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PROPHECY: What Is True And Acceptable Worship?-Angelic Messengers
May 30, 2003

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First, I received this wonderful word from Pastor and Prophet Carl Hahn, regarding true worship. What then followed was an attack regarding the messengers who delivered the wonderful word. Please read:

This set of images is profound, and will stir much thought and contemplation within each of your lives, as to just how much progress we have made in our walk with Christ, and where any deficiencies may lie. Have we gotten hung up in any of the four stages of worship? Are we walking in resurrection life?

Stephen L. Bening

Carl W. Hahn, Jr.

Day One Thousand Four Hundred Thirty-nine — Precious awakened me at 1:11 AM, and there was not any communication so I went back to sleep. Precious awakened me at 1:23 AM, and there was no communication so I went back to sleep. Precious awakened me at 2:22 AM, and after greeting me he started the following communication.

Precious: “Our Father has me awaken you three times tonight to let you know that the teaching you are about to receive is a very important one. When you saw the digits 111 on your bedroom clock you began to expect something about a new beginning. You should have some more understanding of the meaning for worship after tonight’s teaching. When you saw the digits, 123 you knew that what would be forth coming are very important because 123 are the emergency number in the spirit realm. Since you have seen the digits 222 on your bedroom clock you are now expecting a portrait of an event that happened during the years you were growing up on your parent’s farm. Note now that your vision of Holy Spirit in the form of a dove is already in a brooding position on your forehead and He [HS] has a portrait and communication for you.”

Personal Comment: An evangelist preached the revival and a music evangelist was in charge of the music for the revival in which I was saved. I was saved on Thursday, October 14, 1937, when I was seven years of age. On the following Saturday night the music evangelist had a special musical program for the Saturday night service. Holy Spirit asked me a question about this musical program.

Holy Spirit: “Prince Bartholomew, what do you recall about the musical program two nights after you were saved in your hometown church?”

Mr. Hahn: “I recall only one part of the special service, and I am seeing only one part of the service in my mind. I see the music evangelist kneeling before a large artificial rock with his elbows on the rock. I knew he was portraying the message of Jesus praying in the Garden of Gethsemane.”

Holy Spirit: “Do you remember what songs the evangelist sang as he portrayed Jesus praying in the Garden of Gethsemane?”

Mr. Hahn: “He sang one verse from the hymn, ‘Nearer, My God To Thee,’ and one verse from, ‘Have Thine Own Way, Lord’ two hymns that are still very familiar to me.

“Nearer, my God, to Thee, nearer to Thee!”
E’en though it be a cross that raiseth me; still all my song shall be,
Nearer, my God to Thee, nearer, my God to Thee, nearer to Thee.”
“Have Thine own way, Lord! Have Thine own way!
Thou art the Potter; I am the clay.
Mould me and make me after Thy will,
While I am waiting, yielded and still.”

Holy Spirit: “There is a progression of events that happened in the last few hours of the life of Jesus that are an example of what should happen in worship. First of all, the beginning was the Lord’s Supper that Jesus had with His disciples in an upper room. Because the Lord’s Supper was about the coming shedding of blood event on the Cross, this was the start of the worship experience. I [HS] have stated before that for you humans worship is centered on Christ and begins with accepting the gift of Our Father’s Grace through the shedding of blood event.

“After the Lord’s Supper, Jesus and His disciples sang a hymn and went out into the Garden of Gethsemane. There Jesus prayed His prayer of committing His will to Our Father’s will. The second thing that should happen in worship is that the worshipper should be confronted with Our Father’s will. Each worshipper should surrender his or her will to Our Father’s will.

“Thirdly, Jesus was crucified on the Cross. For Him this was the blood shedding event for Our Father’s Grace. There is a crucifixion that should take place in the lives of you Born Again Christians every time you worship. Every thing in your life that is hindering one from doing Our Father’s will should be crucified.

“Fourthly, Jesus was resurrected. You Born Again Christians will be involved in a future resurrection, but there is a type of resurrection that can be happening in your lives now. This fourth part of worship, resurrection, means that you can begin now to overcome or rise above the problems, troubles, illnesses and pains of life.”

In preparation for this report Holy Spirit led me to one Scripture and gave the following communication.

