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Prophecy: US East Coast Tsunamis...How Many?...How High?
June 14, 2016

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Here on the East Coast of the United States, those of us who are "in the know" regarding prophecies regarding tsunamis have really two main tsunamis in view where we have a lot of prophetic information. These are referred to as the "Three Asteroid Tsunamis" and the "Tsunami House Tsunami". The question is: do these prophecies refer to the same event or are these two separate events? The issue is gaining importance every day as we are entering the months now where we expect the tsunami house prophecy to occur. I believe that it is pretty clear that the tsunami house wave is a separate tsunami from the one or ones that are caused by three asteroid impacts. I will now present the reasons for my view.

The tsunami house prophecy reveals a tsunami that hits South Florida at sundown. With this tsunami, we know the time of arrival of the wave but we do not know the time of impact of the asteroid. I have collaborated with an astrophysicist who has calculated that an asteroid impact in the middle of the Atlantic would reach the coast of Florida about 7 hours later. This wave was seen to be at about the level of low hanging clouds which, in Florida, can be at about 200 to 300 feet. The astrophysicist seems to feel that 150 feet is more appropriate. Putting all the prophecies together with the extrapolations of the scientist, we estimate an asteroid impact or undersea earthquake must have happened between 12 noon and 6pm-8pm ET (Depending on time of sundown) to cause this coastal wave impact at sundown.

The three asteroid prophecy has two Atlantic Ocean impacts and a Caribbean impact according to Ann Peterson. With this tsunami, we know the time of asteroid impacts: 10pm, but we do not know the time of wave arrival per Neuman. The Peterson Vision and the Neuman Vision appear to present the same event on the same day. Bob Neuman saw "several asteroids" but he was zeroed in on the one that causes a wave that goes inland 200 miles in North Carolina to an altitude of 1,160 feet. Scientists say that a wave, to do that, would possibly be several miles high at the Coast. According to Ann Peterson, that more Northern, Atlantic ocean impact was further out in the middle of the Atlantic, so the arrival of that wave might come up to 7 hours after the impact. So, the range of arrival times of the three asteroid wave in North Carolina should be 10pm ET to 5am ET. I would say the times closer to 5am are probably more likely, just based on how the prophecies read.

There are two other asteroid caused impacts that must generate their own waves, but we only know the height of one wave with any certainty. Bob Neuman shared a dream from Billie London where the wave height in Florida was double the size of a house. He seemed to think that it was the same event, on the same night and caused by asteroid impact. I saw a tsunami hit Palm Beach, FL at a height of about 40 feet at the coast in an open vision. I saw a pile of rubble in an open vision, 8 miles from the coast. The rubble was about 15 feet high. That distance inland and rubble height would seem consistent with a 40 foot wave as that is what was experienced in Japan in the earthquake induced tsunami they suffered. However, John Lallier saw water covering all of Florida up to Kissimmee in an open vision.

So, I think that we will be dealing with separate Florida waves: I believe there are at least two and perhaps even three separate ones for Florida. We know from the Gloria Lopez vision that the Caribbean asteroid impact tsunami will be devastating all the way around the Caribbean Basin. The Northern East Coast of the US might only see one asteroid induced wave: the really big one. They have another earthquake induced one to deal with, off of Boston. Since the tsunami house wave seems to be so big, I find it hard to believe that the US East Coast North of Florida will get nothing from it. So, just as a guess, I would say that from South Florida up to Cape Hatteras, North Carolina, based on geography alone, the risk would be pretty great of getting two asteroid induced waves. I think that the tsunami house wave will be asteroid induced, due to the height of it as we have not seen an earthquake induced earthquake that has generated such a large tsunami. I also think that South Florida, perhaps up to Cape Hatteras, will get an earthquake induced wave.

So, comparing the two where we have timing details in the prophecies, the wave arrives in Florida for the tsunami house prophecy at 6pm to 8pm ET. The wave arrives on the East Coast in North Carolina from the Asteroid impact at between 10pm and 5am with the later time probably being closer to correct.

These are two very different time periods, separated by a minimum of 2 hours and probably more, that we project for the arrival of the two waves and that is the main reason why I feel they are separate events.

Stephen L. Bening

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