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Prophecy: Pat Holliday And Deceivers Of The People
August 25, 2008

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Pat Holliday and Deceivers Of The People
August 25, 2008

I do not know Pat Holliday and she does not know me. We have never met and we have never had any contact or conversation whatsoever. Yet she has begun to criticize me, and to attempt to renounce the commission that I have been given by the Lord.

I have been sent by the Lord to command this nation to drink the wine cup of the wrath of God. Those who express reluctance and refuse to drink, will nevertheless, be required to drink. Only those who are in covenant with their Father, and who are obedient to follow His instructions will be spared, and will not be forced to drink from the wine cup of His wrath.

A quick and cursory search of “Google” for the name “Pat Holliday” reveals that she is a “Dr.”, from Southeastern Theological College, and that she is proud of her inclusions in all manner of “who’s who” publications. She has several books “for sale” on her website. The Christian churches seem to welcome her. She is a friend of the institutional church and derives an income from that source. She has appeared as a guest on Trunews and on the Zeph Daniel radio program. And so, it appears that she enjoys some acceptance among part of the American prophetic.

The rise of human opposition today to the work that I have been given to do by Jesus is another sign to me that those demonic powers and principalities that have been arrayed against me to hinder me for so many years have now, just today, been removed out of the way, just as God has promised.

The judgements of God that I have called forth BY HIS COMMAND will now quickly ensue, and the provision of every need for the gathering of the remnant will now come forth, as we have decreed it in the name of the Lord! And so, we rejoice in persecutions, slanders and false accusations, for such was meted out against the prophets who went before us.

This person, Pat Holliday, has begun to refer to Matthew Stephen and I, Stephen Bening, as “false prophets”, “spiritual vultures”, “witches and “spiritually ignorant prophets”. This was somewhat upsetting to me, but I would never dignify such name calling with any response at all if that was all there was to the criticism. The Lord always leads me to ignore such foolishness. So, thus far, I have kept silent since she first mentioned me some two months ago.

Other deceivers have also gone forth to bring false counsel to the people of God. They are giving the advice that you should ignore the words of warning and prophecy that have gone forth from Matthew Stephen and from Stephen Bening. The sword of the Lord is coming forth against these who lead God’s people astray.

The latest article by Pat Holliday reached me on August 25 and it went further than she had previously gone: to oppose the word of the Lord. She began to take a most serious turn, and I knew that the Lord would order me to respond. For now, she has not simply attacked me and called me names, but she has set herself in opposition to the word of the Lord.

She has begun to be a deceiver of the people, and a most grievous one at that.

She wrote:

BEGIN QUOTE------- “God will protect us. He is not against America and its people. He loves us and says that it is His desire that NONE perish. These crazy, deluded prophets see water disasters as God cleaning the land. It is not raging waters that clean people and the land....It is the Blood of Jesus.”

“Be a part of the solution. Pray against their witchcraft curses and call out to God for mercy. That's what I did during Fay...There was barely a force of wind around my home, not one leaf appeared on my steps, the one hundred and fifty year old Oak trees did not lose one tiny limb. My lights remained on while 70,000 were down around the city. Our church was safe without any damage. Don't let these nuts convince you that they are sent by God to bring you gloom and doom. Be more convinced that God sent His only begotten Son and whosoever believes in Him will not perish!” END QUOTE-------

My research indicates that this person resides in Jacksonville, FL: on the coast.

The Lord has directed me to respond with these words of prophecy. This is what the Lord says:

Pat Holliday: Hear the word of the Lord! Where were you when I called Stephen L. Bening to prophesy to the nations, after the order of Jeremiah, on June 24, 1992? Were you present? Did I require your opinion or your approval? Did I request your permission to call him? Are you acquainted with all that he has suffered and endured as I have prepared him for my service?

Pat Holliday: Hear the word of the Lord! Where were you when I commanded my servant Stephen L. Bening, on July 5, 2008, to begin to command this nation to drink of the wine cup of the wrath of God, just as I ordered Jeremiah to do before him? Do you tremble at my word, Pat Holliday? You are ignorant of my previous instructions to Jeremiah in this regard. That which I have done before, is that which I shall do again!

Pat Holliday: Hear the word of the Lord! You and certain others have become deceivers of the people, for you are offering counsel that my people should ignore my words, spoken through my appointed servants. For I have ordered my servants, the prophets, to warn my people to move away from the coastlands of the United States. I do not desire to catch my people in the outpouring of my wrath against your nation. My people are not appointed to suffer my wrath, so I have sent my servants in advance, to warn my people that they must flee from the coastlands. I will lead each one of them by my Holy Spirit, as they seek Me, regarding the manner and time of their departure from the coastlands.

Pat Holliday: Hear the word of the Lord! You and others are misleading and deceiving my people. You are instructing them to ignore my servants, whom I have sent, and to ignore the words of warning that I have sent through them. You and certain others are deceiving my people, Pat Holliday. You tell them that they may remain on the coastlands, pray a few prayers, call out for mercy, and all will be well. You are mistaken. Your error is a grievous thing before Me. That which you have proclaimed as protected shall become perilous unto you and shall even become a place of your perishing, if you do not repent, says the Lord. You do not have the word of the Lord in this matter, but you are opposing Me, the LORD GOD, and you have come out in opposition to my word and my will. The blood of all those who perish on the coastlands will be upon your hands. Repent quickly while there is still time to correct your folly.

Stephen L. Bening

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