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October 4, 2005

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I desire UNDERSTANDING. I seek the Lord for this, and a host of other things. This search is in process, and I do not have all of the definitive answers I am seeking for, but I eagerly desire to uncover that which the Holy Spirit has been leading me onward to find, to uncover and to understand with respect to these matters. With God, I have lots of questions.

So, should I be silent, and appear to know everything in my silence? Many of you are afraid to speak for fear of being found wrong. Or, perhaps I will step out into uncertain territory, and put forth some thoughts that may, or may not stand up under the light of God?

Certainly, you will call me to task, and rightfully so, if I misstep.

Certain of us have been privately involved in an unfolding mystery relating to aspects that related to the NEW JERUSALEM since late May, when Randy McKee and I were in Uganda. I have been on this particular "HUNT" since then, and have been given certain interesting pieces but I still have little understanding about the meaning of the shole.

Now, this subject just POPS FORTH in a discussion about RHEMA on the WPA that Bob Neumann initiated.

There is so much to discuss about this NEW JERUSALEM. But is it time to bring it all forth? Should we hasten to tell it just now?

Now, regarding FOUR CORNERS of the new city.....yes there were/are four, but there was only one CORNER GATE: on the Northwest.

Certainly, Jesus Christ is referred to in the scriptures as the "chief cornerstone", in the singular, and also "head of the corner", of which there were four. Certainly, to build a city with four corners, as in constructing a building of four corners, there will be ONE CHIEF CORNERSTONE: one must begin the building at ONE of those FOUR identical corners. But, a cornerstone lies deep beneath the corner. It is, in a sense, the foundation of the corner.

Now, the cornerstone of Solomon's ancient temple is most interesting, as it has been excavated, and found to be 44 inches high and 14 feet long. So, that number "44" rears it's head again and beckons for our further consideration. The cornerstone in Jerusalem lies more than 79 feet beneath ground level. It rests on solid rock. That cornerstone is a DEEP cornerstone!

On a side note, it appears that the temple was dedicated during the Feast of Tabernacles in year 24 of the reign of Solomon. That implies that the temple sat for 13 years: complete and awaiting dedication, while Solomon built his own house and other buildings. Such apparent waste! A literal reading of the flow in 1 Kings 6, 7, and 8 results in this odd conclusion. To assume otherwise requires us to add our conjecture, which many do without an afterthought.

Assuming that what is literally written there is truth, we see that the dedication of a temple waited for the APPOINTED TIME before it could be used. Most scholars say by assuming that it waited 11 months: they simply cannot fathom the idea that Solomon allowed a completed temple to sit for 13 years: unused. Likewise, this NEW JERUSALEM, coming down out of heaven, has waited, until now.

Some must wonder why God has been waiting 1975 years to begin bringing the New Jerusalem down out of heaven. After all, God has had a church on the Earth for all that time. Why has it not been dedicated? Is that not a collosal waste?

Have you ever had the feeling that you were waiting for something; biding your time; until the time of your dedication and your time of intended use arrived?

Returning to the idea of corners, these corners, or aspects of Messiah, hold the walls together and keep them true. The walls have foundations, in which are the names of Apostles and Prophets.

What is it about Messiah that holds everything together, and is found in Isaiah 9? I see these four elements of Isaiah 9:7 as being those that hold the walls of the city together at their right angles:

1) Government-"Misrah" 4951...rule, dominion.
2) Peace-"Shalom" 7965...Jehovah Shalom
3) Judgement-"mishpat" 4941
4) Justice, which, in the Hebrew, is Tsadakah 6666...Righteousness. Jehovah Tsidkenu

We should look back to verse four of Isaiah 9 as the start, and so I should not ignore it. Verse four speaks about three aspects of our previous troubled condition that messiah has broken, or abolished:

1) The yoke of his burden
2) The staff of his shoulder
3) The rod of his oppressor

All three speak of government: evil government by rule, power, oppression and control. Deliverance from such was needed. Evil Pharaoh is in view.

So, the first thing the Messiah does is destroy the power of evil government over His people. Evil rule is done away with by the deliverer. His kingdom and throne are then established.

So, as the four corners of the New Jerusalem, I see

1) His Government, in which is seen his throne: the throne of David, and His kingdom

2) His which we are at rest with God. He has become our peace. This speaks of being at peace with God and peace from God.

3) His Judgement...the heavenly court has set, and judgment has been given to the saints of the most high God. The eternal outcome is settled.

4) His Righteousness...right standing with God. He has become our righteousness. has been made.

In the new city, the walls are made of Jasper. That is, probably some type of translucent stone: in which there is nothing guile. Messiah holds those living walls. The walls rest on 12 foundations which appear to be identical in jeweled composition to the stones that are found on Aaron's breastplate in Exodus 28.

When I saw this new city in a vision thirteen years ago, I saw it from the air, and it had a roof. The scripture mentions no roof, but I saw one in vision. The roof I saw was made of the 12 jewels, just like the 12 foundations of jewels. Fire comes from heaven to try the work. If the roof is made of jewels, it will withstand the fire. Obviously, a roof made of wood will not survive.

Now, some of you apostle/prophets are still with me, reading these last lines of this fairly long article, and you must be wanting to know a few things. The others have faded away by now, and have passed on to another page...another article. They are easily bored and distracted by things that require study and careful consideration.

Now, for those who want to chew on some meat, chew on this: What are those jewels in that roof? What does that mean?

The 12 Jewels in the roof, and in the foundation, have this for a meaning. Each of you who are called, and who have been set on display as apostle/prophets here at the end of the age must seek to grow and gain development in these areas. Our job is to assist this work as master builders:

1) To become teachers of the word. The word from you must be as crystal; it must be pure, with no defilement.

2) To become Evangelists

3) To become Pastors, who, again, deliver the word that is pure, as crystal.

4) To obtain and develop the word of wisdom, and to obtain wisdom and understanding, which is likened unto rubies, as being even more valuable than rubies.

5) To obtain the word of knowledge

6) To obtain faith and special faith and the gift of faith

7) To obtain gifts of healing

8) To obtain the gift of the working of miracles

9) To prophesy, and to obtain the gift of prophecy. The word, once again, must be like unto crystal: a pure stream of living water.

10) To develop discerning of spirits, and to obtain discernment

11) Tongues

12) Interpretation of tongues

So, you apostle/prophets must obtain, gather and develop as many of these twelve without losing any of your First love, or your unconditional love, or the love in your heart, which for most, is growing cold just now.

That is your challenge. Each of you is being tested and refined by fire. That is why it is so difficult just now. That is the building we are trying to build here at WPA. That is what the Lord has asked about, when he asked me: "Stephen, have you made any progress"?

Finally, you are being prepared to give your "testimony" before men at the appointed time. Do you know what that means? Look it up in the Greek.

Let each man be careful how he builds.

Stephen L. Bening

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