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Prophecy: Nearness Of The Approaching Storm-Jaws 2
December 8, 2012

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Prophets are people too! James intimates as much in speaking about Elijah when he writes

"Elias was a man subject to like passions as we are, and he prayed earnestly that it might not rain: and it rained not on the earth by the space of three years and six months." James 5:17

Elijah was perhaps the most otherworldly prophet presented to us in the biblical pantheon, and yet, the scripture says that he had feelings just like any other human being. He felt loneliness and rejection. Pain registered with him. Yet, he was so other worldly that he actually went through what was apparently a rather long period of time where he "prayed earnestly" for something that everyone in today's churches would regard as absolute insanity: HE PRAYED THAT IT MIGHT NOT RAIN!

I have been to a lot of prayer meetings in my life and I have heard all sorts of prayers for things that would increase comfort and bring blessing and abundance from God, but it is only since July 5, 2008 that I have had any association or familiarity with the idea that God might call ME to pray like Elijah did. So, since that time, God joined me with Matthew Stephen, called me to take up a staff, and I began praying like that.

I was having some of those "human emotion times" in March, 2012 when Matthew Stephen said that God had called us to go to Boston. I did not want to go. We had gone on several long trips, praying earnestly for a variety of judgements to come upon this land that the Holy Spirit had conclusively shown to us that God desired to bring upon it. God made it clear that He was going to require His prophets to be more than mere messenger boys, but we would now be active agents of God and participants in the judgement process, just as Elijah had been. I had no idea in July, 2008 just how long I would have to pray earnestly before we would see many of these things come to pass. Yes, we saw a great portion of it happen between September and December, 2008, but the double judgements that God had said and is still saying so much about remain hidden in the heavens. I had grown frustrated in March, 2012 and told Matthew that I was not going to go to Boston unless God spoke something clear to me with an order that I had to.

Those of you who listen on radio know what happened. First, the Lord spoke to me about the unfinished business of Boston. Yes, we had been there before, during the Lord's staff tour in 2009, but God had not allowed us to call forth anything for that area at that time. Then, on March 31, 2012, the Lord spoke a phrase to me: "Just When You Thought It Was Safe To Go Back In The Water".

Research into the origin of that phrase identified it as the movie tagline for "Jaws 2". More research unearthed the fact that both Jaws movies were filmed in Martha's Vineyard, just South of Boston and that in the movies, there was a fictional four year period between the events of Jaws 1 and Jaws 2. I knew two things prophetically: God was calling me to go to Boston to call in the unfinished prophetic business and I knew that a prophetic sequel to the 2008 events was going to come some time late in 2012.

So, we went to Boston in April and we were present in Lexington at midnight, April 18, 2012 to commemorate the 237th anniversary of the "Midnight Ride of Paul Revere". Since that time, we have conducted a weekly radio program by that same name as we wait for the sequel events that are foretold by the Jaws 2 Revelation.

The prophetic events, in broad terms, of the Jaws 1 era of the fall of 2008 through the Spring of 2009 were as follows: 1) A destructive hurricane named Ike, 2) A stock market crash and the threat of a wide financial collapse, 3) A break out of riots and 4) A financial blessing to the prophets.

We are now nearing the end of 2012, and we have only seen the occurrence of item one so far in the sequel: the hurricane, which in 2012 carried the name of Sandy. For the revelation to be completely fulfilled, we must see the requisite re-occurrence of a financial collapse, the outbreak of riots and a financial blessing to the prophets. We have received revelation that leads us to conclude that we will see all of this and more, including the commencement of double judgements, by the 238th (14 X 17) anniversary of the Midnight Ride of Paul Revere on April 18, 2013 through to the end of April, 2013, which will mark the one year anniversary of our tour of New England that we have named "The Bulldog Tour".

We have seen many signs that individually are very hard to pinpoint, but they are occurring with increasing frequency. These are signs that involve all the ways that God can speak to a human being: visions, dreams, quickened scriptures, colors, name meanings, numerical signs and all other imaginable ways. God will use any language or any thing that you can understand to communicate to you, and He has been doing this with me lately with a greater frequency than at any time that I can recall. When you listen to our radio programs, we talk about these things and the way He speaks. God has been developing a code language with me for twenty five years, so when He shows me a certain thing, a certain name, a certain word or number, it triggers prophecy within me and I know full well the thing He is aiming at. It really does not help you all too much for me to go into some of these things in would be somewhat similar for me to be speaking in tongues in your hearing, and I know the interpretation, but you do not. You are not edified. It is more important for me to tell you in English just what is being said by the Lord. So, I will go through a brief listing of the events that are being revealed through signs. The signs are coming in a flurry. There is the indication in the signs that the events are very near. The storm is on the horizon. I believe that by the end of April, 2013, it will be upon us and in full view. So, here is a list of the events that are being indicated as near term events that are to affect the United States, its' territories or its' military forces, not necessarily to occur in this order:

1) Famine and water supply restriction/drought events.
2) New Madrid Earthquake events.
3) California Earthquake events.
4) Russian Bear attack events.
5) Solar flare events that take down the power grid.
6) Bank closure, internet crash and stock market crash events.
7) Riot events.
8) Assassination events.
9) Plague and poisoning events.
10) Great flood and tsunami (<100 foot) events

I expect to see most if not all of these events in or related to the United States before the end of April, 2013. Any or all of these events can be grouped as double judgements: double shots of the spiritual defibrillator in an attempt to revive the dead church and restore a beating spiritual heart within her. If they do not occur, the church prayed and delayed it, but I am not expecting this to occur for two reasons:

1) The church dramatically failed to pray in its' choice for president. Their prayers for Romney were resoundingly cast down by the Lord God. This is a sign that the days of delay of the judgements by a praying church are drawing to a close.


2) I have noticed that I am now totally ignored by the church. Many used to contact me angrily and call me a false prophet. Today, they don't call me at all! Four years ago, I would prophecy and many church prayer groups would contact me, letting me know that they had embarked in earnest intercession against these things. Now, I am receiving no email contacts, website hits on my site at have fallen to an all time low since the year 2000. Prophetic apathy appears to me to be at an all time high. They will not have because they do not ask.

So, I am not expecting any further delay. We have, like Elijah, prayed earnestly for these things to come upon the earth and most particularly, upon the United States. I believe the greater part of it will now enter into the natural realm and I have seen signs recently that these events have already commenced and that we may see some serious events, even perhaps before Christmas, 2012 arrives.

All those of you who have ears to hear should govern yourselves accordingly and make final preparations, with particular emphasis to be placed upon obtaining adequate food and water supplies and water purification equipment where you will need to place an internet order or use a debit or credit card for your purchases. I believe you may only have a very short time to complete these types of purchases.

Stephen L. Bening

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