PROPHECY: The USS Kitty Hawk (CV63)
April 11, 2001

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I have had several contacts from people who have been touched by one little line I wrote a few days ago. I wrote that I wanted to get back to serving God the way I did before I knew anything.

What follows are some prophecies from a time when hearing from God meant more to me than anything, including life itself. Hearing from him was more important than food or anything else. He responded by speaking to me and showing me some things that are to come.

Sister Hollie L. Moody has, tonight, posted an article on the deep darkness of the soul. This has prompted me to pull these old words out, for my several year period of deep darkness followed these great revelations. It was a period of five years of darkness, before any ray of light began to appear. Here goes!


It was August 24, 1992, and Hurricane Andrew had just hit Homestead, Florida. I was pretty full of myself. I had just written these words:

"The name of Andrew will mark judgement in this generation on August 24, 1992."

I had made this prediction in writing to MANY people on July 13, 1992. One month and eleven days later, the fulfillment came. It came to pass and people were whispering about "THE PROPHET". People gave me a wide berth: some were a little scared of me. I was only three months old: a baby prophet. .


On January 9, 1993, I had this long, involved vision. Initially, I was absolutely certain it had been from the Lord. I wrote it up and distributed it in my church. I thought it would soon come to pass, but I waited, and nothing came. So I put it on the shelf to gather dust.

March 23/24, 1998

This was distributed in 1998 to many people, as it is written below:

Five years and two months ago, I was taken aside by the Lord for a period of about three and one/half hours. During that Saturday morning and early afternoon of January 9, 1993, I was given waking visions and signs to be prayerfully considered and interpreted.

I have also spoken to a few churches about this vision which has not come to pass: yet. Much of what I saw in January, 1993 I could not understand. Like many prophets before me, I could only write down what I saw, feeling that at some later time, I would be given understanding. What I did understand, I wrote and distributed. At that time, as a young prophet, I tried to think too much and to figure everything out. I realize now that you must present what the Lord gives, even if it seemingly makes no sense.

The word of the Lord was entitled "And A Little Child Shall Lead Them". I received absolutely no feedback from this word, except that I think most people who read it thought me to be a madman. To the natural mind, a nuclear attack by an Arab country against the United States appears to be preposterous. Nevertheless, that is what I saw!

To summarize, I said at that time that on the 17th day of some future month, the U.S. Aircraft Carrier Kitty Hawk and supporting vessels would be destroyed by a surprise attack of cruise missiles. I said that the descendants of Ishmael would do this thing. This event will commence the Great Tribulation. I also wrote that judgement was coming to California. America is to be brought down as Obadiah's eagle by the Lord. That is the part I understood, and that is what I released to a handful of people.

I took detailed notes that accumulated to eight typewritten pages of what I observed and understood that day. In my notes where I recorded my experiences of 1/09/93, I recorded that the Lord was saying that Bill Clinton's Presidency would be cut off. I wrote the word "impeached?", with the question mark following it.

Also, concerning my notes of what the Lord showed me concerning California judgements, the judgements were associated with almonds, which I now regard as meaning that these will be the first to occur because this is what this image meant when God showed it to Jeremiah. Over and over again, in association with the California judgements, the Lord showed me chocolate milk and milk chocolate. I could not understand what the Lord was saying.

Tonight, as I was moved to review my notes of over five years ago, the Lord began speaking and giving me further revelation. This is what I was newly shown:

1) The judgements against California will precede all the other judgements and will be the first indication that the sequence of the whole revelation is about to occur. These immediately began to occur in 1993.

2) The Lord caused me to title the 1/09/93 prophecy "And A Little Child Shall Lead Them" because of what would happen in winter 1997 and spring 1998. "El Nino" would precede, or come before them. It could have read, "And El Nino Shall Lead Them". This began to be fulfilled in October, 1997.

3) The chocolate milk images I saw at that time are pictures of the terrible mudslides that are occurring in California right now as a byproduct of "El Nino." This was fulfilled in February and March, 1998.

