PROPHECY: Prophecy: Midnight
February 22, 2002

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Dear Reader:

Once again, in my prayer just prior to retiring for the evening, I asked the Lord to speak to me in revelation during the night hours. The asteroid/tidal wave dream vision is still dominating my thoughts and prayers before the Lord.

I was awakened suddenly at midnight....12:00 on my digital clock. I was filled with the feeling that it must be much later than that, as that meant that I had only been asleep less than one hour, and it seemed that so much more time than that had passed than that, and that I had been asleep so much longer, but I was suddenly wide awake, and feeling very well rested too. The Lord spoke the word in my spirit: MIDNIGHT!

Mark 13:35 NIV was quickened:

"Therefore keep watch because you do not know when the owner of the house will come back---whether in the evening, or at midnight, or when the rooster crows, or at dawn. If he comes suddenly, do not let him find you sleeping. What I say to you, I say to everyone: Watch!"

Today, I was with Pastor Tony Sanders of Hallandale, FL, driving in my car and introducing him to the head of another ministry nearby. We were driving and talking and the Lord was speaking. What I was saying went something like this:

"Tony, I have read or received perhaps thousands of prophecies in the last ten years that predict one thing or another concerning the demise of America...and even the destruction of this very area, South Florida. Just the last two days, I have been totally consumed with a recent dream/vision of a tidal wave, caused by Atlantic Ocean asteroid impacts, that totally devastates the Eastern USA at some point in the future, and I think it might happen very soon..

Now, today, I'm driving with you Tony, and we are discussing the establishment of new ministries to the homeless and downtrodden and the young people who can't be reached by traditional religion. We want to work to do new works for the Lord, to build things that will take time to develop and grow, and they will require much effort on our part to build them....and the Lord is putting it on our hearts to work in this way and to build cooperative relationship teams, facilities and Christian communities.

In fact, right up until the coming of the Lord, I believe He will be putting these new plans for work in our hearts. We will be working, planning, building, establishing and serving in ministries, and then, suddenly, the Lord will give us a dream and tell us to grab everything, and drive to the nearest mountain...or He may come...or who knows what. We don't know the "when" about anything really.

To man, it seems utterly foolish to think or to talk or to plan in this way... that the Lord would tell His servant to begin to build something for the long term on Thursday and to tell him to abandon it all and flee the next day, is, in man's view, pure silliness. Man would argue that if God intends to wipe everything out with a tidal wave tomorrow, why should I begin to build anything today. That is logical, right?

The Lord loves to confound the wisdom of the wise with utter foolishness. Look at the utter foolishness of the concept of our salvation....wrought out by what one man did while nailed to a death instrument...what an utterly foolish thing the cross and the teaching of it is. In the same way, the Lord cannot be put into a box, and what He will do today, or tomorrow may not be predicted with the logic of men, or the reasoning they love to employ. The Lord will utterly confound all such prognosticating. "

AND SO..... we live and work and plan....all the while knowing....that everything may....in fact will...suddenly change.

Many, including me, have discussed such things as a change in "paradigm". Man has one idea of how to change a paradigm. God has his own ways to make these changes, and it will very probably confound most men, especially Christian men.

The Mark 13 scripture the Lord quickened to me this morning pretty much tells us to be ready for God to do anything at any time of the day or night....and to be ready for Him to do it suddenly.


Stephen L. Bening
a servant and prophet of our Lord Jesus Christ

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