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PROPHECY: Randy McKee's 9.0 Earthquake Prophecy
May 2, 2003

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Authorís Comments: Dan Bohler and Timothy Snodgrass also received what this man of God has received in 2002 regarding the 9+ earthquake! We all know it has not happened YET!]

Prophetic, U.S. 9+ Earthquake & Israel Roadmap ó

Greetings in the name of our wonderful Lord Jesus! My name is Randy McKee and I visited your website today for the first time. After prayer the Lord quickened me to introduce myself and share a few things.

I believe the Lord has been speaking to me concerning somethingís that might be of interest and maybe some confirmation to your group.

First let me explain who I am and my background. I currently live in a remote area outside of Portland, Oregon. I work from home and have a small specialized company providing secure data processing services for major corporations. I have been doing this for the past 12 years.

I spent my younger years in the military and later worked as civilian SERE instructor for the US Government. SERE is the military acronym for Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape. I then worked for large US corporations and various state governments in emergency and disaster planning. For example, I set up the escape system including vehicles, medical supplies and training, communications equipment and procedures, supply cache's, safe destinations and such for the Ford Aerospace's Satellite design team located at that time in the Bay area of California.

Although I greatly loved what I was doing, I left it at the Lordís prodding to attend Bible College and seek full time ministry. After school I was a associate pastor in a small church on the west coast. I later lost my wife and children in a divorce and therefore removed myself from ministry. That was 1978.

I am remarried and currently a full time businessman. I am also in full time use by our Lord. Or at least I try to be a empty vessel that is available to him. I am very blessed in that my physical work allows me to spend much time with Him.

I like many people today am involved in the processing of information. We all process too much information with too many streams of input from to many sources. But my spiritual focus these last years have been to seek God's revelation and to build relationship with the Father. More revelation; less information.

God through His divine appointments has put me contact with many of his people who are preparing themselves to be of service to Him. Some groups are building mini-cities of refuge, some are pre-positioning materials, all are performing these in obedience to what they believe God is saying to them. And most of these people are not wasting today in the hope of being used tomorrow. They are being used of God today.

Today God is marking His people. Most of the world is aware of the "mark of the beast"; but, most of Church are not aware God is calling out His people to take His mark.

I do not call myself a prophet, God forbid that manís attention should be on me. Let manís focus be rightfully on God. But God does speak to His people, and His people do hear His voice. And today part of that voice is of the prophetic.

But Godís message often is filtered through our preconceived notions and ideas.

Each year for the past many years, proceeding the time of the spring and fall festivals; an anticipation, excitement and seriousness within me builds. In late summer of 2002, due in part to the apparent situation coming with Iraq, I asked the Lord for insight. As I grow in the Lord , I am becoming more secure that I hear His voice.

A few years ago He gave me a quick daydream or flashcard vision as I call them. I was on a mountain top looking across to the far horizon. The clouds covered the land; but here and there were three mountain tops poking out from the under the clouds between myself and the far horizon, which I felt was my destination. The Lord said this is often like the prophetic; I may reveal the major points in your travel ( the mountain tops) to you. And those that I show you simultaneously, you can place them in order of what will you reach first, second and third. But, unless I sweep away the clouds between them you have no idea what lies between what I have revealed. Now from my background, I donít think of distances in miles or kilometers; I think of it in travel time. So the nature of the ground determines the time needed to traverse from A to B. So God was saying to me to be cautious of setting dates and times. Order and progression are one thing, dates and times are another.

I have been blessed to be able to have much time each day praying in the spirit. I believe one of the reasons God has given us this wonderful gift; besides edifying ourselves and speaking mysteries; is to provide us a benchmark within us to compare "His voice" against our voice. Literally so we can go thatís from God, that is from me. I love the Word and God has blessed me to have a hunger for His Word. He more often then not speaks to me from His Word. In answer to prayer, he often answers me with some obscure scripture reference. As I have began to hear Him more, I begin asking Him, if it is important to give me dates.

So with all this said, in late summer 2002; concerning the upcoming situations; I asked if there was a date I should be concerned with. God clearly spoke and said March 14, 2003 @ 10:48PM. And he said to write it down and show my wife. Well two weeks later my oldest son called and shared that his wife was pregnant, they had been waiting to make sure before they told us. Well my first grandson was born within two minutes of the time God gave me. I told God I got the right time, but for the wrong thing. I asked God about the two minutes and I could feel God laughing and He said the Doctor was just slow checking his watch.

