PROPHECY: Avoiding Arguments Over Unanswerable Questions
February 5, 2001

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I was involved in debate competition in High School, as well as in College, as was my father before me. From my earliest recollections, I can recall spirited arguments with my father over events of the day and political issues. These debates would upset my mother greatly. Meanwhile, Dad and I would leave the dinner table blissful and happy, having each spoken our minds and seemingly unaffected by the hot debate at dinnertime.

From that, I learned that some people handle contention better than others. I also learned that some arguments have no answer. The answer may not be a right or wrong issue, or it may simply not be able to be arrived at with the facts that are available.

The Lord spoke to me from Titus 3:9 tonight. The verse speaks most clearly to me from the Living Bible:

"Don't get involved in arguing over unanswerable questions and controversial theological ideas; keep out of arguments and quarrels about obedience to Jewish laws, for this kind of thing isn't worthwhile; it only does harm."

After I heard this from the Lord, I logged on to the net and retrieved my mail. In the letters, there was one which was a defense for a pre-antichrist rapture position. I quickly opened my reply window and I was all set to enter the fray when I stopped. I realized what the Lord had just spoken to me and I pondered that if there is a list of unanswerable questions and controversial theological ideas, the beliefs that are held about the rapture, or the catching away of the church, are probably at the very top of the list.

And so, I closed my reply window, and decided to write this little narrative....about me: a debater by nature, who is still learning the ways of God.

There must be a reason why God has left theological issues like this so seemingly unsolved. Yes, I agree. It appears that Revelation 3:10 strongly supports a rapture that comes before antichrist is released to begin his reign of terror on believers. It also appears that Revelation 20:4-5 strongly supports the premise that no rapture or catching away can occur until after saints have been beheaded for their refusal to take the mark of the beast, offered by this same antichrist.

How can these two scriptures be harmonized? I have never seen anyone try to do it. Have you? When we read a theological treatise by Dwight Pentecost of Hal Lindsey, Revelation 20:4-5 and it's first resurrection of beheaded saints is omitted from the discussion. When we read a treatise by those who argue for a Pre- Wrath catching away, discussion about Revelation 3:10 and the "kept from the hour" terminology is not discussed.

I have watched people argue over these positions and get angry and contentious over it. Marvin Rosenthal was fired from his ministry position for writing his book "Pre-Wrath Rapture of the Christian Church". Brothers and sisters, these things should not be.

One thing only I am sure of: there will be a catching away. But when will it be? Our God is very much aware that He placed Revelation 3:10 and Revelation 20:4-5 only 17 chapters apart in the same book, but that these two scriptures cause people to choose sides like the Hatfields and the McCoys. Could it be that He placed them there to see what all of us would do with them; to see how we would behave; to test us?

I know that the day will come when I will understand these two scriptures perfectly and be able to see that they are both true. On that day, I will have perfect understanding of all things in the word where harmonious understanding of the word escapes me at the present time.

For the present, I will have to simply walk in restraint, allowing each saint to form his own view of these things, and to avoid arguments over issues like this one that are insolvable. For it is plain to me, that the Lord is saying that He has made them presently insolvable.

As for my present belief on these things, I think we will see antichrist and will be protected as the Israelites were in Egypt from the plagues of Antichrist. But I'll admit that I have a hard time totally explaining away Revelation 3:10.

Stephen L. Bening
a servant and prophet of our Lord Jesus Christ

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