Prophets And The Two Witnesses Deception
(February 28, 2000)

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Prophets and prophetic people, by virtue of what they tend to focus on and pray about, tend to be quite open to the notion that all is folly: that the whole church is corrupted and useless. Demon spirits are always lurking, trying to lead the prophet down this gnostic trail. Then, they swallow the demon suggested notion that they are the select few who are not deceived: that they alone have the truth. All who claim to be serving God are then not serving God, but themselves, according to them: they alone are in the master's true service. The whole church and everyone in it are merely fuel for the fire of God's wrath. Everyone else is deceived but them and those who agree with them. Everyone is a Pharisee. Perfectly serviceable cults have been founded by such people: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is one such.

Is it then a very great leap to accept the notion, when a demon suggests it, that you are one of two witnesses referred to in the Apocalypse? I have had a demon suggest it to me, so I know of what I speak.

This is an old trail that leads to a lonely cave. Lonely, rejected people become bitter and mean spirited. Bad things happen when prophets turn bad and prophesy from woundedness. That is the fruit exhibited by Wyrick and Hostee. If such a lonely, rejected soul is fortunate and blessed while in that cave, he may hear the Lord remind him that "I have seven thousand who have not yet bowed their knee to Ba-al."

The Lord died for and built His own church. I do not think He is a fool. He has constructed it well and it will accomplish His desire. Yes, half the virgins have no extra oil---we already know that ahead of time. Those who are lonely, contentious and bombastic would be well served to meditate on that scripture above. The Lord always has His remnant: and it is much bigger than that lonely soul would even dare to dream.

Two witnesses believe that they and those who swallow their gnostic words are the only ones walking in the light. They too will find that there are many more who are. Certainly, deceivers will come! That is what this forum is about in the main. Throwing light on the darkness!

They also need to come out of that cave. Perhaps when they do, they may be of use to the Lord. But please people, don't go down into that cave with them. If you do, the Lord will ask "what doest thou here"? For such, have mercy on them, with fear, lest your garments be polluted. Be careful that you stand on firm ground if you try to snatch one of these from the fire.

We are told by Jude to "earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints." We resist prophetic popery and that is good. In that it was once delivered, no gnostic will bring anything to my table that is a new delivery: it was once delivered and that already accomplished. We stamp new deliveries with "return to sender" here. I am not afraid to earnestly contend for what was once delivered to the saints. It is my God given job and duty.

We are not afraid or cowardly. We defend our faith and the word of God as Spurgeon's lion: we open it's cage and turn it loose. The word of God is our friend. Are we all deceived? Probably, but not on central things that really matter.

I will close with this. Three years ago, I was working as Administrator of a large church. I prepared the bank deposit and went to the bank. While counting the money, the teller paused and examined a hundred dollar bill. She called the head teller over. Sure enough, it was a counterfeit. I asked to see the bill. Truthfully, I could not tell any difference between the counterfeit and the real as I put a real one right next to it. I then asked the teller how she had caught it. She said, "by the feel of it, by its texture". You see, she had handled lots of hundred dollar bills and had learned not to go by mere appearance in the detection of counterfeits. She had handled a lot of the real and knew how they felt. When a false one came along, it literally froze in her hand: and she was counting quickly.

We must make every effort to handle the real Jesus and the real gospel. We will then be able to detect the counterfeits: not by mere appearance but by the feel--the spirit that accompanies the appearance---and the fruit. I believe there are many in the church and on the Watchman Seers USA group who have and do handle the real. I am honored to share thoughts with such saints of God. Keep up the good work of watching and praying.

Stephen L. Bening

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