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PROPHECY: Will The Real Antichrist Please Stand Up
August 28, 2003

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This week, I began my day on Monday, as usual, with a wonderful cup of Coffee Con Leche from my local Colombian Panaderia (Bakery), and some word of the Lord from the Holy Bible. Briefly, I turned on the TV, and channel surfed, stopping in at TBN.

A well dressed man was speaking, seated around a large rectangular dinner table. The two men seated there were Joe Van Koevering and Perry Stone, and they were having their cups of coffee too, discussing possible world events to come, as they saw them. They looked like nice guys, having a friendly discussion, so I stopped in to listen. They seemed like really nice guys.

I’ll not go into details, but these two well dressed men told me that it was their intention to prove to the viewers, from the scripture, that the future antichrist will be an Arab from a nation that touches the Euphrates River.

I smiled, and mumbled under my voice to the Lord:. “Here we go again”.

I have been at this walk with Jesus now for what has now become my seventeenth year. I started out, like many of you, reading books that were telling me what the bible said was going to happen, and proving it to me from scripture. I have read a great many of these books in the last seventeen years. The first was “Late Great Planet Earth” by Hal Lindsey.

I have also read and studied bible after study bible that have given me descriptions for this “future antichrist”, PROVEN FROM SCRIPTURE. I have owned the NIV Study Bible, the Spirit Filled Life Bible, The King James Study Bible (Nelson), The Salem Kirban Study Bible with Revelation Visualized, The Ryrie Study Bible and several others.

In my seventeen years, I have seen many possible identities for this “future antichrist”: PROVED FROM SCRIPTURE.

I read one book where it was convincingly PROVEN FROM THE SCRIPTURE that the antichrist would be a resurrected Adolph Hitler. Those who have read Robert Van Kampen’s “The Sign”…….you know I’m not joking or making this up.

I have seen it proven, FROM SCRIPTURE, that the “future antichrist” will be a Jew.

I have heard it presented, PROVEN FROM SCRIPTURE, that Bill Clinton, as head of a powerful United Nations, will be the “future antichrist”. After all, his name adds up to 666 in Hebrew and in Greek.

I recall, from a book I read in the late 1990’s, written by a long time missionary, that he was quite certain that Yasser Arafat was the antichrist.

I have heard prophecy that he, the “future antichrist” will be a future American president.

I have read it and heard it many times that this “future antichrist” will be a charismatic political leader of a revived Holy Roman Empire.

I read another one where it was proven that the “future antichrist” had to be Prince Charles of Wales, or from his line.

I have even read an argument that our antichrist will be an Arab terrorist like Osama Bin Laden….maybe even Bin Laden himself.

This is getting more and more difficult. Now, Van Koevering is telling me to look for an Arab. Whew! Saddam Hussein is out of power, but, alas, not proven dead yet! I am remembering that Van Koevering is not the first to come up with this Arab leader scenario. I remember something about this, foretold by that famous necromancer Nostradamus, who saw an Arab leader of the future, who would cause a great war, wearing a many colored robe.

This morning, I am having a little inner vision……an imagining of an episode of “To Tell The Truth” with nine chairs, instead of three. We, the inquisitors, are each allowed to ask three questions. In my little vision, the moderator of the show is a smiling little man, who keeps all of us inquisitors in line, and keeps the show rolling. We all have to cooperate with the inquisitor, or we are rudely escorted from the stage by some burly looking bouncers.

In seat #1, we have Adolf Hitler, without the little mustache. He is not recognizable as Hitler. The TV audience is clueless.
In seat #2, we have a Jew who is dressed in a white flowing robe, with a beard. He looks like Menachem Schneerson.
In seat #3, we have a politician, who speaks French, wearing a business suit, with a tie that looks like an EU flag.
In seat #4, we have William Jefferson Clinton.
In seat #5, we have Prince Charles of Wales.
In seat #6, we have Saddam Hussein.
In seat #7, we have an Arab leader, in long flowing, multi colored robe, with Arabic letters sown onto the garment.
In seat #8, we have Osama Bin Laden.
In seat #9, we have Yasser Arafat.

I sit there, watching this event. I am wondering what the panel of inquisitors will say. What three questions will our panel pose for each of our nine candidates? Will they be able to figure out just who the real guy is?

Finally, the show reaches its’ end, and in the long TV tradition of the show, first one candidate begins to rise partially, but sits down, and then another, and then another.

Then, the great surprise happens: Will the Real Antichrist please stand up?

All nine men remain seated. The congenial little man, our show’s moderator, reaches behind his podium, and places his Papal Tiara on his head. Some attendants place his Papal robe around his shoulders, as he rises to applause from the audience.

I watch the finish of the show from a TV across the street. I had been thrown out earlier by a bouncer for not going along with the show.

Stephen L. Bening

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