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Prophecy: Regarding The DeLuca Prophecy In Lakeland
May 8, 2008

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Last night, I was asked to watch a ten minute clip from the Lakeland meeting where Pastor DeLuca, from New Zealand, was prophesying. He prophesied that the current move will become the greatest revival the world has ever seen and will and does have in it all that God sent in the Welsh Revival (Brokenness and Repentance) and that which came with Wigglesworth (holiness and purity).

I then gave an answer by private email, and I have told the Lord that I will say nothing about this that I am not willing for the world to see. So, here is my response:

This is Godís grace and mercy to his people, using messed up people, inside the harlot church system. There is nothing any of them or us have done to deserve any of it.

Please realize there are other, serious prophets like Matthew Stephen who are saying this is totally of the devil, with God simply meeting some people when they have faith. Also, please realize that this thing is not yet mature. So, we will examine it at all stages of development.

I hope DeLuca turns out to be right, because if he is, repentance and brokenness will break forth as in the Welsh revival, and holiness will come as it did with Wigglesworth, and this will turn into something more than a superficial goose-bump and some healings.

But get ready, because the baptism of fire is coming, and it is not fully as they have supposed, for fire, fire, fire is not simply some warm feeling in your hand or belly. I believe this is the sign that great calamity upon great calamity is at hand, and it is a loving and merciful God who is reaching out to His people wherever and however He can reach them, just prior to the darkest days in all of history.

It is very similar to the beautiful weather that immediately precedes a hurricane here in Florida.

Nevertheless, the least of those who have heeded Godís call to come out of the harlot church are greater than the greatest of all of these who are still within it.


Stephen L. Bening

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