PROPHECY: America Is Judged
April 10, 2001

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America Is Judged

Since the time of my calling as a prophet in service to my master Jesus, He has been telling me that America is judged. That has been since June 24, 1992.

It has always seemed in my spirit as though the chastising judgement was imminent. At first, I was always in a state of ready expectation for it to occur. As time has passed, and as I have grown in the Lord, I have realized that God showed the eventual trouble that was to befall Israel to Jeremiah over a period of 40 years, and that it might be that long of a period in the case of America before these things I had seen became fully manifest.

Late last year, however, it became clear to me, through the word of the Lord, that we would not be given 40 trouble free years as a nation, but that the time of difficulty is going to come sooner: a whole lot sooner.

Last Sunday, in the midst of glorious celebration in my church over the healing of a young girl of HIV by the Lord, I found myself repeating to the congregation, over and over again, five or six times: WHERE WILL YOU HIDE? Where will you hide when the day of trouble reaches your door? Hide yourself in the Lord!

I find that the church loves to meditate on the coming of the third day light and glory but wants to turn away from warnings of the accompanying darkness that will cover the Earth. It is not going to help us if we plunge our heads into the sand and pretend that it's all a nightmare. When this day comes to America, it will fall upon prophet and pastor along with the worst of sinners.

Many of you now are reporting similar words and visions that you find disturbing. Yes, they disturb our flesh. They disturb our souls because we care far to much for the things of this life. None of us wants to suffer, and yet I know that it is coming soon.

There is one more thing to report. Back around 1995, I was calling out to the Lord about my manifold and repetitive sufferings, which seemed as though they never would end. Those sufferings had begun in 1987 upon my acceptance of Christ and seemed to do nothing but increase from that time forward in wave after wave. At that time, the Lord spoke to me and told me that the cessation of my sufferings would be a sign. When my sufferings ended, those around me would soon begin to suffer greatly.

My intense sufferings began to be at an end in December, 1999. By October, 2000, they had ceased. Then, the word of the Lord began to flow freely through me and I began to prophesy daily. Shortly thereafter, many around me began to be greatly afflicted and attacked. And so it is today.

I emphathize with those of you who are going through manifold trials and testings now and I pray for you, for I am acquainted with griefs and sorrows. I know that these troubles are going to come to all who dwell in our nation. It is going to happen soon. I pray for all of us that we may be found ready when there is no more space given by the Lord.

One more thing the Lord quickened while I was writing. "And now you know what is holding him back, so that he may be revealed at the proper time. For the secret power of lawlessness is already at work; but the one who now holds it back will continue to do so till he is taken out of the way. And then the lawless one will be revealed." 2 Thess 2:6-8 NIV

Have you not noticed, over the last fifteen years or so, that periodically, world events seem to rise up in a crescendo of tension? This stress rises and rises to the point where it seems as though WW3 is imminent, and then, almost as if a balloon is suddenly punctured, the tension fades away and the danger passes.

This scripture, quoted in the preceding paragraph, indicates that a "God controlled" force is holding back the lawless one. This always happens, in a smaller scale, with respect to each nation. It will finally happen on a world scale at the time of the beast/antichrist/son of perdition. When we collectively feel the lessening of this tension and stress and a peddling back from the brink of WW3, it is because this "God Controlled Force" has held back the force of lawlessness. People argue over what this force is. Some say it is the Holy Spirit. Others say it is the angels. I don't really think it is all that important to know exactly what God Force is doing the holding back, except that it is God Controlled.

This "holding back" has happened in cycles, time and time again, with respect to America. It has reached the point where Americans just assume that the tensions will deflate automatically without any serious harm. There is little honor or respect given to the one who has held back the lawlessness, our Lord Jesus Christ. Americans just assume that all will be well and we will have peace tomorrow morning. Things are going to change.

Last Sunday, during a prayer, I began by reminding the people that at least once in each century, our nation's survival was sorely threatened. 1700's-Revolutionary War, 1800's-Slavery and the Civil War, 1900's-WW1 and WW2, though Korea. Bob Neuman pointed out to me yesterday that with each century, these threats to the survival of the union have been more severe and have lasted longer and longer each time..

Finally, as I write, the Holy Spirit is quickening to me the visions given to George Washington. I take these very seriously, as he was shown great detail by the angel. The third great war that Washington was shown destroyed America's cities with great fire and was followed by an invasion force from abroad. When all hope was seemingly lost, the angels of God swept in and drove back the invaders and America was spared.

I visited Mount Vernon, Virginia five years ago, and stood in front of Washington's tomb, which is a quaint and humble monument for such a great man. Engraved on the white granite is this inscription:

"I am the resurrection, and the life: he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live." John 11:25

Apart from Washington's name, there is nothing else written on that monument.

Stephen L. Bening
a servant and prophet of our Lord Jesus Christ

Attached below is a word I received on November 28, 2000, along with a word by Alex Puyol, and a word by Robert Neumann.


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