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Prophecy: Double Judgements II-The Gathering
March 8, 2009

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Double Judgements II-The Gathering-March 8, 2009

I was driving across New Mexico on our way to California on the Double Judgement Tour in early December, 2008 with Matthew Stephen and his wife Kathy when the Lord spoke to me and instructed me to write about the double judgements. The Lord was clear that I would write in two parts and by doing so, He was giving me an unwritten message that there would be more revelation forthcoming that would be directly related to that information that had been revealed in part one in December, 2008.

I had released my interpretation of a prophecy and vision that I had received on November 21, 1991 in part one and had indicated that I expected a move into the beginning of the phase of time where we would begin to see great earthquakes and floods by January 20, 2009. When I did not see what I expected to see, I inquired of the Lord as to whether my interpretation of the prophecy I had been given was wrong.

You see, the prophecy that had been given to me on November 21, 1991 was that economic collapse, tumult and riots would begin to spread over the whole world. That has clearly begun. The Lord then spoke to me the following word: “in 60 days, I will begin to strike the Earth with great earthquakes and great floods”. The Lord and I were over Europe and looking at the Eiffel tower when He spoke that word to me on November 21, 1991.

Then, the Lord revealed in late May, 2008, that He would begin to fulfill these prophecies on the 17th anniversary of the date when He had given them to me. That is true of every prophecy I have received; not just the economic tumult vision.

And so, I was watching and examining world events on November 21, 2008: the 17th anniversary of the giving of the vision to me by the Lord. I saw at that time that the riots had begun in France, had spread to Iceland and also spread throughout Eastern Europe. So, the question I had was this: when does the 60 day time period begin that points to the onset of GREAT EARTHQUAKES and GREAT FLOODS? I had thought that these might commence on January 20th, 2009.

Since that date, the riots have continued to spread throughout the entirety of Eastern Europe and through the French Islands of the Caribbean. And yet, the riots have not broken forth with great severity in either Great Britain or the United States. I am informed today that an entire combat ready brigade of United States troops, trained in urban warfare and riot control, has been transferred out of Iraq and repositioned back in the United States. What do our leaders expect?

Furthermore, David Wilkerson released a prophetic warning on March 7, 2009 that we are to expect imminent great calamities, with riots and countless fires in our American cities.

As I inquired of the Lord as to whether I had made a mistake in interpreting the prophecy and interpolating the indicated and projected commencement date of the greater shakings, the Lord answered and said “yes and no”.

The Lord indicated to me at that time, January 20, 2009, He had granted more time because He was waiting upon his modern day Noah’s with long suffering, while they are busy in preparation of their arks of protection. (1 Peter 3:20) This delay is granted only because of God’s mercy toward His remnant who are preparing for trouble and who are in the process of moving to safe areas that He has put into their hearts. The Lord further indicated to me that we are to expect not just one, sixty day period of escalation but rather three sixty day periods. I was led of the Spirit to look, in general, for an escalation in mid April and another period of escalation of events in mid June, 2009.

And so, the additional information, revealed here in part II, is that we are now in the midst of a second, sixty day period of which there will be three. We are to keep our eyes upon the spreading of the riots and tumult. When these break forth in the rest of the world, then we will see the GREAT EARTHQUAKES and GREAT FLOODS in sixty days. I believe we will see these riots break forth here in the USA very soon.

I remind you that we are dealing with a vision and a prophecy that has been confirmed. It is from the Lord. The difficult part is INTERPRETING just when the sixty days leading up to the GREAT EARTHQUAKES and GREAT FLOODS will commence.

Sunday, February 21, 2009, I was in the Spirit and seeking the Lord. The Lord indicated to me that I will be moving to Tennessee during mid April, 2009. I realize that many of you are watching my actions: you are waiting to see when I will leave coastal Florida. Well, that will happen in mid April.

Thursday, February 25, 2009, I was once again in the Spirit and seeking the Lord. The Lord began to bring to my remembrance everything that He has ever revealed to me about the great tsunami or tsunamis that will strike the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts of the United States. The Lord was once again emphasizing that these are near term events. I was impressed by how many parts of this revelation were accompanied by some reference or scripture that had to do with the number 8.

Then, on Saturday, February 27, my attention was drawn to the disturbing story, out of California, of the “Octuplet Mom”. Seven children were expected by all the attending physicians, but the eighth child “popped” out in quite a surprising fashion. When I saw that number “EIGHT”, I heard the Lord say that “just as that child came in unannounced and unexpected, so it will be for the great flood that will be caused by the great tsunami. It will come before the time it is expected and in quite a surprising fashion.”

We have clearly entered into the time of the strong delusion. Religious men have lost their ability to see. Some of those people who have previously had prophetic vision now see only a false vision. Happily, some of those who have not been able to see up to this point have now been illuminated. So, a previously discouraging situation now has an encouraging component that is being revealed. God will now gather those together who are of like vision and unity of Spirit. We will walk together with those people as God gathers them together in this hour. Let the dead bury the dead. We will walk with the living.

We have approached now into the time when God will pour out royal power upon His people. We will do those greater works than Jesus did. This prophecy will finally be fulfilled. But this will not happen without a full effort on our part to enter into His rest. We must settle the question once and for all: are we His disciples? Do we belong to Him alone? All of creation is waiting and watching for the sons of God to be revealed.

I have been at this job for twenty two years. I have watched the birth pains come and go and in doing so, I have gained experience in watching. I am no longer easily moved to jump too soon in excited declarations of times that are not yet in their fullness. I am not inexperienced in these matters. With full solemnity and sobriety, I declare to you that I do not believe this is another birth pain. This is transition to the Daniel 12 time of the delivery. This is the real deal.

We are nearing the time….coming very near indeed. Transition is here. I hope and pray that you are getting ready: spirit, soul and body.

Lot experienced the mercy of God without making any preparation. He traveled on foot and dwelt in a cave.

Noah experienced the mercy of God and made preparation. He traveled the Earth in the most advanced method of transportation of His day.

The choice is yours!

Stephen L. Bening

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