PROPHECY: Can God Prophecy To National Israel?
February 6, 2001

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With respect to the Zechariah 13 scripture that has been oft quoted, this is many times apparently applied this to all Christians whereever they may be in the world and have inferred that 1/3 of whatever remnant is alive at that time will be saved in a great revival. I know that many do this.

13:8 makes reference to "in all the land" which I take, whereever I find it in scripture, as a reference to geographic Israel and the related prophecies as specifically applicable to the people of Israel, who are Israel by birth. I do make exceptions to this rule of interpretation as the Holy Spirit can and does make secondary applications to the Christians, who are spiritual children of Abraham/Israel.

I tend to believe that God has always had the right to speak through His prophets concerning Israel as a nation, just as he has done regarding Egypt, Babylon, Assyria, Gog and Magog and a host of others. I am reluctant to assume that all of these prophecies automatically apply to the church as well, unless the Holy Spirit indicates that they have a wider fulfillment than that which will be seen in national Israel.

We should exercise the greatest care, when we read the bible, to discern what may be rightly applied to the church, and what will have exclusive fulfillment in national Israel, for it is plainly clear to me that God cares for the land of Israel as well as the people and has prophesied regarding them.

Stephen L. Bening
a servant and prophet of our Lord Jesus Christ

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