Luke 9:23-26 – Holy Spirit: “There are some who try to worship without step one, accepting the shed blood meaning. The result is not worship. Some accept the shed blood meaning, but bypass the submitting to Our Father’s will and the crucifying part. The result is NOT true worship. If one seeks Christ through His shed blood, submits one’s WILL to Our Father’s will, and crucifies anything in his or her life not according to Our Father’s will, the result will be that the resurrection blessing will start in that one’s life. Jesus taught you a model prayer. Well, I [HS] am teaching you a model worship experience.”

Minister Carl W. Hahn, Jr., 423 North State Street, Westerville, Ohio 43082, or Phone: 1.614.882.8330.

Next, what followed were the problems that readers had: not with the wonderful message, but with the angelic messenger and with the unusual method of delivery of the message. This reply came from one who signed his response as DJ.

From DJ:

I had alarms going off with what was written as well. I only skimmed it because it felt very new age to me, with the focus on the digital clock as a signal from God with a hidden message and the terminology as well was close to zetatalk type lingo or similar type channelings. Also the reference to "Precious" kept giving me the image of a scruffy white terrier talking. The whole cadence and terminology did set off my alarms. If the source of the message was divine and I am in error in my internal witness against it which I struggle to rationalize here and now, well, perhaps the message isn't for me. I dunno as I couldn't get past all the new age stuff to hear any message. Truly it felt very "watcher" to me, as in the bad watchers that micromanage and boast of knowledge of life details as if that proves their divinity.

jmho, bad vibes with it

PS...I just skimmed it again, and since Yahweh is the "heart knower" I really don't think He's gonna have any entity running around saying our outward appearance of worship is dung.


This was by response to Mr. DJ:

By Stephen L. Bening

The scripture is replete with stories of people who worship God AND something else. Their worship is far more insulting and unbearable to the Father than the life of a man who wholeheartedly serves Satan.

The one thing that Father God absolutely cannot stand is someone who says he is a Christian, but whose life bears absolutely no fruit, and in which there has been absolutely no change toward good and toward God. Worship by such a person is considered as dung before the Lord our God, and the scriptures bear it out. It is much worse in His sight than no worship toward God at all. And by the way, a lost world simply cannot figure this out either. Why would anyone waste their time in church and then go sin up a storm? It simply makes no sense. Either serve God with all your heart, or go have a party in this world. To try to do both gives the very worst results, and is very, very foolish.

Witness the one group of people who moved the Lord to heated anger: the Scribes and the Pharisees. Give Matthew 23 a good read.

This was the prophetic picture of the parallel that the Lord recently gave through me between the Seven Churches and the Pleiades. Thyatira is matched up with the brightest star: AlCyone. Pergamum is matched up with the second brightest star: Atlas. The prophetic picture spoke just this message to me. That God hates the children of Jezebel more than he hates the sold out servants of the devil. He is going to deal first with all who offend in His body. Judgement begins with the house of God.

Witness the church of Thyatira. That church tolerates Jezebel, who teaches her followers to fornicate. Spiritual fornication and Spiritual adultery are what is really in view here. What does our God say? I will punish HER CHILDREN WITH DEATH. That is so terrible, we can’t hardly preach it, let alone think it. He says he will place her in a bed of suffering and great tribulation, and those who commit adultery with her will be cast therein as well. The Lord Jesus is talking about Christians here: members of the church of Thyatira, who are also worshipping idols. Please try to find language this strong elsewhere in the bible, speaking about unbelievers who don’t care a whit about God. You can’t.

What is this business regarding the children of Jezebel? It appears that by committing this type of spiritual fornication: worship of God, combined with worship of some other idol, that the person becomes a child of Jezebel. Worship of some idol: what is that? It is written that whatever sin you practice becomes your master, and you become its servant, and its worshipper. Sinners who refuse to lay down their sins are in view here. They are still in their sins! Jesus said that the scribes and the Pharisees had the Devil as their Father. So, Satan as a Father and Jezebel as a mother! That’s a rather difficult situation to change, is it not? The indication is that people become so hardened in their sin that it becomes as a birthright to them. It brings with it a bitter inheritance.

We never, ever see Jesus casting a devil out of a Pharisee, and I have never known anyone to successfully cast out the spirit of Jezebel, or a religious spirit from a person. It is as though the person becomes undeliverable: a child of the devil and of Jezebel. I have cast many devils out of people, but I have never cast these devils out. Neither did Jesus.

I will close with the scripture of the month: Amos 5, referenced by the Pleiades included therein………..

