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Prophecy: San Andreas And The Name Of Andrew
September 14, 2015

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"San Andreas". That is a Spanish name that, when uttered, can raise the blood pressure and attract attention quickly here in the United States. California is our most populous State, boasting of more than thirty million residents. Natural disasters have been a major feature of life there ever since it was first inhabited. San Francisco was a rough and tumble boom town in 1906 when it was almost completely destroyed by an earthquake that is now rated as measuring 7.9 on the Richter scale. The survivors promptly rebuilt it. Scientists later identified an earthquake fault that runs offshore just West of the Golden Gate Bridge and appended the name San Andreas to it, Spanish for St. Andrew. Since that time, scientists have discovered a myriad of additional earthquake faults that seem to crisscross the State, but still, in the collective mind of the public, any earthquake that happens there is attributed to the San Andreas fault, no matter what the scientists choose to call it. So, in what appears to me to be an apparent surrender, the scientists have named the whole thing "The San Andreas Fault Zone". Periodically, the whole thing does not seem to behave as scientists expect it to. New faults have been discovered where none were previously known to be and earthquakes have, a few times, happened "out of order" and not in quite the next place that was expected. In short, the area has so many geologic features that it has become the area of most intensive seismic study in the United States. Still, with all that study, scientists still say it is impossible to predict just where and when the "Big One" will strike.

I have a prophetic relationship with the San Andreas. My very first prophetic word, after my clear call to the office of Prophet, had to do with that name, in its' English form. I was given this most peculiar word on July 13, 1992, just three short weeks after the Lord had told me that He had called me as a prophet after the order of Jeremiah. He said "The name of ANDREW will be used to mark judgement in this generation". The Lord spoke those words to me while I was sitting at my desk, in my office, reading an article on the San Andreas fault that had just been handed to me my another prophet, an older man named Art Cormier. That was a time, July 13, 1992, which, for me, was pre-internet. I went to the County library to do my research in those days. I discovered that the name became connected to California when a monk named Palou was attacked by a bear, received miraculous deliverance on St. Andrew's day-November 30, and so named the valley he subsequently rode down into after the name of the Saint whose day his miraculous deliverance fell on. The valley first bore the name in the 1700's. Then, in 1866, a town by the name of San Andreas was incorporated in Calaveras County, directly West of San Francisco. A lake also bore the name as well. There are differences in the reported story about how the earthquake fault came to bear that name: it came either because of the lake or the valley, but I suppose it is not of particular importance to us just now.

I wrote the prophecy down in 1992 and as I said, that was before the internet. I gave it in typed form to my pastors, alone with a separate warning the Lord had given me about August 24, 1992. I had no foreknowledge that the one might related to the other. I put them here, on the website, in the mid nineties and you can find them at my Prophecy Tracker page, where I have presented a grid that includes links to my workups of most of the old prophecies and visions. I was quite astonished on August 17, 1992, when I noticed a newspaper blurb on a back page, reporting that Tropical Storm Andrew had formed off the Azores. I knew immediately that I was going to see a fulfillment of my "Andrew" prophecy, but not quite in the way I had expected. Well, you all know what happened on August 24, 1992. So, this is a prophecy that I was given that was dramatically fulfilled already, but many times, God has done things and said things to me in such a way as to remind me that He is going to fulfill this prophecy again, perhaps many times over. I do remain convinced however that there will eventually be the one fulfillment that I originally expected: THE BIG ONE!

I have had many subsequent revelations concerning this prophecy. They have come to me in such a way that I regard them as puzzle pieces. They do not totally explain anything, but I receive pieces, not the whole: additional information given as time goes by. I had a time when the Lord spoke and said that the earthquake to come there in California will be like the great Alaska quake of 1964. Scientists say that is impossible, because Alaska was a quake that involved an almost 50 foot vertical shift differential between the two plates. Yet, that is what the Lord said.

I also had a vision where I was taken down, under ocean water, into the fault. I saw a vertical slip that looked to me to be about a hundred feet, with the ocean side going up, and the land side going down. Again, scientists say that is impossible.

