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Prophecy: Assessment Of The Fruits Of The Man-Raymond Aguilera
December 12, 2007

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I am sure there are those of you who will say: "the man is a prophet, so we must believe every word he says." Some of you walk like that, and you consider that any time we judge the prophecies of a prophet, we are attacking the man. We are commanded to judge all prophecies. We are also called to examine the fruit of a prophet. Most of you think this is wrong, but God wants it to be done in a right way, and He told us to do it in the New Testament of the bible.

There are people who follow every single word of every prophet on this Earth, and there are those who believe that because we prophets have been sent by God, we are infallible. I only wish this were true of all prophets.

A prophet of the Lord can only be infallible if every blindfold has been removed from his spiritual eyes, and every bit of accumulated wax has been removed from his spiritual ears. Sin, including any form of idolatry, will affect the seeing and hearing in ways that may be unpredictable. We have previously discussed, in WPA, how any idol, held in the heart, will cause God to speak to you in the same was as that idol would speak to you. Iniquity, which is the affect of past sin as it operates in cursing and keeping open the demonic doorways of the enemy, can also play havoc with infallibility.

I am reminded of an experience that I had in Kenya in 2004. I was in a meeting of about 30 people in a home, and two pastors spoke, preceding me, for about an hour and a half. When they turned the meeting over to me, I told them that we had to shut the meeting down, and seek the Lord, because there had been no presence of God in the meeting.

I had inquired of the Lord as to the reason, and He had given me a vision: I saw a bull, bleeding from its' neck; standing in the middle of the room. I asked them if anyone had ever sacrificed to idols or to the ancestors in that place, and they replied that they were believers, and had built that house 40 years ago. They had never done anything like that.

I sent them to find the oldest neighbor. They found a woman, aged over 90 years, and she confirmed that 50 years ago, she had seen a large bull sacrificed to the ancestors in the field where that house had later been built.

You see, in the realm of the spirit, that BULL WAS STILL STANDING THERE, even though the sacrifice had been made 50 years ago. The iniquity was still there, cursing the property, and blocking the presence of God.

We anointed the property and prayed, and then had a wonderful meeting.

I have spent only a few hours pouring over a few of the almost 2000 prophecies on the website of Ray Aguilera. In past years, I have also taken a look at him as well.

My impressions of the man lead me to believe that he is honest and forthright. I do not believe that he would intentionally deceive anyone. I believe he loves the Lord, and that he is not moved by money or a desire for fame. He seems likable to me and humble, and he seems to be the sort of man you would enjoy having in your home. I believe he loves the Lord and the Lord loves him.

However, I see some problems that render him something less than infallible.

Ray Aguilera has had a long affiliation of varying degree with the Roman Catholic Church. He certainly has never viciously attacked it. He has issued many prophecies and admonitions that we are to regularly partake of the Mass. He has prophesied favorably about an increasing openness that he expects to break forth in the Catholic church. In short, he has been, in a word, friendly toward the Catholic Church.

Page one of his website clearly declares, in his own words: "I would like to add, that I am a Catholic and have attended Protestant Churches for the past seven years."

By his own admission, HE IS A CATHOLIC. This is very serious.

The pre-tribulation rapture had its' origin in the teachings of the sixteenth century Jesuit named Francisco Ribera, who developed the arguments of "all things are future" for the Catholics. This approach was arrived at because Luther was gaining so many converts by contending that "prophecy is now", and that the Papacy is antichrist.

Therefore, any iniquity that attaches to involvement in the Roman Catholic Church would allow the demonic spirits that were first associated with those Jesuit lies to have an open doorway into Ray Aguilera's life.

I have inquired previously into his Catholic background, and I have been told that he now attends Protestant services. This is insufficient. The RCC is so demonic to the core that anyone who purports to be a prophet of the Lord and has had prior involvement in it should have, as a minimum, a prominent statement on the front page of his website where he disavows and repents of any connection therewith. There is no such statement on Mr. Aguilera's website. To the contrary, he confesses that he is a Catholic.

I want you to understand very clearly what I am saying. A person may receive prophecy and be a member of the Roman Catholic Church. There are real, honest believers in Jesus within that church whom God uses. God will save some Catholics. But every member carries with them the iniquity; the taint; the open doorway for the enemy to use whenever he so chooses. You are a partaker of the sins of whatever church you are a part of. The sins of the Catholic church are many and serious.

Any prophet of the Lord would have been expected to have grown up, and to have come out of such darkness, if we are to attach an aura of infallibility to him.

I conclude that Mr. Aguilera is vulnerable to the affects of deceiving spirits by virtue of this remaining iniquity and open door for demonic influence that remains in his life. Doors like this must be shut by confession and public repentance and sealed with the blood of the lamb.

I see another weakness in Mr. Aguilera in that he has not come against the present day harlot church with any real force of conviction. To me, any man in this age who claims to be a prophet of our Lord Jesus Christ should be in the full attack mode against this modern day incarnation of the devil that is called THE CHURCH. He has not addressed the subject of "tithes" with any frequency or with any real passion. He has only written a few times about the prosperity message. You can search his website by word. Go there and search for the word "tithes", and draw your own conclusion. Out of some 2000 prophecies, there are only a few mentions of the subject.

Finally, I see a man who appears to be well meaning, but he is sometimes a little bit slow to heed the admonitions that the Lord has given him. Mr. Aguilera has seemingly included, among his 2000 prophecies and occurrences, just about every significant incident where the Lord has dealt with him. Some of these dealings were quite harsh, and I would have expected more in the way of complete repentance; more of a turning around on his part. He has been told to leave his fixation with Israel, the Temple and the old culture and traditions of Judaism behind, yet he has continued to write about these things, and has even, as you WPA members will recall, purportedly been told to pray that the dome of the Rock would be brought down. He has told all of us to do the same.

Disobedience to the Lord can open a doorway to the enemy. Fallibility can result. This means you must judge every single word coming forth from Raymond Aguilera. Most may be true words of prophecy, but the possibility, and even the probability of taint is there, and so, you ought to beware.

I will leave you with this one example, and you can make up your own minds.

Stephen L. Bening

1382. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 30 July 1999 at 12:15 AM. During prayer I asked the Lord about going to the Old City of Jerusalem and the Lord said, "You can go to these places to look, but why seek the traditions of a dead culture. He who picks up the plow does not look back. Seek the things of the new covenant not of the old."


After dinner we walked through the Old City and ended up at the Western Wall and the Lord said, "Why, Why, Why!".

The Lord said this in a very disgusted tone almost as if I could see Him shake His head as He said it. I do not remember the whole conversation, but I became very frightened at His tone and I wanted to run out of there as fast as I could, but we had lost Carl. Carl had left us and began to mingle with the hundreds Jewish people worshipping at the Western Wall. I am not very tall and I looked and looked, but I could not see Carl anywhere.

I was very frightened and said to the Lord, "We cannot leave - Carl has the car keys and he is inside the men's section at the Western Wall!"

Then the Lord said, "Sit there and wait for Carl with your back to the Western Wall and DO NOT LOOK BACK! DO NOT COME BACK HERE AGAIN!!!"

Comments: I had no idea what I had walked into by going to the Western Wall, but the Lord was really mad with me. I felt at one point the Lord was going to kill me - right there on the spot. There seems to be some unresolved issues between the Jewish people and the Lord and somehow I walked into the middle of something. Finally Carl returned and I told him what the Lord had said and we left there as fast as we could. I will never forget how helpless I felt that night, the Lord was saying to leave and Carl was nowhere to be found. My heart was racing a million miles per hour during that encounter.


Stephen L. Bening

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