PROPHECY: Asteroid/Tidal Wave dreamvision-an assessment
February 19, 2002

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Dear Reader:

Let us assess the current situation and review the revelation at hand with all seriousness:


1. We have credible, detailed prophetic warnings concerning a cataclysmic impact of an asteroid, which will cause a tidal wave that will devastate the Eastern Seaboard of the US. These are confirmed in the mouths of four witnesses, two of whom are WPA members.

a. S.F. Porter (1964)
b. John Lallier (known to me as prophesying accurately) (2001)
c. Sister Billie London (2002)
d. Bob Neumann (known to me as prophesying accurately) (2002)

2. The nature of the dream given to Sister Billie and the fact that it was given so soon after Bob Neumann had received a vision within a dream of a very similar nature tells me that the thing is given twice, and it is confirmed. It is possible that Genesis 41:32 applies, which would argue for a fulfillment soon, although for it to apply perfectly point on point, one recipient would have to have had two visions of the same thing from a slightly different perspective. In this case, it is one vision per recipient, and so timing is not definitely confirmed as being soon, but it is suspected.

3. Bob remarks in his 2/18 post that "the synchonicity of the dreams bothers me". Indeed! It bothers me too! So much so, that I have paper copied all of the posts concerning this coming event, for more detailed consideration. I believe the synchronicity, and the detail, and the times, all point to a very soon fulfillment of this event. There is such an emphasis on time in Bob's vision. That emphasis is not lost on me.

4) Note that with respect to Y2K, we had none of this. We did not have one single dream or vision or word of prophecy by a prophet. Those who did prophesy said that nothing major would happen. What we did have was at least 17 books on sale at one time in a Christian bookstore proclaiming that Y2K would be TEOTWAWKI.....all based on "assessments" of the situation by "experts".

In July, 1992, I was given the name "Andrew" and the date, "August 24", which I put in writing and warned everyone all around. When the hurricane hit on that date, I began receiving many other words and visions from September, 1992 to January, 1993. At some point during that time, I became almost convinced that it would be necessary to flee this land very soon. I even procured a passport, just in case. But, there was a manic quality to it all. At one point, I received a very detailed prophecy that predicted a terrible calamity, and wrote it up, and was ready to distribute it to many elders, but, at the last minute, I lacked peace with it. That predicted event never came to pass. It would have severely discredited me if I had distributed it. I learned a lesson from that. Never go beyond what the Lord has revealed....and be led forth with peace.

My point is this. We must be careful, and move with the greatest care. We know this event is set to occur: of that I am certain. I am also certain that the enemy would love to foul us up as to it's timing. He would love for us to cry wolf, only to have a "set date" pass, so that he could add one more false prophecy to the internet list of such.

Lord, are we to expect individual warnings in a dream or a vision from an angel to flee just prior to this calamity? Joseph received such a warning, and he heeded it by fleeing to Egypt with Mary and baby Jesus. Joseph received another similar warning to go to Galilee, not to Jerusalem, upon leaving Egypt.

Yes Lord, are we to each receive an individual, last minute warning, or have we had all the warning we will receive? The dreams and visions here seem to imply that you will be giving out warnings to flee with almost no time to spare. Is this what you are saying Lord?

Father, please help us to do your will, and to fulfill our ministries in this hour. Keep us on the alert, and speak Lord, for your servants are listening.

Stephen L. Bening
a servant and prophet of our Lord Jesus Christ

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