Much of the confusion and division that has fractured and separated the Church is due to a lack of understanding of the concepts of the temporal and the eternal. Man tends to think of eternity as unending time. It is not. Time began and it will end. God sets in eternity and knows the past, present and future. Whence for example we are already saved, we are being saved and we will be saved.

There are times when God chooses to speak from the eternal perspective and times when he chooses to speak from the temporal perspective.

Much of the recorded prophecies of scripture are from the eternal perspective. For example; the prophecy of the 69 weeks found in Daniel 9:25 specified a certain unchanging time period ((7 + 62 weeks of years) x 7 x 360 = 173,880 days). From the time the of the commandment to rebuild the city of Jerusalem (Decree by Artaxerxes Longimanus on 14 March 445 BC) till the presentation of the Messiah King (Meshiach Nagid). Jesus fulfilled this when He presented Himself into Jerusalem on the tenth of Nisan (April 6, 32 AD) per Luke 19:40 in fulfillment of Zechariah 9:9. This was exactly the prophesied 173,880 days later.

Much of the prophecy presented from God to the Church today is from the temporal perspective. God says to this or that nation, that He will do such and such because they are doing this or that. Prophecy is often the mind of God at that temporal moment. If the situation of that nation changes, God may change His perspective of it. This caused me a lot of confusion till God hammered it out in my spirit. I had known God had said He would do such and such, and I knew that I knew that I had heard Him. But, down the road the situation changed. And what I had known did not come to pass. I first looked at it as I had not heard God. It was not that I had not heard Him, for I had. It was I did not understand His ways. And as people repent or harden their hearts, into our temporal world God may change His response.

I believe it was late September of last year the Lord spoke to me clearly and said to prepare for a major earthquake (9+). Because of my background, well my normal precautions are what most people would call extreme. So I shifted into what I refer to as preparing for a "High Stress" environment. I am very cautious of doing this as I was literally groomed from a child for those types of situations, and I am at home in places that others find distasteful. So I say this to make it clear that I understood it was the Lord speaking.

The next day I heard a news announcement that the US was preparing what is now called the "Road Map for Peace", and it was our intent to impose it on Israel.

I then immediately knew in my spirit why the earthquake. And God immediately spoke to me and said "If you as a nation seek to split my Israel and deny Me part of it; I in turn will split your nation and deny you part of yours!"

For four things God will judge a nation. The first three many people know, though few grieve over. The first three are present in huge proportions in our nation: immorality, idolatry and the shedding of innocent blood. The forth as spoken of in Joel is how in the end times a nation relates to the land of Israel, specifically concerning is its division!

I continued virtually twenty hours a day preparing spiritually and physically. I spoke to whomever God bought in my path. Let me say at this point I have no concern over my physical survival. I can and have in the past prospered with nothing for extended periods of time. My concern is to be in that choice place in the Lord, where I am best suited to do His will. Not my will but His be done. Part of this was a burden to pray for our nation that we would stand strong for Israel.

A few weeks later I got up one morning and things had changed, the burden was off me. I knew something was different. As I checked the net, I quickly saw that the US had put the "Road Map to Judgment", as I now call it on hold till the Iraq situation is resolved.

Some people would say I had missed God, by thinking there was going to be a earthquake. I didnít miss God. I heard Him, and prepared and prayed as I was instructed. And our prayers postponed things.

Now, about three weeks ago, God said get ready for the "Road Map to Judgement" is coming back on line. I asked is the earthquake inevitable? God said "keep praying that the cup may pass from you."

Rabbiís have a saying "Coincidence is not a Kosher word." I have learned that a coincidence is an invitation from the Father to come into relationship. I asked the Lord to confirm whether a super-quake is coming. I did my daily visit to the USGS website, which posts all recorded quakes in the country for the past week. The totals usually run from 250-450 per seven day period. That day there had been several swarms of quakes and the total to that minute was 666 total quakes. We have had four quakes here in the last week, two within 8 miles of my home. I am glad this is where God said for me to be.

God is strong and mighty and His arm is barred in our defense. Let us seek our God and be willing to be used as He sees fit. Thank you for your time, may God bless and keep you. Randy McKee

Stephen L. Bening

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