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Prophecy: "Aesopped" After The Order Of Jeremiah
September 7, 2015

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I was doing some reading in the Book of Hosea this morning. Many years ago, on a previous September 7, God began to speak to me at the verse in Hosea that is addressed Chapter 9, verse 7. I was looking at it today, 09/07/2015, in various versions and I will present the one here from the Good News Bible paraphrase; one that I have always liked a great deal for getting right down to the nitty gritty of what is really being said:

Hos 9:7 The time for punishment has come, the time when people will get what they deserve. When that happens, Israel will know it! "This prophet," you say, "is a fool. This inspired man is insane." You people hate me so much because your sin is so great.
Hos 9:8 God has sent me as a prophet to warn his people Israel. Yet wherever I go, you try to trap me like a bird. Even in God's Temple the people are the prophet's enemies.
Hos 9:9 They are hopelessly evil in what they do, just as they were at Gibeah. God will remember their sin and punish them for it.

At Gibeah, the Israelites were brutal and corrupt. They were truly a hard hearted bunch at that time, and Hosea, prophesying just prior to the time of Isaiah and Jeremiah, said that time would come around again when Israel would, for all intents and purposes, be very hard hearted and even be unreachable by God. They would call every prophet that God would send insane and a madman. They would, in short, be locked in to suffer God's judgements, with no way of escape.

I have been telling God's people in America recently that they have been "Aesopped" by God. They always look at me quizzically when I say it. Aesop is credited with writing the fable about the young shepherd boy who cried wolf, which is fable number 210 according to "Perry's Listing" of such things. You all know the fable. Many false warnings left the people in such a condition that they were ripe for the picking. This is how we now find our condition in America.

Watchmen Prophets Assembly was founded according to revelation on January 1, 2001, although I did not figure out how to start the group due to technical issues until after midnight, so it has a listed creation date of January 2. It did not take very long after that initial gathering began that the tsunami revelation began to come forth to many of us who had assembled. After a short time, I had gathered the related words and visions and was led of the Lord to create some subject oriented pages on my website at Very quickly, the results for such google searches as "tsunami prophecies" were sending many, many people to my website, such that from 2004 to 2008, it was common for the site to receive half a million hits per month or more and almost all of them were coming to the site via google searches for specific events that we were prophesying.

Well, that was seven to eleven years ago. Today, my site still sits high in the google rankings for searches for such prophecy oriented events, but almost no one hits the site any more. I have prayed about just why that is, and I believe it is as I have said above: The Americans have been "Aesopped". They are past warning. They are, in short, a DOOMED FLOCK. No way of escape will be found for them.

The people who were warned by the young shepherd's boy in Aesop's fable were receiving a warning that was a lie. They began to hold that the messenger was a liar, and so they developed a habit of ignoring him. Oh how dearly it cost them.

Hosea warned God's people in chapter 9 that regarding God's prophets as insane men and madmen was in itself a crazy course that would have an expected result and cost: they would get what they deserved.

I have recently told the story of how I, a CPA businessman, who was the son of a businessman, came to be called by God as a prophet of the Lord Jesus Christ. I told the story about the pyramid vision the Lord showed me. That was certainly a mind blowing time for me. God will say a thing and sometimes He is difficult to understand. I found myself diligently questioning Him for years before I began to figure out the larger aspects of what He had shown me. One thing that He revealed on June 24, 1992 was that He had called me after the order of Jeremiah. When God spoke that, I really did not know what importance that fact might possibly have. Why would God call a businessman, the son of a businessman, as a prophet to America and to the nations, after the order of Jeremiah? What did that mean?

Jeremiah prophesied to Israel for forty one years according to Archbishop James Ussher. He received the prophetic warnings in chapter 1 and 2 and then was silent for 17 years, when God took Him up again. These first seventeen years were a time of great prosperity in Israel: when very few of Jeremiah's prophecies came to pass. What followed were twenty four years during which the judgements of God slowly ramped up. God turned up the heat on Israel just like you boil some frogs in a pot. You turn the heat up slowly and they take a nap in the warm water. They are unwittingly boiled to death.

