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Prophecy: Of Ships And Sons
September 19, 2012

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It is 1:24am here on the East Coast as I begin to write about ships and sons. I stayed up late tonight talking to my son Johnny about the kingdom of God. I explained to him that church has not always been the way it is now. I remember a time when I watched multiple ministers casting demons out of several people at the same time with dramatic, eye opening effects. There was a time when I did not have to choose between snoring and screaming in church; it was a time of excitement and thrills in God's kingdom.

I told him of the mission trips and the many miracles I have seen. Some of the stories he has heard before (He is 17). So, he stayed up with me for a couple of hours tonight as I tried to explain to him that the kingdom of God is worth it for the one who will dive into it with every last bit of strength, energy, effort and time. It is so worth it. But what I see in the churches today reminds me of the tomato that I can buy down at the food store. It looks sort of like the ones in my garden in Tennessee, but when you bite into it, you realize that the one thing has nothing to do with the other.

Then, I began to talk with him about the visions and he had some questions about tsunamis. But, as we drew to an end, I remembered that all of the visions begin with the visions of ships; many ships. The revelation of the last days and how it affects America always began with ships for me. And so, tonight is a night to talk of ships and sons.

Many sons of the American nation are aboard ships tonight either in or just South of the Persian Gulf. I have known for almost twenty years that the Persian Gulf will one day become a shooting gallery and a terrible killing field for American sons. I have had a great deal of Revelation about the subject and then God has brought other prophets along side of me to fill in the gaps. The sum total of all is very extensive.

It has been almost twelve years since the attack on the USS Cole near Yemen. The day prior to that attack, I wrote and prophesied about future attacks on US Shipping, so it became one of those rather renowned "fulfilled prophecies" that people talk about when they gossip about prophets: prophesied one day and fulfilled the next. But, it very rarely works out like that. Today though, the church does not really cast out demons any more and the christians don't even gossip about the prophets or call me even a false prophet any more. They simply do not call me at all.

The news media is reporting that ships of 30 nations are crowding around the Persian Gulf tonight. A naval exercise is ongoing near the Strait of Hormuz. Three of our aircraft carrier task forces will be involved before the exercise ends in 8 or 9 days from now. One carrier group is stationed, according to news reports, actually inside the Persian Gulf. Why would any military commander want to have a carrier in a waterway that narrow and so near to a rocky and mountainous shoreline where a hostile nation most certainly has set thousands upon multiplied thousands of anti-ship missiles of many types from the Exocet to the Sunburn to the Onyx that each may be launched from the back of a concealed truck?

For me, the aircraft carrier prophesying began with a waking vision and a lot of revealed information during the time in January, 1993 when the USS Kitty Hawk was deployed there. During the vision, I did not see the identity of the carrier that was hit by a low flying, zig zagging cruise missile. It could have been any carrier. Later on, the Lord revealed that the USS Kitty Hawk would indeed be a carrier that would be hit. So, I thought at that time that the Kitty Hawk must be the one I saw in the vision. Then, later, I learned there would be other carriers in trouble as well.

I was given a lot of future factual information that I shared with my son Johnny tonight, so that he knows that I knew it before it fills the newspapers. This event certainly feels like it is just about ready to happen, so I thought I would bring the details up and give all of you a refresher course:

1) 12 ships will be destroyed.
2) 12,600 men will be killed.
3) The descendants of Ishmael will do it.
4) The event will happen on the 17th day of a month (I do not know for sure which calendar that refers to but it seems that Tebeth 17 was later highlighted)
5) That it would be the first domino of many dominoes later to fall.

I was pretty certain that this event would have happened more than ten years ago and that it would be the USS Kitty Hawk that would suffer the attack. Then, I read Bob Griffin's prophecy about an attack from Iran on ships, and I obtained more information. Griffin saw in his vision that Iran had used the F-14 Tomcat jets against us: the very same plane flown by Tom Cruise in the movie Top Gun. These planes were later sold to Iran.

Right after that, I met Bob Neumann and he had seen a vision of an attack on the aircraft carrier Abraham Lincoln when the Lincoln was not even christened or named yet. Then, it was later revealed that there would be such a craft.

A few others came along who had seen similar things, so I realized that multiple carriers were going to be attacked in the Persian Gulf area. I began to doubt whether the USS Kitty Hawk would be involved as it has been decommissioned but the Lord assured me that it would be reactivated for duty at some future date. Then, I met Matthew Stephen and this event was confirmed in his voice also and most importantly that it would be the first major domino event to happen on the world stage. Matthew has received prophecy regarding the USS Enterprise and the USS Kitty Hawk, so this is further confirmation and added information.

So, right at this moment, we have prophetic information concerning danger to three American aircraft carrier task forces: two of those are near the Persian Gulf right now: the Lincoln and the Enterprise.

So, this event will occur and probably very soon. It will domino into other serious prophetic events including, among other things, the "big one" at the San Andreas fault and the return of the French Revolution: this time, in America, as America goes to race war that eventually turns virulently anti-christian.

I was looking at the notes from the revelation tonight that I had written down 19 years ago. The event seems so fresh to me: just like it happened yesterday. It came on January 9, 1993 and three days later, I was hit with fire from heaven and walked with an incredibly heavy anointing of the Lord upon me for five days. I could not bear it at that time and I got into some other trouble, but the Lord revealed to me that later, that the heavy anointing will return to abide upon me. I suspect it will come on the heels of the day when this prophecy happens just as it did then.

There were indications in the prophecy that it might point to Tebeth 17 on the Hebrew calendar and so every year, I make it a point to mark that date and keep watch. The prophecy also came forth from 11:24am to 3pm and those times seemed to have some reference to some type of location code, but I never have had it revealed to me just how to interpret it.

So, we are just now reaching September 19 and this year, Tebeth 17 falls on December 30. One year, maybe this year, it will all go up to another level in the Persian Gulf: a level I have called tier one. You also may know it now as the time of the double judgements. It will be a time when you had better know that you know that Jesus Christ is your Savior, provider and watchman over your life. It will begin a time like there has never been on this planet.

You do not want to wait to turn your life over to the Lord and I mean TOTALLY turn your life over: all the details, all the decisions........everything. It must all be on Him and led by Him. Do not delay. You are almost out of time.

Stephen L. Bening

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