4) Impeachment proceedings will be then be brought against President Bill Clinton. This has not yet been fulfilled, although rumours and charges began to circulate in March, 1998. (NOTE: FULFILLED NOVEMBER, 1998)

5) While America and the President are distracted with these impeachment proceedings,the Persian Gulf fleet, headed by the U.S. Aircraft Carrier Kitty Hawk, will be attacked by nuclear warhead tipped cruise missile in the Persian Gulf. The Lord said that descendants of Ishmael will do this thing. It will occur in near proximity of time to the impeachment proceedings.

6) These events will trigger great tribulation. America will cease to function as a military power and will be brought down in fulfillment of the prophecies of Obadiah in one day.

What are we Americans to do? Pray! Perhaps the Lord may repent from doing this to our nation if we humble ourselves, pray, turn from our wicked ways and seek his face. Biblically speaking, there is no mention of America, so it is not required that the destruction of America must commence the great tribulation.


This was done at the International Board Meeting of World Salt Foundation. Finally, it was done. The vision had been released to the public. The Lord had pressed it out of me.

When I returned to my office on April 19, 1998, a fax was waiting for me, on my desk. My friend, Art Cormier, had copied some details from a Navy website, regarding three Russian Kilo class subs. These subs had been sold to Iran. As Art was pointing out, these subs carry anti-ship missiles. Already, Iran had also purchased the Sunburn missile, for which the US has no electronic countermeasure. Brother Art had written on the fax: "Steve, your dream is getting ready." Art had no idea I had taken this vision off the shelf, but the Lord knew, and it was another confirmation that the date was drawing nearer.


On January 9, 1993, while I was a member of Cornerstone Church in Davie, FL, I received a 3 and 1/2 hour waking vision and word of prophecy. To reduce it down to the salient points, it was revealed to me that:
a. The Little Child, or "El Nino" would precede the judgements against America
b. The initial judgements were said to be against California
c. These California judgements were shown to me in the form of milk chocolate. (This was later confirmed by mudslides in California)
d. President Clinton would be impeached. (Fulfilled in late 1998)
e. The US aircraft carrier "Kitty Hawk" and 11 supporting vessels will be destroyed in the Persian Gulf by an attack perpetrated by the "descendants of Ishmael". I saw nuclear cruise missiles approach and destroy the Kitty Hawk and all of her airplanes and accompanying ships and I heard the number killed: 12,600. I was told that this would happen on the 17th day of some future month. I was led to believe that it would occur very nearly in proximity of time to the impeachment of Clinton. I was also filled with the feeling in my spirit that it would operate as the falling first domino of many in a sudden downfall and judgement of America.
On April 21, 1999, the U.S. Aircraft carrier KITTY HAWK entered the Persian Gulf.

***PROPHECY-10 HORNED BEAST The June 4, 1999, the Washington Post and New York Times online announced that the 15 nations of the European Union have decided to become a military power. They have authorized the TEN militarily aligned nations of the EU to build a military and they have named Javier Solana as their "Tsar". Europe will now have a "TEN HORNED" military power. (Revelation 13:1) The ten militarily aligned nations are former Roman Empire outposts. On that same day, the Lord drew me to Numbers 24:24 and gave me insight into the meaning of this verse. My Persian Gulf revelation is now found in scripture. Balaam saw in waking vision "Chittim" afflicting "Asshur" and "Eber" with ships. Geographically, Asshur and Eber correspond to Iraq. Chittim, to the Jew, was anyone living on an Island or a Western Coastland. (Josephus 1.6.1) Chittim, as pronounced by the Hebrew, is "KITTY". KITTY HAWK!


I thought all of this would happen on February 17, 1993. When it did not, I assumed I had missed the Lord. I put the vision on the shelf for a little more than five years and did not say much about it. Basically, I tried to recover from what I thought had been a prophetic disaster and I set about to just serve the Lord in jail ministry and preaching in the ghetto as an evangelist. I put aside all this PROPHET stuff, as best I could.

