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MISSIONS: Medellin Mission-Day 31
July 28, 2004

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I had a dream and awoke suddenly just after 4 A.M.

In the dream, I was with my children, at a Kentucky Fried Chicken store, on North Federal Highway, in the Northernmost part of Hollywood, Florida, just near the city limits where you enter Dania, Florida. The store was on the East side of the street. (In reality, I have no idea whether there really is such a store, in that place. Rest assured I will check the location when I return to Florida to see what is there).

Very suddenly, without any warning whatsoever, the sky darkened and I ran outside, leaving my children inside the KFC. I saw twelve tornadoes. One was bearing down rapidly on my location. There was no time to go anywhere but back into the KFC for shelter.

The KFC had all glass walls, so it was totally unsuitable for any shelter, but it would have to do. I grabbed my four children and threw them to the floor. I then laid on top of them, with my arms spread wide over them, as my body would not cover all four of them.

The funnel drew near, and I could feel the wind pressure, as it sucked every window out of the Kentucky Fried Chicken store. Every window, which was all the walls, suddenly exploded outward.

As this happened, my daughter Megan started slipping away from my grasp, and began to slowly slide out the empty window frame. I cried out very loud: HELP ME LORD JESUS! I reached with my left arm and stretched as far as I could, and I grabbed Megan just in time as she was slipping away, out that empty glass window frame. I pulled her back in close to me.

Now, today, Megan is 20 years old, and a beautiful adult female, but in the dream, she was only about 4 years old.

The storm seemed to subside, and I ran outside to see what the situation was. I looked toward the Northwest, toward Coral Springs, where my oldest daughter Lorel lives. Her fiance Danny lives there too. I felt they were OK.

Then, I looked Southwest, and I saw the worst tornado I have ever seen. It looked to be about 3/4 mile wide at the base. I have seen pictures of these as they cross Kansas, Illinois and other midwest States, but tornadoes like this one never hit Florida. But, there it was, and it appeared to be heading FOR MY HOUSE.

Then, I looked around, and it seemed that another funnel was bearing down on my location, so I grabbed the kids and headed next door to a school. As I ran in the back door of the school, which was on the East side of the building, Tom Esposito ran out, exclaiming "Sheridan Plaza has just been destroyed".

Now, I knew my family was really in danger, as Sheridan Plaza is less than two miles from our house. I thought about what I should do, and whether I should try to get over to my house, or just stay here with my kids, and what route I might take, through all the wreckage, to reach my home, when the dream ended.

Later in the afternoon, I was ministering to eight people who were visiting our home. As I ministered, the Lord had me share about the dream, and the Lord gave me the interpretation:

1) There were twelve tornadoes in the dream because the Lord was confirming to me that the word given through Craig Martin, about the twelve houses of the United States Presidents, is true and from the Lord. This dream about the tornadoes is about events soon to come in the United States.

2) Kentucky Fried Chicken, KFC, and Colonel Sanders are American icons. These things symbolize the economic greatness, and former integrity of America, which has now passed away. The storm to come will hit America first.

3) The storm rose suddenly, with great ferocity, and no warning, as the storm to hit America will do.

4) There was no time to seek better shelter, or make preparations, or even to return home once the storm arose. God was our only fortress and shelter. Though the walls were of glass, and offered no protection, God was a more than adequate protection against the storm, as I cried out desperately to Jesus for help.

5) My daughter was 4 years old in the dream. She is sliding away, out the window, into the maelstrom. I must reach for her, and speak to her like I did when she was 4 years old. I must speak to her sharply, and with a forceful command. Likewise, all parents must reach for their backslidden children NOW, and with great emphasis, and must not delay crying out to God desperately for help right NOW. There is no time to delay in bringing these backslidden ones back into the place of protection.

6) I was separated from my oldest daughter Lorel. All parents should know that their children who are adults will stand or fall, on their own, before the Lord.

7) Tornadoes were much worse than any that have hit Florida in history. So, the storm to come will be terrible in it's ferocity and intensity.

8) I was separated from family. Wives must be taught how to pray in a moment of danger or crisis. Your believing wife or husband may not be able to help you when the storm suddenly arises. You will need your own faith. This storm is a killer and a destroyer that is coming. Husband and wife alike will need to know how to reach the father in an instant, in Jesus name. Both will need their relationship with Jesus to be very close. Your believing spouse may not be there in a time of crisis. Trust only in the Lord.

Please keep us in prayer that our movements will be explicitly directed by the Holy Spirit, and that we will obey perfectly.

Finally, before I left for Colombia, I purchased my air tickets for my mission to Kenya, Uganda and Nigeria. I will be going for 33 days, from September 3, to October 7. The cost of the air tickets was more than $2,500, and I am simply moving by faith that the Lord will take care of it for me. It is time for me, and other remnant servants of our Lord Jesus Christ, to rise up, and sit enthroned as the kings and princes that we have been made unto God, and His Father.

The people I am working with would like me to send a little money, as soon as possible, for the printing of handbills to announce our outdoor crusades, and to prepay for four hours of radio time in Kenya. I believe $1,000 would cover it all.

Many thanks to all of you who have helped us thus far in finances and prayers.

Stephen L. Bening

I will be giving a report on the mission at our October meeting of Watchmen Prophets Assembly at Monteagle, TN.

Registration forms are available at: Meeting WPA Apostolic Prophetic Company, at Monteagle, TN-October 22-24, 2004---

Stephen L. Bening

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