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Missions: Kenya, Uganda & Rwanda-Day 25
January 20, 2005

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I am in Nairobi, in my last few hours of this mission. I will leave here just after 11 PM tonight, for the 22 hour trip back to Florida.

Today, I have been with brother Chrispinus Okumu of Sowetto Academy. Chris has been busy. He has added another floor to the school in Kibera. It is all complete except for the roof. Here, they use what they call "Iron Sheets". I assume they are not made of iron, but probably galvanized steel. Anyway, that is the roofing material of choice over here.

Chris is taking on more orphans. He will have 100 here very soon. The academy is expanding to accomodate 500. Every time I see these kids here in Africa, it tugs very hard on my heart. I was able to help them with a financial contribution.

He needs 50,000 KSH (about $600) for the roof. I want to give it to him, but I don't have that much, so I guess it is for someone else to provide.

Today, we went truck shopping, but the trucks that I like are 800,000 KSH ($9,600) at market price. I need a God price, and the Lord told me to wait upon him, so I decided to wait, and to pray some more. This did not make my Kenyan associates too happy. They had their hearts set on driving out of here with the truck. I have planted a lot of seed in giving. My corn is not quite mature, so I have to wait for the harvest.

I am a little bit like the farmer, who is looking at the field of maturing corn and wishing it would just hurry up and grow, already.

Getting a truck will be extremely important for us here. None of my guys in Western Kenya own a vehicle. We always have transportation difficulties. After we acquire the truck, we will get a sound system that can travel, and then we will be more fully equipped to get to the three more nations we want to reach this year.

The scene this morning down in Kibera slum was unchanged. The faces may change, but the scene does not. There is nothing quite like a river of flowing sewage in the morning. It really makes you appreciate home.

This morning, a Massai dressed in tribal colors came to us on the edge of Kibera. He was herding about 25 cows. They look more like wild animals than cows. Anyway, the Massai expressed interest in the Chevy truck that one of our friends had nearby. Our friend told the Massai that the truck would cost him about 300 cows. The Massai answered that he would not give 2 cows for the truck because one of his cows was almost as big as the truck.

Brother Chris has been busy here at Sowetto and Kibera. The Hossanna Revival Church has been completed, and it is beautiful. Imagine: a pentecostal church facility that was fully funded by the Southern Baptist Mission Board! That is a miracle that rivals the parting of the Red Sea!

Chris has also managed to repair the large Kia panel truck that he owns, so we have another one of the pieces of the water project in place.

Down in Kibera at the academy, the cows have given birth to two calves. There are little pigs running around everywhere. The field the orphans were sowing three months ago has come up in greens, and just a little bit of corn.

Chris showed me the survey that we commissioned for the first water target: Kittui. We can drill a well there for certain. There is an abundance of water at a depth of about 100 meters. The surveying geologists have to go back out there to determine the optimum place to drill, but the water is there. We will have a large water tank there as well, and the project will bring life to a dead region. The soil is good, but without water, nothing grows.

Upon hearing news that the church had commissioned for a water survey, the church has greatly swelled in size. The people are very excited at just the slightest hope that water for drinking and irrigation might be coming to their area. There is so little to be encouraged about out there. There has been no rain out there since my visit almost three months ago. We have to get busy and help them.

Jay Mansfield has been working diligently to help me with this project. He is seeking used drilling equipment, and finances. Chris has identified the workers that Jay can train to operate a drilling rig. We have one truck, and are praying about getting the second. Before long, I hope to be heading out there to inspect a bore hole project in progress. I will sit down with Chris this afternoon and get the names of a bunch of potential sites to drill 100 bore holes for wells.

That is the vision: 100 bore holes, with an evangelistic crusade to be held at the opening of each one of them. That is a big vision: it is what you are participating in.

I am coming back here in April. The current plan is to spend four weeks travelling with my West Kenyan brothers, and then two weeks over here with Chris Okumu. We will hold a crusade here at Kibera with Chris, and then we will travel in the Eastern Kenya region.

