PROPHECY: Following Instructions
February 1, 2001

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Have you looked at today's date: 02/01/2001. All those twos and ones! The Satanists, Masons and numerologists all go crazy on days like that. God uses numbers too. Someday, if the Lord permits, I'll write and article about these things and about how God and the Devil use numbers, but not today.

I was awakened by the Lord at 2:40 AM. I looked at the clock and knew it was the Lord who had awakened me, but he had no word for me: he simply wanted me to make mental note of the number.

Later in the morning, I awoke and began talking with the Lord about a few things. I was seeking for a more full revelation of what the Lord was telling me from the previous night concerning Genesis 40. And then, I was curious about 2:40. The Lord quickened me about two things. The first part was that I was to write about the 2 years of Chapter 40 of Genesis, which I wrote about in my article yesterday, 1/31/2001. The second message from "2:40" was that I was to read Exodus 40 today.

I read the chapter this morning and really had nothing special from the Lord. The chapter is about the tabernacle and Moses' construction of it. I read the chapter a second time this afternoon, and again, nothing special: no new word from the Lord. Finally, I read it a third time tonight at the urging of the Holy Spirit, and the Lord spoke.

Now, why did I have to read it three times? Why did Moses have to anoint the tabernacle and the altar of burnt offering and all the vessels? Because God had told him to. That is the message from the Lord. We have been obeying instructions, as did Moses. Look carefully through the first five books of the bible. Moses made no mistakes in the construction of the tabernacle. Chapter 40:16 records that:

"Thus did Moses: according to all that the LORD commanded him, so did he."

What was the result? The end of the chapter leaves us with a description of the cloud of glory of the LORD our God.

Today, we are the tabernacle of God and daily, God gives us instructions in the layout of our tabernacle. We have been following instructions. That is all that we can do. Since we have a better covenant than Moses had, some of us are still constructing our tabernacles successfully even though we have made mistakes. We ask forgiveness and begin building again.

What instruction do you have from the Lord today? In the tabernacle, everything had it's place. Why did the laver have to sit between the tent of the congregation and the altar? Because that is where God said it should go. That is enough of a reason. Why did I have to read Exodus 40 three times before God spoke to me? Because He told me to. I am His and He is allowed to do with me as He pleases, so help me God.

Today, obey His instructions. It is all that we can do: He does everything else. There is nothing hindering the cloud of glory today. Obey and complete the work He has given you to do, and see the salvation of your God.

Stephen L. Bening
a servant and prophet of our Lord Jesus Christ

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