Temple Cornerstone Going To The Temple Mount on Oct 16, 2000, plus prophetic judgement on the predictions of Michael Rood
(October 12, 2000)

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Dear Pastors, Prophets and Ministers
October 12-10:30 A.M. Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Today, we are seeing some very serious, perhaps world and history changing events that are beginning to unfold in Israel. Everyone who reads this page needs to know this information so that they may be adequately prepared for what is about to happen.

Early this morning, I was directed by Ron Williams of Hawaii (Geico406) to check out some of the recent Prophecy Club broadcasts by Michael Rood with respect to some detailed predictions that have been made regarding events predicted to occur in Israel later this month. Michael Rood is a born again Jew and a "messianic rabbi" by his own description.

I have not been following the Prophecy Club recently, but I was favorably impressed by the newsletter which contained Stan Johnson's apology to his readers. I recall stating, out loud, that God would now exalt him as he has now humbled himself before men.

I have now listened to the three Michael Rood broadcasts as presented on the Prophecy Club Web site ending with the one on 10/10. Then, I listened to the one that will air on 10/13. Stan Johnson, founder and moderator of the Prophecy Club, is not predicting anything. Stan said many times and reiterated it on the Oct 13 broadcast (on the net), that he has learned his lesson about setting dates for the fulfillment of prophecy. His handling of this is, in my opinion, impeccable. He is letting a watchman speak and making his own position very clear. My congratulations to Stan.

Michael Rood, however, is very strong that "this is it" (meaning that the Day Of The Lord is Commencing) and that since he was apparently proved right by violence in Israel that commenced on his calculated date of Ellul 1/September28 (Ellul is a month from the Hebrew Calendar), he is now predicting that Russia will invade Israel and that nuclear weapons will be used on October 28/Tishri 1, again according to his recalculated Hebrew calendar.

Michael Rood is no prophet. He says this openly on his web site and on radio. He is a student of the Hebrew calendar and a very knowledgeable man of God and student of bible prophecy. A year ago, he was warning us about the very same things and times. In 1999, he had to retract when nothing happened. Even this year, there is kind of a fall back position in his wording. He makes comments like, "If this is the 6001 st year, then this is it." In other words, If he is wrong, he merely has the year wrong. This really is not a very specific prediction!

Now, he says, he has been proven right by the commencing of violence in Israel on 9/28. I can find no evidence that he predicted that anything would happen on September 28, prior to the commencing of the violence. (Stan, if you have something in writing, please forward it to me). September 28 was Ellul 1 (Hebrew Calendar Month), according to him.

I have found nothing on his website,6001.com to that effect. To me, if he had made an important prediction about events to occur on September 28, he should have put it on his web site back in May, 2000 when many of us were really looking into what he had to say. I know that I was discussing these things with Apostle John Neuhaus and several others of you then. We were very impressed with what he shared at that time. If he had done this, we might be able to share in his confidence that his timetable is about to be fulfilled in every detail.

I have now copied his three Hebrew calendars for Ellul, Tishri and Marheshvan from Michael Rood's web site. There are no predictions at all on there. Now, on just 15 radio stations, the warning is going out about October 28 and the Russian Invasion of Israel. It is not on his site. Why? Not very many people are being warned. There is apparently nothing in writing or on the net on this that I can forward to you Pastors, Prophets and Ministers. You must listen to Prophecy Club real audio for 10/6, 10/7 and 10/10 in order to get the whole message.

To me, this seems to be similar to Brian Huie and his work with the bible codes. They claim to use the word of God or a calendar or a hidden bible numeric code to predict an event on a specific date. I too, like Stan johnson, have learned my hard lessons about setting dates. I have never seen it happen once....ever! Have you? It is always after the fact, that they claim the codes or the calendar pointed at an event that occured. Those who have tried date predicting are an embarrassment.

Biblically, we don't have a lot of examples of successful prophetic date setting. Jonah set a date for Ninevah, but God repented. Jeremiah set a date for the return of Israel-70 years. Abraham set a date for the time of slavery in Egypt-400 years. So, it is not out of the realm of the possible, but recent attempts at date setting have been disastrous.

