bears His name that He, Jesus, is returning to destroy it because it not doing what He told it to do, in the manner He gave for it to do it. It is a THING to Him, not His body. I have written about this vision many other times and I have said a great deal more about it, but I do not think that I ever emphasized before that when I had this vision, I was NOT A MINISTER! At least not in my own eyes. I was a BUSINESSMAN. I was a church goer, and so you would have said that I was religious, but I was one of those sitting in the pews, doing the listening. I was not one of those given to making noise in the church. God did not select a religious, seminary graduate for this commission. He gave this commission to me: a man with no religious pedigree and very few religious words.

I know that many who might read this vision might wonder: will God destroy all the churches? I know that there must be men and women who have tender hearts; who love God more than money or possessions. There must even be those to whom we attach the "clergy" label who will be able to avoid the judgement that Jesus is bringing to the thing called church. Surely, they must exist, somewhere? If you are a pastor in one of these churches, I would most earnestly recommend that you seek the Lord now about how to get out of trouble with Him! Here in America, the body has become a business. The world calls that "The Oldest Profession". Americans have been very deft to export this thing called church around the globe. Wherever Jesus finds it, He will smash it to dust! Today, we have many who are called prophets. They sell books and DVD's. They organize their television appearances and manage their multi-million dollar budgets. They travel their church circuits, preaching to the faithful. I tend to doubt whether they are really prophets.

Bible prophets were sent by God when God had a controversy with His people. God always sent prophets to explain just where God's people were going wrong and that God himself would destroy them if they did not turn around. God's people always killed their prophets. God has raised up other men at times of reformation: Moses, Paul and Martin Luther to name a few. These men were true apostles. They were trail blazers. They showed God's people the way to walk out of darkness and into greater light of God. Today, we need both types. Nevertheless, I regard no man as a prophet today if that man does not carry the message to the church as it is constituted and organized with its Senior Pastor who carries out principally all speaking duties and makes almost all critical decisions that Jesus Christ will bring about the destruction of all such churches. Jesus Christ himself will oversee the destruction of the church, the THING that bears His name. How can any man be a prophet if he does not carry that message? How can any other prophetic message be of real value if it is true that Jesus is coming to destroy this church, which has become a harlot? When all of this transpires, you will know who the true prophets of this generation were, and they were few: very few.

Stephen L. Bening

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