V21 “I hate, I despise your feast days, and I will not smell in your solemn assemblies. Though ye offer me burnt offerings and your meat offerings, I will not accept them: neither will I regard the peace offerings of your fat beasts. TAKE THOU AWAY FROM ME THE NOISE OF THY SONGS; for I will not hear the melody of thy viols.”

I’d say the prophet had something to say about “forms of worship”. Sounds like dung to me. It would not surprise me if an angel might have similar strong words about most of what is called worship in our churches today. It’s not the pretty music that matters, but the condition of the hearts and the purity of the life.

But, I get it. It’s easy to reject this messenger, and this method, because, to accept them, you have to deal with this message:

"Thirdly, Jesus was crucified on the Cross. For Him this was the blood shedding event for Our Father's Grace. There is a crucifixion that should take place in the lives of you Born Again Christians every time you worship. Every thing in your life that is hindering one from doing Our Father's will should be crucified.”

That angel told the truth! It’s easy to make fun of his dainty name: Precious. I suppose we would prefer that he be called something else. But, I wonder: would Precious be such a bad name for Jesus to call me? When I receive my white stone, with my new name, given for overcoming, would I be disappointed if my name was Precious? I certainly hope that I am precious to Him.

Without personal crucifixion, and death to sin, there is no resurrection. Without this, there is no true worship.

This is what the Holy Spirit has been saying recently, through many prophets all over this big round world: THE AXE IS LAID UNTO THE ROOTS OF THE TREE. You can’t have the grace message without the fruits. John’s message preceded that of Jesus, but only just slightly. He warned his hearers that they must bring FORTH FRUITS IN KEEPING WITH REPENTANCE. A repentance without fruit is worthless. There is no salvation in it, and there is no worship in it either. I don’t care how beautifully you sing, if the life has not been changed, there is no salvation.

It would have been better for you never to have sung at all!

Stephen L. Bening

Then, there was Gary Carroll, who does not believe that angels can possibly visit anyone today, and is very evangelistic about this position. He writes the following:

By Gary Carroll

Am I the only one who has a problem with an angel and the Holy Spirit conversing at the same time with a person? It makes me wonder why 2 are required. And since God knows all, why an angel would speak when God is present. Maybe I am the only one who has trouble with this.

Gary Carroll

This was my response to Gary Carroll, who had no problem or comment at all about the message, but only about the messenger.

By Stephen L. Bening

I for one had never seen this progression in 1) The Last Supper, 2) Garden prayer, 3) Crucifixion and 4) Resurrection as being part of worship. I had never considered it before. But once I saw it, written here, I was blessed by it. This Angel to Holy Spirit communication revealed something very profound to me, and I shared it. It is very timely as well for me.

But, I know there are those who simply cannot hear this. They will stumble over it. They are blocked by the methods that God uses to communicate. This happens and has happened to many people, in many ways, ever since God has been communicating to men. They are limited in how and when they can hear God speak, if they can hear him at all. They are limited in terms of the messengers they can receive.

In Moses’ time, God communicated through fire on the mountain, shaking of the ground and the blowing of the wind. The people were terrified, and did not want to draw near to such a terrible God. They told Moses to go near to such a God, to hear from Him, and to report back to them. Moses wanted all God’s people to be prophets, but they would not have it so.

Some people could not believe that Jesus, a mere man from Galilee, was sent from God. How could a carpenter from a despised place such as Nazareth, without any rabbinical training, say such wonderful things, and do such wonderful works? It was just too strange. God wouldn’t do it that way.

Others JUST KNEW that Jesus was a mamzer. They implied as much, in saying that, at least, they knew who THEIR fathers were. What a cut! They, in so many words, came right out and called Jesus, who is THE VERY SON OF GOD, a bastard son, a fatherless child. They couldn’t believe that God would send the messiah through a mother who had been the subject of private gossip and scorn. Even her husband Joseph had considered putting her away privately.

Some people cannot hear God speaking through a prophet, because they don’t believe there are living prophets in the church today. So, you are wasting your breath in speaking any word of prophecy to them. They don’t have ears to hear it. These same people will cut you to pieces with the scriptural contents of the written word, spoken by God, through prophets.

Some people simply cannot believe that speaking in tongues is for today. So, they resist the Holy Spirit. Isaiah says that God intended to give them rest and refreshing, but they would not have it, and as a result, they will stumble, and go backward. So it is, when we refuse to receive what God is sending. We miss out on the blessing that God intends. Often, we suffer greatly for our unbelief. We miss the day of our visitation.

