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MISSIONS: Medellin Mission-Day 32
July 29, 2004

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I am writing this article at 11:30 A.M.. Two hours ago, I had the most marvelous experience. I felt that I must run to write to all of you to share it, for it has built my faith.

A knock knock came upon the door at about 9:30 A.M. As I went and opened the door, a short, thin, very dark skinned man sat before me, to my right, on the concrete ledge next to our door. He was obviously very feeble, and it appeared that he could barely stand, much less walk. Nevertheless, he was here.

I asked him into our home, and I immediately gave the order to our cook that breakfast should be prepared for him. Later, I found out that our cook had directed him to our home, and told him to sit on the ledge. She was worried that I would be angry that she had brought a beggar to the house, so she did not tell me about it until later. That is why he was alone.

His name was Jose Luis, from the town of Rio Suscio, which means "Dirty River", in English. This town is located 8 hours South of Medellin by bus.

Jose Luis is 67 years old, and is not married. He supports his 95 year old mother. Both are Christians. Jose Luis has been a Christian believer for more than 40 years. He told us that he has been in Medellin for many days, and six days ago, he received Prostate surgery at the Clinica De Americas.

He seemed content to eat his breakfast, and be quiet, but I kept prodding him for more information. I wanted to know how he came to our house. Had he knocked on other doors? Had he gone down other streets? These, his answers, are the story of Jose Luis.

This morning, at around 8 A.M., Jose was released from the hospital, but he had no money in his pockets, and he could barely walk. He had a large incision in his abdomen from the operation.

The Clinic had been very gracious to perform the operation on this poor man for free, but he had no business being up and around in only six days after major surgery.

He stood out in front of the hospital, where he was, and prayed to God: "Jesus, you are the only king, who owns all the money and the wealth. Help me Jesus, guide me, help me oh God. Oh heavenly Father, help me. God, I will go wherever you take me, wherever you guide me. Show me where to go."

A bus then stopped right in front of him, and he told the driver that he had no money, and the driver agreed to carry him North, for free. So, northward he went, along Carrera (Avenue) 80, unknowingly journeying toward our house.

Some time, and some miles went by, and he began to pray again. When he finished praying, he felt his hand being lifted up by an invisible being. The invisible being spoke with an audible voice which he heard, directing him to "come with me", and that he must get off the bus at that spot, and so, he made his way to the exit, and got off. He was now at Calle (Street) 32...the street on which we live, but he was still about 1/2 mile away from our house.

Jose Luis had never been to Medellin before, and he had no idea where he was with any specificity.

Once again, he felt an invisible hand: It must be AN ANGEL, he thought. It took hold of his hand, and gently pulled him toward the East. So, walking slowly eastward, he began his walking.

He was quickly tiring, and knew he must speak to the first person he saw. Approaching her, he was very shy, and did not want to speak, so he prayed again, and asked the Lord for strength to overcome his shyness, and he asked this woman for help. He showed her his long, barely healed incision in his abdomen.

The woman he spoke to was Ophelia, our cook. Ophelia was initially going to give this man 400 pesos (15 cents US), and send him on his way, but she simply could not leave it at that, so she told him to come with her, and that there was a man at the house where she was working who could help her.

So Jose came, and knocked on my door, and sat down on the ledge. Ophelia, our cook, had not said a word to me. It would have been so easy for me to just give him a few pesos and send him away, but I prayed when I saw him, and asked the Lord what I should do for this man.

I invited him in, and we just had a wonderful meeting with Jose Luis. I requested that this old man of faith lay hands on me. He prayed for our protection, and that God would provide money as we give to the poor. We still need a bit more money for here, as I am running low on funds again.

Then, I asked that he pray for me and for my upcoming mission to Africa, as I will need much money for that trip, and constant protection while I am away, in three foreign countries, ministering all alone among strangers. He complied, and then I ministered to him with money and with prayers for his quick healing. He then departed. We shed many tears together, glorifying God for His greatness, and his wonderful care for His children.

Afterward, I reflected that God himself had sent his angel to deliver Jose Luis to a point 5 miles from the Clinic, in a strange city, right to our doorstep as his FIRST STOP. Ours was the first door he knocked on, and Ophelia was the first person he asked for help. Magnificent God! Magnificent Lord! We worship you, Magnificent God!

While I was walking to the internet cafe to write this report, the Holy Spirit brought to my memory something that the Lord taught me about ten years ago.

The Lord showed me than that one of the names for the angels is "Team 32". The Greek word for angels, in the Greek Dictionary of a Strongs Concordance, is "32", in alphabetical order, among the Greek words used in the New Testament, and the Lord has, in the past, used that name, "Team 32", to describe them to me.

I laughed out loud, realizing that today is day 32 of our Medellin Mission. Wonderful Saviour....Mighty God. How Great Thou Art! Jose was delivered by the Angel to our home on Calle 32!

Please keep us in prayer that our movements will be explicitly directed by the Holy Spirit, and that we will obey perfectly.

Finally, before I left for Colombia, I purchased my air tickets for my mission to Kenya, Uganda and Nigeria. I will be going for 33 days, from September 3, to October 7. The cost of the air tickets was more than $2,500, and I am simply moving by faith that the Lord will take care of it for me. It is time for me, and other remnant servants of our Lord Jesus Christ, to rise up, and sit enthroned as the kings and princes that we have been made unto God, and His Father.

The people I am working with would like me to send a little money, as soon as possible, for the printing of handbills to announce our outdoor crusades, and to prepay for four hours of radio time in Kenya. I believe $1,000 would cover it all.

Many thanks to all of you who have helped us thus far in finances and prayers.

Stephen L. Bening

I will be giving a report on the mission at our October meeting of Watchmen Prophets Assembly at Monteagle, TN.

Registration forms are available at: Meeting WPA Apostolic Prophetic Company, at Monteagle, TN-October 22-24, 2004---

Stephen L. Bening

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