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Prophecy: Double Judgements I-The Storm Is Here-11/28 through 12/22
December 10, 2008

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Double Judgements I-Stephen L. Bening-December 10, 2008

The Holy Spirit has kept me from writing for my website for a few months now. I knew two months ago that I was to write about the double judgements, but each time I tried to begin to write, I knew that I was to wait for an appointed time.

The information that God has given to me since August has been released exclusively on our radio programs during that period. Today, as I read this release from Matthew of this word, along with his re-printing of his "Tora, Tora, Tora" word, I know that I am to write and append these two words to that which the Lord has revealed to me.

These words are to receive widest release and circulation.

We are in progress with the "DOUBLE JUDGEMENT TOUR" as we strike the Earth and the Sea with the two staffs. Matthew Stephen has listed several of the locations that we have visited so I will not repeat the list. The Lord has expressly sent us forth to do this work.

Those who mock or deny that fact do not have the word of the Lord. Those who pray against this effort are fighting against God. These things will no longer be delayed. America will now drink the cup of the Lord's judgement and wrath.

Revelation chapter 18 informs us that double judgements on the whore were appointed by God and were coming. They are now here. I went before the Lord several months ago to inquire about the prophecy Matthew had received regarding the three sets of double assasinations. The Lord confirmed it in the books of the Kings.

The anointing of Jehu as King of Israel was appointed to Elijah, but this was delayed because the existing King, Ahab, humbled himself before the Lord. Subsequently, the anointing of Jehu was delayed until it was carried out by Elijah's successor: Elisha.

We find as we search the second book of Kings that three sets of double judgements ensued because repentance did not come about as a result of the humbling of Ahab and the delay of the judgements that had been appointed. The principal was therefore established that a judgement is doubled when it is delayed, and when repentance has not been forthcoming.

God revealed to me at that time that just as it was in the days of Ahab and Jehu, so it shall be now. Three sets or three types of double judgements have been appointed.

Just as two Jezebel types, Jezebel and Athaliah were killed in the days of Jehu, so it shall be that we shall see a double judgement upon the false religious system that mocks and fights against the true prophets and props up the false prophets.

Just as two sets of seventy innocents were killed in the days of Jehu, America shall see a double judgements upon even the innocents who dwell in the cities marked for destruction.

Just as two Kings were killed by the hand of Jehu, so it shall be in our day that two leaders of the levels of Kings shall be assasinated.

It is the hour of the double judgement. It has been sealed and shall not be turned back by the humbling of oneself, nor by intercessions and pleadings. Only a Ninevah style repentance will hold such things back, and the Lord has revealed that such a repentance will not be possible until many, many people lie slain in our land.

The Lord revealed to me a little more than seventeen years ago that a day would come when we would see economic tumult that would engulf Europe and spread outward from there. Chaos and riots were prophesied to accompany that economic collapse. I saw that vision on November 21, 1991.

During May, 2008, the Lord led me to revise my "25 important prophecies" webpage, and while I was doing it, the Lord said that He would begin to fulfill all of the things He had shown me on the seventeenth anniversary of their going forth to me.

At that time, I was led to find the paper copy of that 1991 prophecy, and I found there was a part of the word that I had previously omitted from my website: The Lord had told me in 1991 that "IN SIXTY DAYS I WILL STRIKE THE LAND WITH GREAT EARTHQUAKES AND GREAT FLOODS".

I was watching carefully on November 21, 2008 on the seventeenth anniversary of the 1991 vision, and I noted that riots were occurring in France as Citigroup failed and required a bailout by the US. Then, riots commenced in Iceland. From there, terrible riots and tumult, along with a general strike, have commenced in Greece. A factory in Chicago has been occupied by US factory workers.

It is clear to me that the first part of the prophecy is now in the process of being TOTALLY FULFILLED.

Now, we wait for the period that will commence on January 20, 2009 for the appearance of GREAT EARTHQUAKES AND GREAT FLOODS.

What is a GREAT EARTHQUAKE? It must be greater than 8.0 in my mind.

What is a GREAT FLOOD? It must be of the level of the storm surge that accompanied Hurricane Katrina in my mind.

These levels of severity of Earthquake and Flood are my expectations, and may or may not be the Lord.

These are the types of events that I am now expecting in the short term. Note that more than one of each are expected: DOUBLE JUDGEMENTS.

In early November, I had thought that I would not go out with Matthew Stephen with the two staffs until the Spring of 2009, but the Lord woke me and said:

"I cannot send the greater judgements until you and Matthew go forth with the two staffs to strike the land and the sea and to prophecy in the places where I will send you by my Holy Spirit."

