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May 27, 2003

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“The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is not new thing under the sun.” Eccles 1:9

“So the last shall be first, and the first last.” Matt 20:16

Tuesday morning, I spent some time in the first eight chapters of John. I had resolved that in the near future, I am going to focus on Christianity 101, for the Holy Spirit has been telling me that we will have much opportunity to practice the basics in the near future.

I finished, and began to drive to work.

The Holy Spirit began to speak to my heart: “I beheld, and lo, a great multitude….clothed in white…coming out of the great tribulation”. From Revelation 7. The Lord was encouraging me that in the near future, many, many people would be harvested to eternal life.

I began to converse with the Lord. I said:

“Lord, that is very encouraging that a great multitude will make it. But, as I look around Lord, it does not seem to me that the people in the churches are making it. They are falling away. They are giving up.”

The Holy Spirit spoke back: “That is because those you are seeing are part of a religious system that is not going to make it. You are correct. Many of these people you see will not make it.” The encouragement that I felt over the great multitude, clothed in white, began to fade, for I knew what that meant: most of my friends will not make it. That is hard to take.

Then, He spoke in a further direction and thought:

“When Jesus came the first time to Earth, He announced the smashing of the existing, God ordained, religious system, that men had corrupted. Out of that smashing, many sons of God entered the kingdom of God, yet those who looked for Me did not find me, but I was found by those who were not looking for me.

Likewise, in this present day, Jesus is returning to Earth and the existing, God ordained religious system, corrupted by men, is once more being smashed. Once more, many sons of God are going to enter the kingdom. Once again, I will be found by those who were not looking for me. Those who sought, but whose hearts went astray, will not find me, and will not enter in”.

Then, I said, Ah Lord, That which has been before is that thing that shall be again. Yes, sovereign Lord. It is terrifying, but it is true.

Later in the day, I had the pleasure of meeting prophetess Ann Peterson for lunch. As we discussed various things in the Lord, my heart began to ponder the timing of judgments, and the order of the things that I had seen.

I considered the order: The first vision Ann saw in the prophetic ministry was the Asteroid/Tsunami vision. The last prophetic image I have seen is the asteroid/Tsunami event.

I pondered that….first….last….last….first.

Then, I thought about the seven major and terrible, still future events that I have seen that will affect the United States. The kindler/gentler things that I have seen have all been fulfilled.

The last of these somewhat gentler ones is fulfilled with the 8 days of great tornados and 8 days of great hail storms that resulted in 428 tornados from May 4 through May 10th, 2003. This is that! It is the beginning of the trouble that was looked for by many with Y2k, but that the Lord said would wait until people had fallen asleep, and preparation supplies were available for a dime on the dollar. That is what the Lord told me in May, 1999. In March of 2003, I made my dime on the dollar purchase of some water purification supplies. This was pointing the way that the time is at hand.

The ones that are left are very bad. They are all terrible: These were given to me by the Lord in a particular order, and as I pondered on the order, and the dates that these were given to me, the thought entered my mind: “The last shall be first”.

So, the order of their occurrence might very well be in the reverse order they were shown to me. This order now becomes:

1) Asteroid/Tsunami for the East and Gulf Coast.
2) New Madrid Earthquake
3) 5 Kt Nuclear detonation in Los Angeles
4) USS Kitty Hawk and supporting fleet destroyed
5) San Andreas fault earthquake in California
6) Miami FL destroyed in nuclear detonation
7) Russian nuclear attack/invasion by many nations

I do not say it is “thus sayeth the Lord” with respect to this order. I believe it was the Holy Spirit that quickened the Mattew 20:16 verse to me, and had me to apply it to the order of the prophecies that I have received. I do not recall anyone ever having received an order of occurrence before, other than Chuck Youngbrandt, and I do not trust that what he put forth came from the Holy Spirit.

So, I simply put these forth, and say that this represents the opposite order of their receipt by me. It is something that, if confirmed by two or three more prophetic witnesses, may be revealed as being more than the musings of my mind.

Stephen L. Bening

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