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PROPHECY: WPA AT MONTEAGLE-November 4, 5 and 6, 2005
September 26, 2005

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Event: WPA Meeting

Dates: November 4, 5, and 6, 2005

Location: Dubose Conference Center, Monteagle, Tennessee, approximately 50 miles Northwest of Chattanooga, Tennessee

Meeting Plan: Seven sessions, hosted by four or more different leaders. The Lord leads the meeting and sets the agenda. As with last year, there is no pre conceived plan for the meeting. We agree to meet together and seek the Lord.

Meeting Purposes/Details:
1) Joseph Cook, Randy McKee and I each agree that we should have another meeting at Monteagle, this year.

2) The conference/meeting is open to all who are interested in what we do at Watchmen Prophets Assembly. Non-prophets are welcome.

3) There is no daily agenda. There is no schedule of speakers. There will be worship. There will be prayer. There will be fellowship and we will eat together. We will discuss missions in foreign lands. We will meet in three daily sessions at 10 A.M., 2 P.M., and 7 P.M.

Leaders recognized within WPA are:
Bob Neumann
Ron Williams, David Skelly
Laura Kula, Joseph Cook, David Walukhu
Linda Conner, Marc Deveney, Randy McKee, Mauris Wasike
Stephen L. Bening

4) We will begin on the morning of Friday, November 4, 2005 after breakfast. Meals are provided on site.

5) I plan to leave for Monteagle, TN at 8 A.M., Thursday morning, November 3 from Hollywood, Florida and that will allow me to arrive by about 8 P.M., Thursday night. Dubose Center provides for late key pickup for anyone who wants to arrive at any time Thursday night. Anyone who wants to drive with me, or follow me, is welcome to do it if we can coordinate our travel plans. My daughter Rachel will be accompanying me. That means I will have 5 seats open in the minivan.

6) I recommend that everyone who plans to participate should spiritually prepare themselves to seek for and meet with the Lord, in the manner that the Lord Jesus leads you to do by His Holy Spirit.

Single Occupancy dorm rooms in Claiborne Hall, on site- $35 per person, per night X 3 (Thursday, Friday and Saturday)--Total Room payment-$105
Double Occupancy dorm rooms in Claiborne Hall, on site- $25 per person, per night X 3 (Thursday, Friday and Saturday)--Total Room Payment-$75
Offsite motel rooms are also available nearby. You will need to make your own reservations for those.

Adult meal plan $35 per person per day, plus Sunday morning breakfast for $10 equals a total meal charge of $80

These charges include all taxes. So, total fees, ALL INCLUSIVE, are as follows:
One person dorm room plus all meals-$185
Two person dorm room plus all meals-$155
Meals only-$80

Right now, none of the other on site hotel rooms are available. I will be checking with the manager and will advise you if any become available.

Please reply as soon as possible, and send full payment for the complete number of room nights you need, and the complete number of meal days you will be eating, so that I can reserve the appropriate number of rooms. I have reserved the "Upper Room" where we met last year for the meeting.

Event size: Limited to the first 125 participants to register. If we have more people than that, I will have to renegotiate with the facility, as more space is possibly available.


Name of participant:


Address of participant:


Telephone of participant:


Email address of participant:


Lodging plan desired and number of days:


Meal plan desired and number of days:


Stephen L. Bening

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