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Prophecy: A Haggai Season-The "37" Revelation
September 7, 2016 Ellul (Mo 6) 4, 5776

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Two weeks ago...or just a little bit more than that, on the morning of Monday, August 22, 2016 (Ab 18-Month 5), I sat down to pray in my Tennessee living room in the morning with my wife at my side. The Holy Spirit drew my attention to an unusual sight: visible clearly across the street. There it was: the number "37", painted on the neighbor's green metal roof by the hand of God (etched clearly by sunlight filtering through the leaves of the trees). Gently prodded, my wife leaned over to take a look, confirming the unusual sight, and immediately came the word of the Lord to me by the Spirit of God.

I have had previous dealings with the Lord over this rather peculiar number; unusual in mathematics for a number of reasons that are not particularly germane at this juncture. Rather, the Holy Spirit quickly reminded me that the 911th chapter of our Bible is found in Haggai (Chapter 2). That chapter has two mentions of the shaking of heavens and earth that our God will perform (Verses 7 and 21). Haggai, as the 37th Bible book, was given to the prophet over a period of three months and twenty four days, in the year 520 BC, a mere four years prior to the completion of the second Jewish Temple of God at Jerusalem.

The fulfillment of the initial word came very quickly, as the initial fulfillment was recorded in chapter one, just a few days after the initial word came to Haggai on the Sixth month (Ellul), first day. That initial word was not about the great shakings that were to come, but it had to do with a concern that God wanted to impart to His people about the condition of His house. God delivered a rebuke to His people in that day. Sixteen years earlier, they had begun to rebuild the house of the Lord, but they had slowed down to a crawl and then had completely halted their progress in its' construction due to various obstacles and adversaries. God asked them in verse 5 to consider their ways and He told them to connect their various difficulties with the downtrodden condition of God's house. They had thought that "the time is not come, the time that the Lord's house should be built." But God came on the scene, through His prophet, to tell them that they were wrong: it was had been the time, but they had become slack. We know this was so because God had said that He had sent wasting upon them, with things breaking and rotting, all because they had neglected God's house while they were placing their focus on their own "cieled houses" while His house lie in waste. They seemed to have a brass heaven over their heads: no prayers could get through and all throughout their lands, they were having problems with drought and the growing of food. They were even having money problems that God described metaphorically as having a bag with holes that one might put his wages into. In short, they were in a fix and God was letting them know, through his prophet, that it was no accident; it was not the devil: IT WAS HIM!

The word of the Lord came to me, Stephen L. Bening, that we are entering into a Haggai season: a new season. This word has now been confirmed twice. We are entering into this new season in accordance with the Haggai revelation calendar. The process began as we entered into the Sixth month (Ellul), first day, which fell on September 4, 2016, last Sunday. The first confirmation of the word came on that Sunday and then again today, which has now prompted me to release the word, for we have surely entered into a new season. God has rebuked us for spending all of our time and attention on our own houses and our own problems, while we have neglected the House of the Lord.

This month of September, through October 12, 2016, marks the period of Teshuvah: a time of spiritual introspection and repentance that concludes with Yom Kippor, the day of Atonement. During this time, God's people must arise with a concern regarding the condition of His house. His house, the individual temples of the Lord that we regard as our own bodies, are in a waste and defiled condition. We have neglected His house. The many membered temple of God that should be functioning as living assemblies fashioned out of living stones lies totally waste and without any true or undefiled function. Oh how we need God to stir us up by the Holy Spirit to rebuild the house of the Lord in our day. We need for God to enable us to SEE the true condition of His house. Do we really believe that the present church businesses with their profit motives and their great big men can really accomplish anything with God? Certainly, they will tell you how to spend your money and your time, but this present day church is a spiritual parallel to a broken down Temple of God that the people resorted to using as a latrine prior to the arising of King Josiah. The stench is unbearable from within it and a concern for building God's true house must arise from within us. An overcoming spirit must fall upon us like rain from the Lord to lift us up out of this present malaise and slumber. Truly, the day of great shakings is at hand and it will be well for us to finish the repairs of God's house before they commence.

There are many who have their present focus on the great shakings to come. This focus has become unhealthy as God has decided to allow their arrival to tarry. The focus must shift to God's things and God's house. Yes, we are to prepare for trouble to come, but that preparation begins with spiritual preparation. Preparation for worldly trouble without concern for God's holy temple is folly of the highest order. Turn now and call for God to send the winds of revival upon us as we must have an outpouring of God's Spirit upon this remnant, lest we perish, having not been found worthy to escape that which is about to be poured upon the Earth.

The Lord painted the number "37" on a green roof for me to see. Green is the color of the anointing: the presence of God. The Lord is saying that this concern for and activity involved in rebuilding the House of the Lord that lies in waste cannot be by might or by man's strength but must be done by the power of God's Spirit. Everything about this rebuilding process must be done by the Spirit. We must step up our worship, especially seeking the Lord to worship Him in Spirit and in truth, without hypocrisy. Just as I wrote these words, I had a quick vision of a flowing green river, flowing forth from God. The Lord will now flow forth to heal us and to enable us to work on His spiritual house. He truly lives within us. He indwells us. He empowers us so that we can do all things through His strength as He gives us strength from the inside of us. He has cleansed us to be the temple of the Lord through the propitiatory sacrifice of His body and His blood, the doing of which causes me to ponder on the greatness of all of it and to begin to be filled with a hilarious cheer. Truly, the joy of the Lord is our strength. It is for this reason that the Greek word for "propitiation" is a close relative of the word from which our word "hilarious" originates. His blood has made it possible for us to be His temple. We must now cleanse these temples by the power of His Holy Spirit, flowing forth as a mighty river of God to us and through us, for He has said that He will cause rivers of living water to flow forth from our bellies. Oh, how we need you to revive us now Lord, for we almost faint, waiting for your rescue.

The word of the Lord came again to me regarding the number "37", as the Holy Spirit quickened Psalm 37:34 to me: "Wait on the LORD, and keep his way, and he shall exalt thee to inherit the land: when the wicked are cut off, thou shalt see it." In short, there will be vindication for many of my people who have loved me and who have waited upon me, in this season, says the Lord.

Stephen L. Bening
#ahaggaiseason #the37revelation

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