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In 60 Days, Jesus Is Coming In His Church

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I testify to you that this is the word of the Lord. The Lord spoke a word to me two hours prior to my reading this word that "60 days from now, an important event will occur in the life of the church." Let every word be confirmed in the mouth of two witnesses. I heard the Lord compare it to a surfer "catching a wave". We must paddle out to meet the wave to get maximum benefit out of this period.

My pastor has received a companion word, regarding "two months". With Doug Fortune, who is looking at the period up and until December 21, the spirit is pointing at that whole period up until December 25. Jesus is coming, in His church, bearing gifts and inspecting the vine.

The word through Doug Fortune is presented below.

Stephen L. Bening
a servant and prophet of our Lord Jesus Christ

From: Trumpet Call Bulletin
To: Trumpet Call Bulletin
Sent: Monday, October 23, 2000 12:06 PM
Subject: THE NEXT 60 DAYS- Doug Fortune

keep listening for His voice!
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Doug Fortune
Oct. 21, 2000

As we come to the completion of the yearly Feast of Tabernacles for 2000, the Lord is impressing upon me that we are in an important KAIROS time for the next 60 days. We can expect increased warfare and spiritual attacks, but the wise warrior will seize this as an opportunity for an aggressive offensive. I sense that this is something that will be felt primarily in the spiritual realm, not as much in the natural realm (at least for now).

The Father is allowing this increased attack to:
1. bring an increased separation for the lukewarm
2. to stir to action some who are becoming comfortable
3. to hone and bring forth through pressure the character of Christ in the ecclesia called-out ones.

This is no time to be 'drunk in the Spirit' or consumed in the busyness of the holidays... it is a time to be sober and vigilant and on the offensive. December 21st will be a pivotal breakthrough day for many. For those who will take initiative in strategic proclamation (at the Lord's leading) there will be great grace and favor upon their words and result in much fruit.

I sense that this is an important time to evaluate relationships also... a time to break any unhealthy soul-ties, as the Lord needs us unencumbered from emotional bondages, to devote ourselves unhindered, to His purpose and strategic plans. (If you are in an unsatisfactory marriage, do NOT misconstrue my words as saying it is God's will for you to leave, that is the lie of the enemy!) Let us look at our relationships... are they edifying, producing life, equipping and mutually building Christ in each other?... if not, break that tie and move forward in purpose.

The next 60 days will have great impact on the next 2 years; in retrospect, this will be clearly recognizable. Lay aside any encumbrance, for the encumbrance that you choose to cling to will be exposed and removed within the next 2 years anyway.

Don't allow the current focus on the middle-East to distract you from the real battle at hand, rather let it serve as a reminder to be sober, be vigilant, and be on the offensive!


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