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June 24, 2006

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I have learned by practice that God speaks to His children when we gather for Holy Communion. Since we at Watchmen Prophets Assembly do so every evening, that has become the time of the day when I wait in expectation to hear from my Lord.

Last night, June 24, we were joined by the Fox family and my spirit leapt for joy when I discovered that their children Tiffany and Levi had joined us. The Lord spoke to me and directed me to inquire about what had been going on in their lives.

Eleven year old Tiffany recounted a dream she had Wednesday night, which was really more of a peculiar nightmare. During the dream, she remembered the unusual words “Hair Synopsis”, and she awoke screaming the words “I am a Christian”. She was awakened by a mosquito.

I then told the group that I felt we were at some kind of a stopping point right now, waiting for the next wave of events to unfold.

Doug Cornwell then compared it to the time in a play when one act closes, there is an intermission, and then another act commences.

Nine year old Levi then shared that God has been teaching him about how to avoid temptations from the devil.

At this point, God opened my eyes to Tiffany’s dream and the words “Hair Synopsis”. We were being led by God to consider the first Rock musical “Hair”, from 1968. Young Tiffany had never heard of “Hair”, but I was quite familiar with it. A Google search for those two words will give the reader all the familiarity he or she needs with this disgusting work.

“Hair” was a work centered around rebellion. I do not wish to recount the whole synopsis, but I will mention a few high points:

1) The musical opens with the main character, in front of an altar, with fire all around it. This lets us know that what follows is all about worship. Satan has always desired worship from humans.
2) Act I may be described as a “good trip” in drug culture terminology. This act is dominated by the feel good aspects of the sinful life sans restraint. All of the temporal joys of sin are displayed and reveled in. There is just a hint of problems that are to follow, and some troubling concern among the troupe.
3) Act I closes with the appearance of police who arrest everyone in the audience.
4) Intermission
5) Act II is dominated by a “bad trip”. The main character has had a drug induced vision, in which George Washington retreats, Indians are victorious in their fight against the cavalry, Abraham Lincoln first patronizes blacks and then abuses them viciously, and on, et al.

As I ponder what God is saying to us here, I believe that the Holy Spirit revealed to me last night, with help from Tiffany Fox’s dream, that we stand presently at Intermission. We have seen, just prior to this intermission, the apparent rise of the police state in America, as symbolized in the “Hair Synopsis” by the appearance of police to arrest the audience. We have just passed through almost forty years of the “good trip”, and we will now enter into the “bad trip”, where the land of America will vomit out its’ inhabitants.

I have learned by years of association with my friend Bob Neumann to “review the threads”. Lively discussion has ensued on Watchmen Prophets Assembly over the last few days: some of it heated. What were the topics?

1) Satanic inspiration of music over the last fifty years.
2) Rebuke, criticism and prayer for the government.
3) Biblical teachings on resisting antichrist, false or counterfeit christs, and thoughts on future resistance against the man of sin or son of perdition.
4) Revolution and upheaval: spiritually and naturally and the role of the Christian in such things.
5) Space attack against satellites by surprise EMP detonation.

Of these topics, numbers two and three brought forth the most heated exchanges, and resulted in the greatest number of rejected posts. Some people were simply not able to keep their emotions in check with respect to these issues and resorted to personal attacks and insults.

Prior to the WPA communion meeting on Saturday night, I was passing through a room where a television was playing a D. James Kennedy’s program. Dr. Francis Shaeffer was holding forth in a taped sermon, and he repeated these words, over and over again: “A government that turns its’ back on God has abdicated its’ God given authority”.

I pondered that, in light of our recent repartee on WPA, and I thought some of our members might argue that quite vigorously for and against that point. But immediately, I was led to retire to my study, and do a little reading of the sermons of Dietrich Bonhoeffer and Karl Barth. I wound up just reading the biographies of the two men: Germans alive during the rise of Nazisim.

Bonhoeffer was outspoken from the beginning of the rise of the Nazis. He was broadcasting on the night that Hitler was proclaimed “Fuhrer” in 1933, and he warned repeatedly of the dangers of idolatry that would ensue whenever a man is raised up to replace an office in government. Bonhoeffer wound up participating in the German resistance, and played a role in an assassination attempt of Hitler. From my review of his writings, I believe he was born again from above: a real servant of the Lord.

Prior to the war, Bonhoeffer’s position was not in vogue. The popular Christian teaching was that Christians should always submit to, obey and have no criticism of government, no matter how bad it became. After WWII, Bonhoeffer’s position held sway; for a time. Now, it seems that for most, there has been a swing back to that which was advocated by Bohoeffer’s contemporary, Karl Barth.

Barth never held forth against or for Nazism or Communism, and he did not believe it to be his place to do so.

Bonhoeffer and Barth were the leaders of the German Pastor’s emergency league, and co-authored the mission statement of that organization in 1934. The did not totally agree, but they worked together, as far as they were able and they showed respect to each other. Both men were leaders in the confessing church, and by all accounts, were both able servants of God: real servants. Yet, they disagreed about what role the Christian ought to play in government, particularly when that government abandons God.

The apostles of the bible believed they were on display, at the end of the procession. They did scarcely suspect that their march might inaugurate two thousand years of church history. Today, most of us believe that we are marching at the end of the procession, and history will bear out whether we are correct, or as mistaken as they were.

Irregardless, we do follow much in the way of church history. Men have had to make decisions regarding these things, just as Bonhoeffer and Barth were forced to do. Both arguably served God, and disagreed on these matters.

We sit today in relative armchair comfort, and it is quite easy to pontificate one way or another. But the police state is rising, and in fact, has arisen. All the necessary laws to criminalize everyone are in place in our nation, right now. Very soon now, every person is America will be forced to make these kinds of decisions once again, and not from the comfort of the rocking chair.

The rebellion that was announced by the Rock Musical “Hair” is in full swing. God has been thrown out of our nation. Neither political party cares much, if at all, for God’s will in our nation. The servants of the devil have been announcing the “Age Of Aquarius” for almost forty years: a time of absolute liberty, license and freedom to sin whenever anyone might want to. We have lived the “good trip” in America, and the church has become totally drunk on the drugs of prosperity and the love of the things of this world.

We have reached Intermission, when theatergoers must take care of “necessities”. Are you ready for the “bad trip” that is coming? Are you in Christ? Have you forsaken your love for the things of this world? Have you made whatever natural preparations you have been led to make by the Holy Spirit?

Very soon now, the curtain will go up, and the “bad trip” of Act II will commence. Everything and everyone will go out of control and be at war with each other. Total confusion will reign. The reaping for what has been sowed will take place.

Act II of “Hair” opened with the theatre company, calling upon God. Their call was answered by the sudden arrival of a Gorilla. The arriving Gorilla, unshackled, is a raging and destructive menace who is not selective or particular about what he destroys.

Repent now and get ready. The curtain is rising. The next act is set to begin.

Stephen L. Bening

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