And so, we departed to commence the DOUBLE JUDGEMENT tour on November 28, 2008. The Lord has also been saying that the interval between the prophetic decree and the occurence of the decreed event will now be shortened. The events are to occur more rapidly in succession after the decree has been made. We are moving toward the type and the time of that which we see in Revelation 11 as the two witnesses portrayed there tormented the wicked of the Earth, and those torments quickly followed their decrees. We are now clearly moving as a type of those.

We are not saying that we are THE TWO WITNESSES. We are saying that we are a type of the two witnesses: the Moses and Elijah company that God will now release and has already released in the Earth. God is coming for His Bride, and He will free her from the chains of bondage that she is caught up and ensnared in. The Egyptian/Babylonian economic system that binds the bride in chains will now be smashed and will totally fall.

A great terror attack is coming against the East Coast of America. This attack was foreshadowed by the sign of Hurricane Omar, which formed and became a killer hurricane over the Virgin Islands. Just as every Arab Terrorist is promised seventy virgins, Omar was a sign of the terror attack that will come.

This terror attack, when it occurs, will cause an interruption in the food supply of the United States. America will eat her bread and drink her water with great care after this attack occurs.

These events are now very soon to transpire. Matthew Stephen and I continue down a 10,000 mile road to preach, to proclaim, to pray, to prophesy, to decree and to strike the Earth with the two staffs of God: whereever the Lord our God may so direct. We will finish this commision before the time of Christmas, if the Lord permits. I will write part II at the conclusion of this tour.

Those of you who have eyes to see and ears to hear should be making your final preparations, for the hour is here and now, and will not wait another year.

Double Judgements I-The Storm Has Begun-Stephen L. Bening-December 10, 2008

The Storm Has Begun-Matthew Stephen-December 10, 2008

The Storm is upon the land and the double judgments have already begun, it has been decreed, We have decreed them on the whole East coast from Florida to New York to the Great Lakes to St. Louis to the whole Gulf coast and everything in between. We are declaring to the nation and Washington D.C. that you are to eat your bread with anxiety and drink your water with dread. America and the Church will drink the cup of God's Judgment and the bread of affliction.

There will be more storms on the land: Tornadoes, Fires, Floods Droughts, Hurricanes, and massive Earthquakes. We are About to see a major change within 60 days, There will be all kinds of confusion on the land. Major droughts will hit America in 2009. The Mark of the Beast system will hit in 2009. Two large earthquakes will soon hit America. The double Assassination will soon take place and the three cities will see explosions.

The anniversary date of the three pending judgments clocks have come to their full of one year and the clock has begun again. Welcome back my friend to a show that never ends come inside, come inside, and see what the Lord God is about to do to America. The Perfect Storm is upon the land and the wake up call is here.

The Storms that just hit Louisiana and the midwest have begun, along with major snow storms hitting the land. This is just the start again this year, just like last year as it has been declared. This will be 3-10 time worse for 2009. Major Tornadoes will hit all over the country this year and they will be very rare out of season. please prepare your self and pray as the Body of Christ will be under severe attack this year in 2009. The shut down of religious systems will begin to take place this year as well. Please read the following letter again its is very important.

God Bless, Matthew Stephen-December 10, 2008

A STORM, A STORM, A STORM-Matthew Stephen-September 24, 2008



The word TORA means: Surprise has been achieve, Attack, refers to Tiger, Battle Cry and a Call to Arms. When no one realizes, it will come upon them suddenly like the days of Noah. (I am reminded of all the tigers that went out from the California Zoo and killed. It was in the news for two month and it was like a sign to California concerning what is about to happen… the Asian Tiger is very near. With a large earthquake on its way and major hits to California cities and a hit to the pacific Naval fleet, California is about to have its candle stick remove.

"I will send upon America a storm that she has never seen. I will send three Storms upon her and there will be three attacks the likes she has never seen. She will not recover from my hand of Judgment. My hand will hit America from the West Coast and then back to the East Coast; from the North to the South. I will send this Storm of attack upon her and she will be divide into three. The three that will come upon her are War, Famine and Death.

In one hour it will come. I am The Lord God Almighty and I cause men to hear my Voice." The LORD will cause men to hear His majestic voice and will make them see His arm coming down with raging anger and consuming fire, with cloudbursts, thunderstorm and hail. "Isaiah 30:30", I heard the Lord God say; "Tell my people it will come with a flood and tell them it will come upon America like a massive tornado with winds as fast as lighting. It will come upon them suddenly, for America will know I have cause this to happen.

For the sins of America have now reach their full. Oh, my people, come in and hide yourselfs for a while until my raging arm has passed by.