All that being said, what if he is right? I must admit that I started fasting this morning, before I listened to the words of Michael Rood.. I was informed last night at 11pm that the Temple Mount Faithful (an Israeli Religious Group headed by Gershom Solomon) plans to carry the temple cornerstone up to the Temple mount In Jerusalem with the help of the Israeli Security Force and with the full approval of the Government of Israel on Monday, 10/16/2000. Temple Mount Faithful They have been trying for years to set that cornerstone on the Temple Mount, but now, they claim they have government approval and military help in doing it. It may be that they are overly optimistic in their belief that they have government approval and will have military assistance to do this. However, I know that the Chief Israeli Rabbinate has already decided to build a synagogue on the mount. Perhaps that little walking tour that MK Ariel Sharon took up there two weeks ago was a softening up, as Art Cormier has told me previously.

(As I was preparing this page for my site, adding links, from the alert I issued yesterday on 10/12, I have just today spoken to Eddie Sax, co host of Politics and Religion, a Christian Radio Program aired internationally. Explore their work at Endtime Ministries Eddie, who has personally interviewed Gershom Solomon of the TMF, says that Gershom may be overly optimistic about getting government help with the setting of that cornerstone.)

I don't need a reworked calendar to know what that may herald. I echo the response of Alex Puyol as he posted this morning on Watchman Seers Network USA When he saw it, he exclaimed, "Oh boy".

(The Jerusalem Post, October 16, 2000 reports that the Israeli Government has decided not to allow access to the temple mount for the Temple Mount Faithful.)

We know the Arabs have scheduled a conference for October 21 and 22. We know that Saddam Hussein is calling all Arabs to destroy Israel.

I know, from my own prophetic vision, that American ships will someday be attacked by the Arabs in the Persian Gulf.

(Three hours after I issued my alert email on 10/12, the USS Cole was attacked in a harbor in Yemen. At least 17 sailors have been reported killed)

Art Cormier commented to me that if the IDF actually helps to set the cornerstone on the temple mount and keeps the Arabs from dragging it off, they must have obtained permission permission from the Antichrist. That seems reasonably possible to me-if it occurs.

What if Michael Rood misses the date and the scoffers set in big time? Look at how many people lost their desire to seek for prophetic things after the Y2K non event! It would drive the church deeper into their pillows.

I know that the date the Lord always has me looking at is Marheshvan 17-the date the flood of Noah began. According to the traditional Hebrew Calendar, MH17 falls on November 15. According to Rood's Hebrew calendar, it falls on December 14. Well, I was looking up and watching even before I listened to Michael Rood. In his defense, he has a lot of knowledge about these things. Much more than me.

Also, I recall that I heard Joseph Good of Hatikva Ministries predict about 9 years ago that on some future Tishri 1(Rosh Hashanah on the Hebrew Calendar), the day of the Lord would begin and 10 days later, on Yom Kippur, America would be destroyed, along with the attack on Israel. Rood may be right.

Added to that, I found myself praying in tongues just about all day yesterday. I did not know why. Then, I got the news at 11 last night about the Cornerstone and the plans to set it on the temple mount. I don't know what is next, but I'm all eyes and all ears. I'm listening for what my Lord will say to me.

Also, I'm going to go check my backpack, just in case I have to head for the hills, which means swamp to us South Floridians. If it was good enough for the Seminole Indians to protect them from the white man, perhaps it will be good enough for me. Sure hope it doesn't come to that, though. I put that line in here for those of us who don't think it is a sin to prepare in the natural realm too.

Keep me apprised of whatever you hear, either from secular sources or from the Lord, and I'll do the same for you. I too, have been looking for the destruction of Damascus (Isaiah 17:1) as, perhaps, the next great fulfillment to occur. It may not be very long now until all sense of normalcy disappears from our great nation.

