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PROPHECY: The Ministry Of Angels
May 3, 2003

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Two Scriptures:

Acts 27:23-24
“For there stood by me this night the angel of God, whose I am, and whom I serve, Saying, Fear not, Paul; thou must be brought before Caesar and, lo, God hath given thee all them that sail with thee”

So here we see the angel of the Lord was used to deliver a prophecy of a future event in the life of Paul. The Holy Spirit could have been used to deliver this prophecy to Paul, but God chose to use His angel to do it.

Acts 8:26
“And the angel of the Lord spake unto Philip, saying, Arise, and go toward the south unto the way that goeth down from Jerusalem unto Gaza, which is desert.”

So here we see an angel of the Lord was used to direct a man of God in terms of his destination. Customarily, the Holy

Spirit performs this function, but, in this case, God chose to use His angel to do it.




So, it is fulfilled in the mouth of two scriptural witnesses!

God can use angels today to direct a preacher, or to point you to a destination, or to tell you of an event that is to come in your future. He can choose to deliver these messages, or do these things by use of the Holy Spirit, or by His angel.

It is His choice! Thus sayeth the scripture. He can do it either way!

Please pray for me that I redeem the time, properly focus myself, and accomplish those things that please the Lord.

(This section inserted by Stephen L. Bening from another article)

You and I know that the Holy Angels have been SEALED... they cannot sin! It is SAFE to be with Them, THEY LOVE US... THEY GET THEIR DIRECTIONS FROM THE HOLY SPIRIT, WHICH IS GOD! In fact holy angels won't permit you to worship them they tell you so... so the only ones that will permit it is the unholy angels appearing as an angel of light... Pastors: Hahn, Crawford, Harrison & Buck do not worship holy or unholy angels.

We do not worship them, in fact they worship with us to Father God/Christ/Holy Spirit.

(This section inserted by Stephen L. Bening from another article)

God will use angels as he used them in scripture:

1. Holy angels direct preachers: Acts 8:26; 27:23

2. Holy angels Appear in dreams: Mt. 1:20-24; 2:13-19

3. Guard gates, wage war, execute judgments, minister to the saints, rule nations, help each individual, sing, praise, and worship God, strengthen in trial, lead sinners to gospel workers, direct preachers, appear in dreams, minister before God, bind satan, regather Israel, protect saints, witness confessions, give laws, give revelations, impart God's will, bring answers to prayers [by the way i have all the verses to prove all these points if you want them... i would be glad to send them to you!]

4. Appearances of holy angels to men:Hebrews 13:2 -- at times Christian entertain them!

5. 104 Appearances of Angels to men: shall i send them all to you? I can, just let me know.

6. How about after Acts 2 - when the Holy Spirit came... [however remember i am not mentioning all the appearances before Acts 2 and there are more than enough... ]


a. Appearances of holy angels to Peter and John in Acts 5:19

b. "" "" to Philip in Acts 8:26

c. "" "" to Cornelius in Acts 10:3, 30-32

d. "" "" to Peter in Acts 12:7-11

e. "" "" to Paul in Acts 27:23

f. "" "" to John [52 angels in the book of REVELATION]

Now remember Jesus bled in His hands and feet too... in fact here are some places the Lord bled:

He bled great drops of blood in prayer... and by the way, that actually happened.

He bled with the stripes He took for our healing, etc.

He bled when they put the Crown of Thorns on His head... it caused blood to come down... what does Thorns represent... He was taking care of that curse...

He was hanged on a tree, cursed is everyone hung on a tree... He took care of all curses for us if we ask, it is available... Gal. 3

He bleed when they put the nails in his HANDS and FEET... Bible says Hands and I will stand by HANDS... He bleed... that means that He will by His doing see us through... His hands labored... you and your hands will not cut it folks...

And finally, the Roman did a very important thing, for he put that Sword into His side and the blood and water came out... and twenty feet below it landed on the Ark of the Covenant finalizing the last sacrifice needed, which by the way some procrastinators are still pondering if Our Father God could have pulled that one off... some people no matter how much is supplied to them, they want more in order to just BELIEVE... well the Lord Jesus did not give them any more at a certain point... enough was enough, for they had a spirit that was bothering them... you will never satisfy a spirit... you need deliverance... for that...

Now for those of you who know in your inner spirit with the Holy Spirit that Mr. Hahn is a good TREE, and of course it is obvious is it not... enjoy. And for those of you who are still having problems deciding, well all i can tell you is go to JESUS... and do things HIS way not YOURS... now if you do that you will be fine... if not, you will always looking for more proof! You will be an endless looking for proof like the Pharisees... and yet you had sufficient proof all along!

Carl W. Hahn,Jr.

Day Seventy-eight — Precious awakened me at 12:46 AM and gave me the following communication.

Precious: “Yesterday was your wife’s parent’s Seventieth Wedding Anniversary. They have not been able to attend Church very much lately because of their age and health. Since it was Sunday they wanted to go to Church. So you and your wife went with them to their Church in the evening. I [Precious] and Wonderful, and two of your wife’s Guardian Angels: Holy Holy and Holy went to Church with you. You noticed that when we arrived at Church, which is the Church of the denomination of your childhood and youth, that we four Guardian Angels put on black are bands. This was a manifestation to get your attention. Holy Spirit is going to talk to you about this.”

Holy Spirit: “A few weeks ago Our Father expressed concern to you that there are now several pastors in the denomination of your childhood and youth who are beginning to suggest that Christ may not be the only way to contact the Supreme Being, Our Father. They are beginning to allow for the possibility that the Supreme Being may be contacted by a person following the teachers of Mohammed, Buddha, Shinto, Confucius and other historical religious leaders. Our Father is concerned about this.”

After Holy Spirit finished His communication, Precious again came to my side and talked.

Precious: “I have never met Mohammed, Buddha, Confucius or Shinto. I heard about them during previous assignments on Planet Earth. I learned about them when you studied your courses on world religions in college and seminary. But I have not seen any of them in Heaven.”

During my morning Bible reading time Holy Spirit reminded me of two important verses of Scripture.

John 14:4: “Jesus said to him, ‘I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.’”

1 Timothy 2:5: “For there is one God and one Mediator between God an man, the Man Jesus Christ.”

Day Seventy-nine — Precious awakened me at 3:33 AM and greeted me. Then Holy Spirit communicated to me a letter that I was to write to a pastor. I wrote the letter instead of writing an angels report.

Pastor Carl W. Hahn, Jr., 423 North State Street, Westerville, Ohio 43082, or Phone: 1.614.882.8330.

Stephen L. Bening

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