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PROPHECY: June 18-Father's Day
June 17, 2006

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Next Monday, June 19, our US government employees head into nuclear bunkers for a “continuity of government” exercise. Read about it at Continuity

I have already posted articles today where intelligence analysts are suspecting that North Korea is readying for launch of an ICBM: perhaps this weekend. Another article describes testimony, given before the Congress in 2005, which indicates that North Korea regards the EMP weapon as the perfect surprise attack weapon. Russian scientists have been hired by North Korea since the late 1990’s to work on building an EMP weapon.

Elsewhere, a 21 nation naval exercise is underway next week off Guam. Another multi national naval exercise has been underway in the Caribbean Sea.

Finally, three American aircraft carrier groups are within range of Iran.

To Americans, a continuity of government exercise, conducted by FEMA, is not much cause for concern. We really do not believe that FEMA can coordinate very much. But, how does this look to our enemies, particularly the Russians? Might these series of exercises, naval drills and repositionings of carriers appear to carry with them an element of forethought and coordination on our part? Might they trigger some fear on their part?

Back in 1992, June 18 was a very interesting day for me. I received my first revelation of an end time event. The Lord revealed to me that some day, the Russian SS18 Satan ICBM’s will be launched against my country. Someone pointed out to me that you could look at that missile designation this way: S ixth year, S ixth month, 18 th day. SS18 Satan

Last year, in October and November, Rick Wiles received warnings of a great calamity to come. He received these warnings on October 18 and November 18. 18

That link above, from December 29, 2005, includes mention of those two Rick Wiles “calamity” warnings, along with my inquiry to the Lord about the delivery dates to Rick on the 18th. The Lord’s answer to me was “I gave you a revelation on the 18th. That was when I remembered the SS18 revelation, given to me on June 18, 1992.

I mentioned this line up of different prophecies, events, drills and exercises last Saturday as I recorded a prophetic roundtable interview with Susan Hall and Carolyn Barney. We discussed it in connection with a vision Susan had received: of a gift for the bride, wrapped in crystal. The crystal will have to be smashed before the bride can receive the gift. For whatever reason, the Holy Spirit was not leading me at that time to write down the contents of that discussion: until now. The quickening to me of the first prophetic revelation I ever received: that of the SS18 Satan missiles, came to me when my bible was open to Amos 7. The passage is a familiar one to intercessors, and my strong feeling was that the Lord was directing intercessors to pray that Satan may not exceed his boundaries.

I believe Satan would love to devastate the United States totally and utterly on Father’s day, June 18, 2006. I have prayed against that, as I felt led of the Holy Spirit to do. Others have prayed and interceded as well. Hopefully, nothing terrible will happen on June 18th. Still, as the Lord told Amos, He will not pass us by any more. Though the remnant is small, the Lord is going to bring us into a time when the gift will be released by the smashing of the crystal. A great calamity is coming. Perhaps, it will happen this weekend. Are you ready?

Randy McKee has been announcing that God is going to now move into judgement unto wrath. We have been in a period of judgement unto repentance. I wonder if you know the difference? Please consider it well.

Last night, Susan Hall said that I needed to write a Father’s Day article: that the Fathers of our land need it. Today, my sixteen year old daughter informed me that she is taking me out to breakfast on Sunday for Father’s Day. Attendance is mandatory for me. Typically, over the years, there has not been much of a fuss made over me on Father’s day. Mother typically garners more press. Why is that?

To me, Father’s day symbolizes what it should be to be a Father. Fathers should provide for their children. Fathers should do for the children, and Fathers should do the paying for the things. Well, that was the way it was in the world I grew up in. Usually, Father’s day will find me doing the cooking over the grill, and making homemade ice cream, or something like that. I will be doing the work, and I like it that way.

I have not been very pleased with most of the Fathers of today. When I say “Fathers” in this context, I am speaking about the pastors and religious leaders. Today’s Fathers have robbed the children of their bread. They preach and prophesy for money. They build lavish houses and kingdoms. A Father should be concerned with the safety, health and provision for his children. A Father should be paying for the children. Great calamity is coming, the children are in danger, and the Fathers have been like dogs who have forgotten how to bark at an intruder. What are you doing, oh Fathers of this land? Repent!

I exhort and admonish you men to rise up, and be Fathers in this hour. Warn, protect and lead. Make prudent preparations. Lead your family every day in the taking of holy communion and prayer. Instruct your wives and children in the most holy things of God. Fathers, it is high time that your hearts turned to the children, lest this land be stricken with a curse. Repent and lead your families in turning away from sins and wickedness. Live clean lives, and yet, continue on in humility, confessing your sins and placing them under the blood of Jesus Christ. Be leaders! Acquit yourselves like men!

Very soon now, our fragile, technologically enabled high life in America is going to be suddenly brought down in a great crash. God has said it will happen, and there are many ways now for nations that hate us to bring this about. Wake up and look around. Now, it may be seen. You can read about it in the news if you will just extract your heads from the sand. The time of our weeping and mourning is nigh at hand. Those of us who survive will be in the mountains, moaning like doves over our sins and wasted opportunities. Daylight is almost ended. Nighttime is upon us. Wake up and redouble your efforts toward those things that count, for you do not have much time left in which to do your work.

Stephen L. Bening

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