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Prophecy: Prayer Topics For Apostles, Prophets, Intercessors and SLB
October 20, 2012

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We need your prayers. I have found that almost no one prays for people like us. People generally pray, IF THEY PRAY AT ALL, for everyone except Apostles, Prophets, Intercessors and Prayer Warriors.

Here is a prayer topic list for me, Matthew and other people who labor in prayer before God: (Topic lists are suggestions to be implemented by those who pray as directed by the Holy Spirit)


1) Offering of thanksgiving for past battles won, provision received and miracles manifested

2) Lord, grant us that we may:
a) rise early to pray and meditate as directed by the Holy Spirit for a minimum of three hours
b) tarry in prayer in the morning, praying in the Holy Spirit
c) remain awake as called to watch in prayer in the night as led by the Spirit
d) renew our consecration for the living of holy lives, separated from all sin, each day
e) walk in perfect physical and sexual health with our spouses
f) be received in the congregations as the gifts and callings of the Lord manifest in our lives
g) have new doors opened unto us for effectual ministry
h) be vigorous to accomplish much and that we be not overcome by laziness or slack
i) be prosperous in our souls and then be chased by prosperity in all other areas of our lives
j) have daily dynamic encounters with God and exciting revelation in God's word
k) have time each day for solitary prayer
l) be radical givers
m) redeem every minute of the day through the development of spiritual discipline
n) obey all the leadings of the Holy Spirit
o) have boldness to proclaim your revealed truth in the proper season and time
p) grow fervent in asking, seeking and knocking
q) have frequent seasons of effective and fervent fasting as led by the Holy Spirit
r) receive fresh vision and revelation
s) travel and move to other locations only by your Holy Spirit
t) train our bodies to sleep less to meet the needs of our body
u) have vision to properly spend every bit of money and possessions you bless me to own
v) have time to wait silently upon the Lord
w) grow in love for God and for the brethren and the lost
x) grow in the knowledge of God
y) not return to old sins or bad habits or fall down before the enemy
z) be anointed to write those things you reveal to us
aa) appropriately steward every gift you have given to us
bb) be encouraged, comforted as we go through times of trouble and grow as a result
cc) have fervent and effective prayers raised to you on our behalf by holy intercessors
dd) utilize radio, television, internet, print and all other possible means by the Holy Spirit
ee) walk in harmony with our spouses, children and families
ff) train up disciples and reproduce ourselves, having a great impact on others near to us
gg) have discernment to properly raise up all those you have sent into our midst
hh) have every anointing to triumph in all ministry situations and confrontations
ii) be empowered to recognize, send, assist and strengthen missionaries
jj) know those whom we are to assist in the ministry to the poor, widows and orphans
kk) entertain angels unawares and that we might know they are present
ll) come to maturity in all the fruit of the Holy Spirit
mm) be agents and facilitators of revival in the land and in the world
nn) be agents to lead men to pray more fervently, effectively and powerfully
oo) be followed by special miracles, signs, healings and wonders
pp) journal, track, record and meditate on all previous victories in prayer

3) Lord, protect us from:
a) anything that might attack my spirit, soul or body
b) evil men and women, government and other opponents of the gospel
c) accidents, aggressions, falling, storms, disasters, poisoning etc.
d) disturbances, interference and time wasters
e) financial thieves
f) hidden reefs in the church
g) attacks against our spouses, children and other family members
h) sickness in our bodies, our spouses, children and other family members
i) attacks against key leaders we rely upon that are designed to take them down to deprive us
j) loss of spiritual vision and confusion
k) discouragement and loss of hope
l) any disturbance in our relationships with our spouses
m) attacks against all churches, co-workers and ministries with whom we are associated and affiliated
n) attack against or loss of our finances and all material possessions
o) formation of any idols in our hearts
p) anything that will defile us spiritually
q) death before we finish our course
r) stumbling into sin or curses unawares
s) false apostles, false prophets, false ministers and other deceivers

Stephen L. Bening

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