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PROPHECY: 2003 New Madrid Quake/Awakened By An Angel?
May 4, 2003

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Chuck Hinson, a Kentucky resident, who was raised in the Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod, just like me, issued a prophecy in June, 2001.

He just sent me this prophecy yesterday, on Friday 5/3/2003. I have never met him or talked to him before.

The predicted particulars to the prophecy are as follows:
An 8.8 Quake is to occur along the New Madrid Fault.
The epicenter is to be at Portageville, MO
An circular area of 65 miles from epicenter is to be hard hit
The quake is predicted by Chuck Hinson to occur on 5/7/2003.

I prayed about it, and hearing nothing from the Lord, saved it to my hard disk, and retired from the computer for the day.

I was awakened this morning (Saturday), presumably by an angel, at 05:04 A.M, on 05/04/03, to the words of: "Hi Stephen". I saw no one. The voice I heard was so loud, and I was still waking, that I am not sure whether I heard the voice audibly, or in my inner man. Certainly, no one else in the house was awakened by the voice, and certainly an angel can communicate by utilizing either means.

After several minutes, I arose, went to another room and opened the scriptures and started to read. I also opened my daily journal, and began to write the day 5/04/03, and then the time I had been awakened by the voice, which was 5:04. I purposed in my heart that this morning, I was going to do some study on purity.

Then suddenly, the Lord spoke to me, in my inner man by the Holy Spirit. He said: "Countdown", and showed me that a countdown is in progress.

At once, I saw the time of my awakening: 05:04 and the date 05/04/03..that is, I saw it as 05/04, 05/04/03. Next I saw 05/04/03/02 and I felt led to extend those numbers out until they reached 00.


It was at this point that I remembered the earthquake prophecy for 05/07/03, received from Chuck Hinson yesterday, as it was quickened to my mind.

So, I resolved to blow the trumpet concerning this earthquake prediction. The Lord is pointing at 05/07/03.

Of course, I have no certainty that what the Holy Spirit spoke to me: "Countdown", has anything to do with an earthquake. I strongly suspect the two are related.

If it is referring to and confirming that an earthquake is soon to occur along the New Madrid fault, I do not expect it to be the unimaginably horrible one just yet that will divide America, but if it is as Chuck Hinson has prophesied, it will be a very damaging quake, and a tremendous wake up call to the churches regarding prophecy in these United States.

Many prophets have seen a terrible earthquake that will create a new Great Lake in the center of the United States. Timothy Snodgrass and Randy McKee have prophesied that this will come about as the United States participates in the division of Israel. Kristine Carson has seen this earthquake in a vision, and noted it's epicenter in Southern Minnesota. I have previously been shown by the Lord that a portion of the New Madrid fault will be a great "water channel" in the future.

This prophecy does not forsee that quake.

I am taking this seriously enough that I'm going to warn my mother about it. She lives in Carbondale, Illinois: my home town, which is 90 miles from Portageville, Missouri,the epicenter of the predicted quake, in the Missouri bootheel.

Mr. Hinson has issued some other prophecies that I have received. If this earthquake occurs, I will release the others as well, as the Holy Spirit leads.

Since this prophecy was received by Mr. Hinson in June, 2001, there has been much intercession for America, and specific intercession has been made by many with respect to the New Madrid fault area. Some believe that intercession can delay these types of events. Certainly repentance on the part of men causes God to repent of these types of judgements, as He testifies to through the prophet Ezekiel, in the 33rd chapter, and through the prophet Jeremiah, in the 18th chapter.

Stephen L. Bening

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