I saw a vision in the night watch when I woke up at 3:00am and I heard the Lord say; "a Storm, a Storm, a Storm". I was then thinking about what He said and I heard the words Tora, Tora, Tora. I prayed and ponder what was said and my sense was to tell everyone to get off the East coast and West Coast. A huge black cloud moved very quickly to the East Coast of America. I looked to the West and I saw the ground explode. I heard massive buildings collapse and I saw people flying up into the air and falling to the ground dead. I saw a large city in California explode. I saw an attack in Washington D. C. and I saw a massive storm hit the East Coast. I heard the scream of people and I saw two huge Angels come down out of the heavens moving very swiftly to America.

One Angel blew a loud trumpet and the other Angel shouted with a loud voice. The Angel said " I have been sent to strike America three times and bring Death, then the Angel shouted again "look to your cities" and across America three cities just blew up. He shouted again and I saw a massive gun that reach from one side of the country to the other. This massive gun went off and the Angel said "War has comes to America and the time is now at hand and many shall die". He Look at me and said, "son of the republic, America has been given time to Repent and has not. The people of this land have defiled themselves with idols of this world and their wickedness has come up before the Lord God Almighty. The cry of babies has testified against the people of the land".

I heard the Angel of the Lord say, " three great woes have come to their full and this last great woe has been released on America. This republic for which it has stood is no more. I will bring my people together. They will come in and cry out to me for a time, then I will bring a new hope through my Bride and my people will bring hope again and all the Nations will look upon them, for they will see my glory and will be fill with my power to stand up and bring hope to those who walk in great darkness.

A republic will re-form again in times of great darkness and this republic will not be in the hands of this earthly government. America as it has been known will be totally transformed into a new government. The foundation of my government will be made known and it will be pure. When they see my righteous hand raise up they will know that my holiness and the people of the Almighty God will rain" The King will descend upon her and He will rule over His Bride. I then heard the Bride say, " We give you praise and honor for all glory is yours forever".

At that moment the earth went from deep darkness to a very bright light and then I saw holy angels flying around the camps of God's people. A huge white sheet covered over all the righteous and as I looked at this huge sheet it said "the Lamb of God is now come as the Lion of Judah". At that moment the Angel of the Lord said "America has loss there liberty". ( I was reminded of the vision I had about the Statue of Liberty in 1993. I saw the Great Lakes spill over down to the Gulf of Mexico and the Statue of Liberty was taken up out of it's place and thrown down into the Gulf Mexico. She fell face down to bow before the King of kings and then she went to rise up again the second time and then she fell again the and the third time she went to get up but as she started to rise she fell down and did not rise again.)

The Angel of the Lord said "America has trusted in idols and all their wealth of Babylon, I now have been sent to strike the wealth of America and at that moment I saw America and the people in America in a revolution; a civil war broke out with total riots and the government stepped and marshal law took place as people were being shot and many people were being hauled away. Desert invaders came in, wearing American uniforms and they too were killing people. I looked again and it was like time had stop and another door open before me.

Then I looked and saw a time line before me and the voice said measure the fields to see how much of the field is green, then the Angel said I see the field that is green and I heard the number of those who are ready. At that time the Angel turn to the sea and said look to the sea I looked to the eastern sea and I saw dark colored ships coming and they were the invading army from the North. All wearing red insignias on their uniforms; these armies were ruthless.

I saw the Holy Angels of God fighting against the demons of darkness and it was a violent battle. The Angel of the Lord shouted "you shall not harm the wheat, except the wheat that has been appointed and given over to fall to the ground and die. But for some, they were not being touched. The wheat that fell to the ground seemed to be dry and the wheat that was not touched was very bright and golden. I heard the voice say "many will come and take up arms and there will be a great battle on the earth and America once again will be in a great war on the earth. At that time when she is concern outwardly she will once again be attacked from within and she will take arms to fight. Many will take up arms but her losses will be very disastrous.

I then looked up to the heavens and a loud voice said" look again", the Lord Jesus was coming down and He will rule and the Kings bride will rule with Him here on the earth. I saw a portal open in the heavens and the throne room open up and I saw a great pillar coming down out of heaven. As I looked I saw a bright cloud coming down out of the heavens and this cloud was so very beautiful, the most beautiful thing I had ever set my eyes on. I was speechless without words. It was like a dream. I saw a beautiful garden coming out of the heavens and I was reminded of the third heaven where Paradise is.

I heard the loud voice say "The kingdom of God has come to dwell with man on earth and the King will rule them and all those who have made their self ready for the Mighty King. Tell my people to stand, tell my people to get ready, tell my people that I will wipe away there sorrow, tell my people they will have to come through this night, for many it will be a valley of toil but many will be tried to see of those who have faith and those who have not the faith. Many will be persecuted and will be made white in the greatest war the earth has ever seen. Then the Vision ended.

Matthew Stephen
September 24,2008
VMI Publishers

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