Then, in March, 1998, the Lord spoke to me, reviving this vision and giving me further proof that it was from him, bringing more detail to me and showing me that 3/5 of what I had seen had already been fulfilled. Later that year, the fourth part, Clinton's impeachment, came to pass.

The Lord never said that the nuclear attack against the Kitty Hawk would be simultaneous with the impeachment, although at one time, I thought that. I was looking for it right after the impeachment.

I fully expected the event to happen right after the impeachment. The intervening time took me by surprise again but did not shake me up nearly as badly. It sent me back to the Lord., where he reminded me exactly what he had said, not what I thought it had meant.

He spoke again this year in 1999, giving me further revelation and confirming that yes, it would be the Kitty Hawk, for I had inquired of the Lord whether the Kitty Hawk was symbolic of any aircraft carrier, or if it would actually be that specific ship.

With regard to impeachment and distraction, we are still reeling from the effect of the impeachment. We have a lame duck president. Nobody wants to do anything with him. We are definitely still "distracted" by the impeachment. Why else would nobody care about Chinagate? Gore, his potential predecessor, is also effected by the impeachment, trying to distance himself from connection to Clinton.

Also, the Lord never gave me an exact date, only the 17th of some future month. That is definitely not predicting a date. It is giving a prophecy in part. It is my FEELING that February is the highest risk month. That is me and not the Lord. It is based upon my feeling about the days of Noah and Genesis 7:11.

Finally, yes, I am quite certain that sometime, probably soon, The U.S.S Kitty Hawk will be attacked by a low flying missile that will hug to the water and move to the left and then to the right to avoid being shot down. From the vision I had, I can conclude that it happens slightly before dawn, at first light, just before the sun comes up, or during twilight, after the sun has gone down. This will happen in the Persian Gulf. The descendants of Ishmael will do this thing. The Kitty Hawk along with the rest of the fleet will be destroyed.

The question then arises, how long will this country be distracted by the impeachment? I guess the answer is, as long as it effects the way we treat our president and how it effects whether or not we trust him. How long was the country "distracted" by Nixon's resignation?

Right now, if Clinton wants to commit our military, a substantial portion of Congress is looking to see where he is lying. They assume that he has some ulterior motive for taking military action. There have been accusations that Clinton committed our military in Serbia and Afghanistan as a distraction, not because of real American interest in those areas. Some of these accusations appear to be well founded.

I wept for twelve hours uncontrollably after I had this vision on January 9, 1993. I sat, turned my face to the wall and wept all night. I have had many many words from the Lord and other visions, but I have never had anything from the Lord that even comes close to that 3 and 1/2 hours I spent on that day and the day after I spent recovering from it..

Nobody wants to pray this country out of it more than me. I saw the faces of the sailors on the deck. Some fell to their knees, calling on God. I felt their fear and their terror. I WAS THERE! I have urged people to pray for mercy. I do it again now.


The Kitty Hawk is still with us, stationed in Japan. The Lord has granted space. It has been more than eight years since I received the vision and the words. The Lord has not revealed to me that there has been any cancellation of the word. He has not repented of it.

The weapon that I saw in my vision now exists and is in the hands of several enemies of the US. In the Persian Gulf, Iran possesses many Sunburn missiles. In the Pacific, China now has two Sovremmeny destroyers that carry the same missile. Due to the actions of the Clinton administration, America still has no electronic countermeasure against these missiles.

The possession of these weapons by our enemies is further evidence to me that we are nearing the time of fulfillment of this vision.

Time has passed and I have outgrown the need to be right. I realize that as a New Testament prophet, God will forgive and has forgiven me for anything I added to what I have written concerning this vision that might have arisen from my soul and mind, and not from him.

And yet, I'm remembering how raw and green I was: how little I knew. But, oh, how filled with zeal I was to please my Lord.

Will the great tribulation begin, as I prophesied, when this event occurs? I'm trying to remember back to just what the Lord told me and how he told me. I'm not even sure anymore. But of this one thing I am certain: the attack will be a complete and utter surprise, and it will be the first falling domino of many to follow that will trouble America.

Stephen L. Bening
a servant and prophet of our Lord Jesus Christ

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