This is what it means to be warned by a prophet after the order of Jeremiah: those who hear his warnings will be boiled like frogs in the pot! It is almost funny, yes almost humorous if it were not so deadly serious, that God showed Jeremiah a vision of a boiling pot at the outset of his ministry (Jer 1:13) It takes so long for these prophecies to transpire that the people begin to regard them as either lying warnings from a young shepherd's boy or the simple ravings of a madman. Either way, the people are beyond warning. Then, throw in the active efforts of God, where God begins to watch over His people for evil and not for good. God had warned his people that He would do that, but they never believed Him. (Jer 44:27)

God carried out the bringing of judgements in Jeremiah's day in such a way that it was almost guaranteed that Jeremiah would be regarded as a false prophet. It was a "fait du accompli" on God's part that the people would reject him (Jeremiah) and refuse to listen to his warnings. Babylon came down to Israel five times during that final twenty four year time span. Five times, Babylon left off their assault for one reason or another, the temple was still standing, the religion still functioning and Jeremiah's prophecies of total doom remained unfulfilled. Can anyone really blame the Israelites for holding drinking parties on the rooftops during the final siege of Jerusalem? They had been set up by God: doomed to fall for the judgement and to avoid any escape. They simply could not believe that God would let them fall victim to the wicked Babylonians. God had bailed them out so many times before. Why should Jeremiah be right now, after so long a time?

Years ago, I knew immediately when I gained this understanding that we were in for a long haul in America and that by the end of it all, almost no one would escape. I used to tell Matthew when he was prophesying about the total demise of America by 2012 that I did not expect that it would all be wound up for a very long time after that. I told him as far back as 2008 that I expected this thing to possibly drag on to 2030 or beyond before all these things that we have seen will finally come to pass. That does not mean that we are not going to see some terrible things even this year. It simply means that God has decreed over America that He is going to warn it in the Jeremiah fashion, and the downfall will therefore be slow as men perceive it.

Think about it: is this not even an additional judgement in itself? I considered it to be God's mercy when my own father developed cancer and lost all of his millions. Five years before he died, he turned back to God. How terrible it would have been if he had gone to his deathbed wealthy and healthy. In like manner, God has chosen to deny the mercy that sudden, hard judgements might have brought to this nation. We might have repented if a seven worse than 911 had occurred prior to now. As it stands, we are left to ponder whether the prophecy sellers will be right about their predictions for this current month, seven years from the last stock market crash and fourteen years from the day the towers fell. God's swift judgements can be acts of mercy if repentance is the result, and we really, really do need to repent as a nation.

Now, we have entered the facebook/twitter generation: if you cannot communicate your message in two to four lines, no one will read it. I am trying my best to reach out in an attempt to save a few by use of these tools, but please realize that it does not appear that God has intended to save very many in this hour. If He had wanted success in the form of American national repentance, would he have sent another Jeremiah?

I know what some of you are thinking: that God would never do that! You think that God would never set out to send prophets in such a way and fashion that it would almost guarantee their rejection ahead of time. You just cannot believe that God would be that full of wrath, can you? You cannot believe that He would doom an entire flock. Well, there is an entire chapter of the bible that talks about such a doomed flock. Now, please realize that Zechariah 11 is part of the book of Zechariah, and the historians say that Zechariah lived about a hundred years after Jeremiah, but Jesus said in Matthew 27:9 that the prophecy about the 30 pieces of silver was not made by Zechariah, but by Jeremiah. This means that, if I take Jesus at His word, that Zechariah 11 was written by Jeremiah, and it must therefore date from the time period of 629 BC to 588 BC. Zechariah 11 is the prophecy about the DOOMED FLOCK. It was first fulfilled with Judah. Will we fulfill it again? I believe so.

Things are getting a little clearer, are they not? God sent Jeremiah to a doomed flock. It was all a setup and the one who set it all up was the LORD God. You do not ever want to be found not loving the truth, for woe be it unto you when God turns you over and gives you up. Chapter 11, verse 4 renders it as follows:

Thus says the LORD my God, Pasture the flock doomed to slaughter. (NAS)

There is always hope. Jesus is the hope for the doomed flock, doomed to slaughter. He is the one who was weighed and priced at a value of thirty pieces of silver by His brethren and their leaders. This prophecy about Jesus is inserted, right here, I believe, to remind us that whatever terrible situations that we may find ourselves in during the next period of weeks, years or decades, no matter how full of doom and gloom it may turn out to be, can always be dealt with by calling upon a Lord Jesus, who is and will always one step away. He is our ever present help in time of need. We always have the option to turn; to return to Him and to call upon Him in the hour of need.

Stephen L. Bening

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