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Be Especially Careful With Words/Lift The Hands Of Your Weary Brother

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Two words from the Lord are in my spirit tonight.

The Lord is warning that over the next three to four weeks, you will be getting more words in the spirit than usual. This has been happening for the last week in November too. Some of these words will appear to be accusing people around you of involvement in gross kinds of sin.

Some of these types of things will be detailed visions and dreams. Some may have sexual references and appear, on their face, to accuse someone of sexual sin. The interpretation will not be sexual, says the Lord, and you are being tested to see if you will accuse your brother or protect him and pray for him. Love covers a multitude of sins.

Be very careful! Be slow to speak! Pray about everything!

The Lord is testing you to see how you will respond. Will you accuse the brother, judge him with no other evidence than a word from God, dream or vision? The brother will not be guilty. Or, will you pray for the brother, interpreting that the Lord is revealing to you a future plan of attack that Satan wishes to execute against your brother.

There has been and will be great activity in the realm of the spirit for the next three to four weeks. Be careful what you say to others. Be careful to edify. You will be tempted to speak forth in personal prophecy during this period. In many cases, you may wound a brother or sister by what you say. Know that the Lord is near, watching how you respond. The Lord is looking to see what is within your heart. Do you really love your brother as you love yourself?

Rejoice with those who are rejoicing; mourn with those who are mourning. Be very careful if you feel a leading of the spirit to speak negatively to someone who plans to marry. Some of you will feel that you should tell someone that they must leave their church. This is not the Lord. Again, you are being tested. Some of you will feel led to accuse your pastors of illegal drug use. This is not the Lord! You are being tested. Some of you will feel led to leave your church. Again, you are being tested!

This is the time, says the Lord, when I am coming in my church. I am very near and I am in your midst, says God, and I will see what lies within your hearts. I will know the motives, whether they be for the life or for the death of my body. Shun rebellion, says the Lord.

The Lord is also looking for those, in this hour, who will be as Aaron and Hur was to Moses. The Lord says, today you and I, in much the same way, can come along side of a weary brother. We can't fight alone, against the power of the foe. The victory you will know as you lift up the hands of one another and bear one another's burdens. You cannot love me and serve before my altar unless you prove your love for one another in deed and truth.

In the balance of this year, be especially mindful to pray for one another, encourage one another, build up one another, defend one another, fight for one another and yes, die for one another if necessary. Love one another!

No man can tame the tongue, so pray that the Lord would give you help to keep you from gross sin in this hour of testing, for the content of a man's heart is revealed by what he says. Many of you are, as it were, being interviewed and tested for promotion by the Lord in this hour. You are being examined. Will you do good, or will you harm the Lord's body, with what he is giving you now?

Stephen L. Bening
a servant and prophet of our Lord Jesus Christ

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