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Missions: Kenya, Uganda & Rwanda-Days 13-18
January 13, 2005

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Greetings from Kigali Rwanda

There is a bit of a buzz around me today. The guys with me have been listening to me prophesying repetitively that pastors are going to begin dropping dead in their pulpits. Yesterday, several of them noticed the story on the internet.

We had about 100 confess Christ at our opening night outdoor meeting here at Kigali. That brings the running total for this mission to over 600. We finished up last week end at Muhonja, with an incredible meeting. There were many miraculous healings, with the word of knowledge flowing freely.

Near the end of the meeting, I had a sharp pain on the inner area of my left thigh. When I yelled, "ouch", the Holy Spirit said "word of knowledge", so I spoke it out, that someone was being healed in that area.

A woman came forward, walking. She said she had been instantly healed of a broken thigh bone, in that very area, and it had been very painful up until the healing occurred. Now, it was totally better, and the pain was totally gone.

There has been much attack and difficulty on this trip. We had so much car trouble on the way to Kigali. The drive took us about 20 hours. I am thankful that money came in, because I am having to spend it on car repairs.

This week in Kigali, we are providing lunch to all who come to the outreach. It is expensive, but I decided to do it to provide the bait for the fish. I am hoping for a large turnout today.

Please keep the team in your prayers, and help us financially if the Lord so leads you, and you are able.

Here is the itinerary for this trip, from December 27, 2004, to January 21, 2005

December 29th to January 2nd 2005-meetings will be taking place at Chwele, Western Province, Kenya

January 4th to 5th, 2005-meetings at Kolongolo

January 6th to 9th, 2005-meetings at Chepsaida

January 12 to 16th, 2005-meetings at Kigali, Rwanda

January 18th to 19th, 2005-meetings at Malaha, Western Province, Kenya. This is prophet Maurice's church.

Stephen L. Bening

My Africa Wish List Is As Follows:

Project #1-$100,000-For 100 water wells, beginning at Kittui. This money will purchase drilling equipment and a large truck to carry it in. This week, I will purchase a small "Hi-Rider" truck for carrying men and fuel. Received thus far: $7,000

Project #2-$5,000-Two, 250 person event tents-cost $2,500 each. I have already visited the tent manufacturer in Nairobi. We need this tent for holding bigger crusades in Kenya.

Project #3-$7,500-We need to purchase a sound system for use in the Kenya crusades. I am planning on being in Africa, four times per year. We rented the sound system for the three events we just held. We anticipate holding bigger events, and we will need a more powerful system. With the sound system, we need a generator to power it.

Project #4-$5,000-A truck for David Machimbo Walukhu, my missions coordinator, in Kenya. Right now, David has no vehicle, and travels by bus. I am purchasing one this week, for dual use with the water project.

Project #5-$2,500-Repair for a large, panel Isuzu truck, that is currently sitting idle at Sowetto Academy, Nairobi. We will use this truck for hauling of tent and equipment.

Project #6-$5,000-Completion of the stone wall that will totally encircle Sowetto Academy. This is really needed to keep people from using walkways right through the middle of the school and orphanage. Right now, the wall is about 25% complete.

Project #7-$20,000-My estimate for the cost that it would take for Chris Ocumu to accomplish a second floor addition to the school building in Sowetto Academy.

So, there it is: $60,000 for the equipment. Add in $10,000 for my airfare and costs for four trips per year, and $10,000 for flyers and posters and $20,000 for other event costs for the 2005 outreach events and you have $100,000. Jesus says, "you have not because you ask not". I say, Lord Jesus, I Am Asking!

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