Prior to that, I need to send David on a pre planning trip down to Burundi and Tanzania. So, this requires money. Please do not think that I have no need for money for Africa. I need money for Africa 365 days per year, because David lives there, and he is always working, planning and travelling to set up an event. There is a lot more to do than simply show up and minister. I need a truck and a sound system. But I do not chase money. Money chases me. I chase God.

I also received word a few days ago that the time for the coming forth of the Watchmen Prophets Assembly television program may be near at hand. Please pray that the financial backer for this is healed by the Lord, and is the one that the Lord is sending.

This has been an incredible trip. Shaking earth in Kigali, accompanied by decrees confirmed by thunder is just the tip of the iceberg. It has been an interesting trip in the natural: I have seen baboons, Zebra and Camels. I have been out to West Pokot, where the people ignore clothing and believe that all the cattle of the Earth belong to them. I have seen houseflies that you can pet like a dog, as they have never been swatted and have no fear of the human hand.

Finally, in Rwanda, I saw what was not reported in US media regarding the genocide. I saw the Catholic churches where hundreds of thousands were slaughtered: their blood running down over the church benches. I saw the people entering into those buildings for their mass services, while the blood of the slaughtered cries out from the ground beneath their feet. I walked through a grave yard of 300,000 of the slaughtered ones, and saw their skulls and bones. Yes, religion is a serious killer to be reckoned with.

One other thing that I will note, and give all the praise to God for is that now, when I pray for sick, they are healed very quickly. Just three months ago, I did not see the sudden healing and deliverance miracles that I am seeing now. God has granted an increase in authority and power, and I am thankful because I really desire to help these people who have suffered so much. They turn to God when they see His power displayed. I am grateful to all of you who have made this second mission to Africa a reality for me.

My plan is to take Randy McKee with me in April, and perhaps to take as many as four WPA people with me in August. Check your calendars, pray about it and save your spare change.

Please keep the team in your prayers, and help us financially if the Lord so leads you, and you are able.

Here is the itinerary for this trip, from December 27, 2004, to January 21, 2005

December 29th to January 2nd 2005-meetings will be taking place at Chwele, Western Province, Kenya

January 4th to 5th, 2005-meetings at Kolongolo

January 6th to 9th, 2005-meetings at Chepsaida

January 12 to 16th, 2005-meetings at Kigali, Rwanda

January 18th to 19th, 2005-meetings at Malaha, Western Province, Kenya. This is prophet Maurice's church.

Stephen L. Bening

My Africa Wish List Is As Follows:

Project #1-$100,000-For 100 water wells, beginning at Kittui. This money will purchase drilling equipment and a large truck to carry it in. This week, I will shop for a small "Hi-Rider" truck for carrying men and fuel. Received thus far: $7,000

Project #2-$5,000-Two, 250 person event tents-cost $2,500 each. I have already visited the tent manufacturer in Nairobi. We need this tent for holding bigger crusades in Kenya.

Project #3-$7,500-We need to purchase a sound system for use in the Kenya crusades. I am planning on being in Africa, four times per year. We rented the sound system for the three events we just held. We anticipate holding bigger events, and we will need a more powerful system. With the sound system, we need a generator to power it.

Project #5-$2,500-Repair for a large, panel Isuzu truck, that is currently sitting idle at Sowetto Academy, Nairobi. We will use this truck for hauling of tent and equipment. Praise God! Chris got this truck fixed.

Project #6-$5,000-Completion of the stone wall that will totally encircle Sowetto Academy. This is really needed to keep people from using walkways right through the middle of the school and orphanage. Right now, the wall is about 25% complete.

Project #7-$20,000-My estimate for the cost that it would take for Chris Ocumu to accomplish a second floor addition to the school building in Sowetto Academy. Praise God! This is almost complete on January 20, 2005. Only the roof is needed for $50,000 KSH ($600)

So, there it is: $60,000 for the equipment. Add in $10,000 for my airfare and costs for four trips per year, and $10,000 for flyers and posters and $20,000 for other event costs for the 2005 outreach events and you have $100,000. Jesus says, "you have not because you ask not". I say, Lord Jesus, I Am Asking!

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