Clearly, in whatever area you have unbelief, God can do nothing with you. Unbelief cuts off the work of God every single time in every age, and in every person it infects.

Now, God is sending messages through another one of His more unusual methods. It is a challenging method. The angel names are very dainty and delicate sounding. Carl Hahn has been given a new name: Bartholomew. The Holy Spirit speaks very clearly to Carl Hahn. Carl Hahn has been seeing and hearing these angels for years: every single day. This is STRETTTTCCCCHIIIIINNNNG folks. A lot of people have a big enough problem with that, I am quite sure. But in this case, the angels come to Carl Hahn, and tell him that the Holy Spirit has a message. Or, they wake him up at strategic times. Yes, this method is a very challenging method. I wonder why God is reverting to His old patterns of sending a message through an easily rejected method: a very challenging method.

It is as troublesome as babbling, stammering tongues. It bothers me as much as a Son of God who appears to the casual observer to be a bastard son with no inheritance in Israel. A bastard son did not even have the right to go to the top of the temple mount. Yes, this business of angels and Carl Hahn is just as challenging as modern day prophets speaking God’s word. How do we sort the false prophets out from the true….better just throw them all in the garbage can…right?

To such people, there is no way that God could ever send an angel to tell them anything. Unbelief cuts off the method. Unbelief will keep you from speaking in tongues, hearing God, receiving a prophet..etc. It will keep you from hearing anything through pastor and prophet Carl Hahn, through Precious and through the Holy Spirit.

Your view is very clearly at odds with scripture, yet you hold to it, and I have to speak like this because I do not want your errant view to infect others. Angels do visit human beings in New Testament times and give them direction. They speak to people. We have had this discussion fully before. Why digress?

God has chosen Carl Hahn, an elder pastor and a prophet, as a vessel through whom he is revealing some very valuable information. I know that you don’t have ears to hear it. I hope and pray that you don’t convince anyone else to stop up their ears as well. Unbelief has a way of spreading like an infectious disease.

I have already personally applied one of the things that I have learned from my study of the things that Carl Hahn has received. I have been greatly blessed, and one other household has been blessed as well. There is good fruit coming from this information. God has clearly spoken to me about it. It is very good. It is scriptural in the message. Very edifying!

You have been faced with New Testament scripture, several verses, from separate incidents, where angels came to help, to direct, to teach or to counsel. As I recall, you have said something to the effect that these incidents were all visits from “the angel of the Lord’, and that means these were not visits from angels. Huh? How about Acts 10:3… angel of God directs Cornelius to a meeting with Peter……

There are the many other cases where Peter, John, Phillip and Paul had their encounters, and they would have identified Jesus if it had been Jesus, but instead, they so designated their visitor as “the angel of the Lord”. Paul had no trouble recognizing Jesus at other times. Neither did John. Yet, they chose to recognize their helper as an angel. It is in scripture. It is settled forever.

Now, you can choose to stumble over the method that was used to communicate the images and the revelation from scripture if you wish. The method was from God. The message is from God. It is a good message, that edifies the readers and you have not even touched the message or made any comment about it. The messages bear good fruit for those who receive them, and who act upon them. I have done so, and I testify that I have been blessed by God in receipt of them.

Furthermore, I will prophesy as to this subject, as the Holy Spirit is leading me to write for Him:

The messages through the angels, and through the Holy Spirit, as they are ministering through Carl Hahn, are very critical and important information, sent by God to help His saints in this very hour. This information will make the difference in many lives between overcoming and falling away in the hour of great trial that has come upon the Earth. This is what the Holy Spirit is saying to me right now. This information is critical for your spiritual health. You need to pay closer attention to what has been said through these reports, for this is critical information. The Holy Spirit is telling me that I (Stephen) have not even paid close enough attention. I have let many of the messages slide. It is being sent through a challenging vehicle to you as a test. The messages are utterly and easily rejected, but they are from the Lord. Those who have a spirit of unbelief, who will resist the Holy Spirit, will not receive these words, and they will suffer for their resistance. They will not overcome in many areas of their lives. They will stumble. They will fall backward. They will not enter into the rest and refreshing that I have intended for those of my people in this hour. Those who will carefully review and apply what is coming through this source and method will tend to enter into victory.

Stephen L. Bening

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