I also had a very interesting experience in the mid 2000's where I was involved in a child custody hearing in California. I was called to testify in the main and largest court room in Los Angeles: the one where the O.J. Simpson trial was held. I was placed on the witness stand and interrogated regarding my ministry as a prophet in an attempt to denigrate me and cast aspersions upon me as to my fitness to be a custodial parent. I cannot say that I had a direct revelation of it, but I did have a feeling there, when I was being interrogated roughly, that downtown Los Angeles was going to be covered by a tsunami of water on the day when my 100 foot vertical slip earthquake happens. Again, it is not "thus sayeth the Lord". It is just an "impression" I had while contemplating the place and roughness of my interrogation and the apparent amusement of the judge who was presiding over the proceedings.

May 29, 2015 marked the worldwide release of the movie "San Andreas". Somehow, it seems, the writers of the movie screenplay ran afoul of the scientists and seismologists, just as I have, for they depicted at least one vertical slip earthquake in this movie to the great chagrin of the US Geological Services. I present here a paragraph from one of their representatives:

"Nobody should confuse San Andreas with Seismology 101. Hollywood usually exaggerates for effect, and this movie is no exception; both the magnitude of the shaking and the damage displayed are exaggerated beyond reality. Magnitude 9 earthquakes only occur on “subduction zones,” places where tectonic plates collide, pushing one plate under another and deforming the sea floor to create tsunamis. It has been millions of years since there was an active subduction zone under Los Angeles or San Francisco. The modern day San Andreas Fault maxes out at about magnitude 8.3, and, being mostly on land, will never produce a big tsunami."
A Seismologist Reviews 'San Andreas': What's Real and What's Preposterous

However, there might be some scientific disagreement on this point, as the star of the movie, Dwayne, "The Rock", Johnson, said during a recent late night show interview:

“Here’s the crazy thing about it,” Mr. Johnson told Jimmy Fallon during an appearance on "The Tonight Show" last Thursday. “We had the world’s top seismologist and and earthquake scientist pore over the script ... so by the time they walked away they said, ‘Everything you guys shoot in the movie could actually happen.’ We pray that it doesn't happen but it can."
Scientists say 'San Andreas' is not accurate: Will moviegoers care?

Regardless of which scientist turns out to be right, Hollywood seems to be coming down as more prophetic and the portrayal in this movie, as I have read about it, seems to fit what I have seen in my vision and heard the Lord say to me when He compared it to the Great Alaska quake of 1964. In this case, it appears that Hollywood is, once again, more prophetic than the church, and yes, more prophetic than the scientists too.

When? I cannot help thus far, although something happened to me last Friday that leads me to believe that we are getting into the target zone, with the name of Andrew marking the place of judgement. Last night, as we were already past sundown into Tishri 1-Rosh Hashanah, the Lord began recalling all the puzzle pieces of this revelation to me, and I knew this morning that I had to write about it once again. I suspect it is coming very soon. I would counsel all people who read this, who live on the WHOLE California coast, to seek the Lord regarding your present living situation and whether you should make plans to get out of potential harms way. The Lord was saying to me last night that the occurrence of this event will move my wife and I from living in an "Estance"-a temporary stay or sojourn where room and board are provided to an "Estancia"-a large country estate, speaking something of a more permanent domicile for my wife and I. Perhaps you need to leave the California coast and first accept a temporary "Estance" as a living quarters, waiting for your "Estancia" to come later. The "Estance" might not be all you that want, but it might allow you to survive.

This is all tied in to a revelation my wife had previously about "Estance" and "Estancia", which is outside the scope of this article, but I mention it to say that if the occurrence of this great BIG ONE earthquake in California will somehow alter our present living situation, which finds us living in temporary rented quarters in Florida during times when I must work for my living and then living in our permanently owned home on the mountains in Tennessee, then how much more would an occurrence of a San Andreas Movie style event alter the living status of several million other people all across this land? So, I issue the warning and present all the information that I have. You should all pray and act accordingly as the Lord leads.

Stephen L. Bening

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