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Prophecy: "Re-Rack" Vision
June 27, 2015

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Hi Tom

When I read this (Allen Pouratian's dream about the metal screwdriver tip, coming to hit Earth, as sent to me by prophet Tom Heward), it was late last night (June 25th), and then I was off to take a shower. As I was walking, I had a quick vision.

I saw a pool table and I heard the Lord say, “RE-Rack”

Then, I had a sudden flash of understanding. God is playing and makes the rules for this game. He had broken the rack back in 2008, but just a few balls went in the pockets (we, the prophets, are the balls. Just a few of our prophecies came to pass exactly as uttered, because he called a halt to it for his reasons. He did not want to play it out just then.) So now, God has called for a RE-RACK. He is going to re-rack many of us, dust us off and use us again.

Here we go again.....


Stephen this is Tom Heward the America Gets Nuked Prophet still at it.

My new ministry partner a messianic Jew & I are currently located in Southern CA near LA.

Dreams have always been my meat & potatoes from the Lord & my ministry partner had a doozy the other night which is forwarded as part of this e-mail.

You can read it about this huge screwdriver head coming rapidly to the Earth while he & I basically play games instead of calling for repentance here in America.

When I read & pondered the dream Virginia Boldea's dream of a comet or comet's striking the Earth as the Beginning of The Pain which she had about the year Dudumann died came to mind.

I have been in contact with Rich Keltner in New York & about 2 weeks ago his "very spiritual wife" had a dream of some big event in New York where America is celebrating then she saw a huge American Flag waving in the skies over NY and all eyes 👀 in the Manhattan Streets below were fixed in awe of this glorious flag unfurled in the skies above. Then suddenly this flag or image of the flag is BLOWN TO SMITHEREENS and the people below are terrified beyond belief. I have a transcription of the dream on audio. Of course a lot of my current spiritual responsibility is to Stand in The Gap for America to Hold back His Wrath while working on stirring up a genuine Revival among His People. 2 Chron 7:14.

Allen was on a 3 day Esther Fast while he had this dream and last week I was shown in a dream to move with all our stuff - 1 - 30' RV & 2 vehicles under the ministry heading to New York as seems God wants a Revival in New York. I have been shown that only a genuine Holy Ghost Revival among His People can Delay His Wrath against this Sodom & Gomorrah Nation.

I was also shown in Allen's dream of this monstrous steel thing coming to Earth I was pretty laid back & not on my toes doing the calling.

Any how I ended up on your site & noticed you were actually up-to-date IE June 24, 2015 reporting on historical astroid warnings so I thought I would send along Allen's Dream from last night to see how it might fit together in the CALAMITY JIGSAW PUZZLE.

Tom Heward formerly with GroundZeroMinistries back around 1994-2001 - had all the dreams of Dudumann & a whole bunch more of the Horrors of God's Wrath Coming to a Theatre in Your Local Area.

Allen Pouratian's Dream

All scenes work together. Scene 1 is most important & should order or give understanding to dream & all scenes.

Sent from my MetroPCS 4G Android device

Allen Pouratian wrote:


Day 2 of an Esther Fast.

Scene 1
I am looking at the earth from space, like this picture ...

Inline image 1

...and see a gigantic piece of metal that looks like the metal tip of a flat-head screwdriver like this ...

Inline image 2

... with no handle, just what's pictured in the metal, that looks about two thousand miles across the head, and maybe hundreds of miles across at it's thickest point, and perhaps eight thousand of miles long from tip to the end of the pictured metal. I see a long and wide translucent blue curtain (perhaps 10,000 miles across and wide) being pulled behind the screwdriver head.

I see the screwdriver head plunge into the earth, and in the dream I know that this head will burrow into the earth in ever tighter circles which draw it closer to the center of the earth.

Scene 2
I am in a large moderately lit rectangular room with a 20 foot tall ceiling with at least 100 young people seated on the floor near the walls. A young mulatto man is standing in the middle of the room and is organizing a basketball game. He starts the process of picking teams one person at a time. I speak up and tell him it would be much faster if he were to count people off "1-2-1-2-1-2" instead.

Scene 3
I am looking at a box for a video game, and it has a picture of a red Corvette on the cover.

Scene 4
I am looking at what looks like the same room from Scene 2, except now only Tom Heward is standing in it. Tom has his back to me and is on the phone, and I hear him ordering food saying, "5 chickens for the kids".

I don't have time to do a full interpretation. Here's a short one.

Me viewing the earth from outer space is unusual, and a giant flat-head screw tip thousands of miles large is unusual, as is a translucent blue curtain flowing behind the flat-head screw tip. That flat-head screw tip burrowing into the earth in circles toward the center is also strange.

I think this scene is about "the earth getting screwed".

Folks are playing games, and Allen is trying to help.

Allen is admiring a game about a sexy worldly car.

Tom is concerned about food for young people, when he should be concerned about revival.

Stephen L. Bening

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