It may be that I really heard from the Lord in May of 99 when I prophesied that Y2K would come to nothing on 1/1/2000 but that trouble would arise later. You can read what I wrote then on my site at GAMMADIM VISION September, 1999

Here we are, less than 100 days now from the end of the year and everywhere I turn: TV, Radio, pulpits, there is silence concerning Y2K. There has been doublespeak. It seems that people who speak for the Lord are reluctant to take a position. I only want to know one thing: What have the prophets said? Amos 3:7 states that "Surely the Lord will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets." I am a prophet: The Lord's gift to the church. What has the Lord told me?

On May 9, 1999, I wrote the following: "Initially, it will appear as though the predicted problems will amount to nothing, then suddenly, problems will appear and quickly worsen. These problems will not necessarily center on the 1/1/2000 date that has been demonized in the media. Many of those who have prepared early will drop their guard and some will even dispose of items they have collected as part of their preparedness efforts. Then the trouble will come suddenly and unexpectedly."

Bill Deagle prophesied concerning Y2K on May 5, 1999. The July/August issue of The Prophecy Club newsletter published his word that was purportedly given by the angel Gabriel. Mr. Deagle calls himself a prophet. Deagle wrote "Look, here are the supplies that you need! They are in the garage of this man and many thousands of others who have prepared well for Y2K. They are not your Christian brothers and sisters, nor have they sought out the "Gold of His word". Therefore, when the crisis of Y2K seems to be over, they will put down their guard, and will not seek wisdom from the Father. They sought only to preserve their way of life, and when the imminent threat is over, they will lay down their guard. You, and those who hear and obey, will gain these great resources bought by rich men, who will sell them to you at 11 to 13 cents on the dollar. Tell the people of the Holy Covenant, they are to store up not only for themselves, but for many who will turn and be saved in the Days of Trial for the Whole world....Now is the time to prepare in a sacrificial way." I urge you to obtain this entire word from Prophecy Club. I have only printed key excerpts.

Finally, Apostle John Neuhaus of Fort Lauderdale, who walks with signs and wonders following as he ministers the gospel in the hard places of South America where no one else goes, said early in 1999 that Abraham had two visitations from the Lord in his 99th year, and that the 99th year is a prediction for 1999. The Lord visited Abraham to open the womb of Sarah: to make her fruitful. The Lord also visited Abraham to announce the judgement of Sodom. John said we are to expect two visitations after these types: That the Lord will come in the church before He comes for it.

The prophets are all telling the church to prepare, not selfishly, but sacrificially. I believe that those who prepare now will be blessed by the Lord after 1/1/2000 as the Lord quickly makes them aware of individuals who are selling their supplies. We must seek the Lord, especially after 1/1/2000 when it appears that not much has happened. Do not let your guard down."

If that was Jesus I was hearing from, things are going to get very rough, very fast, and we won't even know when our last conversation, or email message might be.

So, just in case, I bless you in the name of the Lord...you and your households, and pray that the Lord may keep you and me and our loved ones until his coming when we see him face to face. And that if we are appointed to death or suffering or to flight, that we may all be given grace from God to bear what we and our families may be called upon to face in service to our wonderful Lord Jesus and that our faith may not fail us. This is my prayer for all of you, in Jesus name. Amen.

And thanks to Ron Williams for prompting me to seek the Lord and write this morning..

In closing, I hope that I never become a dog that cannot bark. It would be a tragedy if any of you were not aware of what is happening, right now, in Israel and what is being predicted. Personally, I am still watching and listening, but I have a heightened sense of concern in my spirit that the church is asleep and many pastors, prophets and ministers have stopped barking. I suspect that Amos 9:11 and 1 Thessalonians 5:3 are about to be fulfilled, and I cannot help opening my mouth to sound the alarm.

Finally, really, final close. Jesus is the reason for all of this. If you don't know him, you can. If you are not going to heaven, you can. You simply say, with your mouth and believe with your heart that Jesus Christ is the Lord God, your master, and that God raised him from the dead. Combine this with repentance and a desire to walk with and serve your Lord and you are on your way, already beginning your eternal life with God. And remember, He's alive---and heaven's gates are opened wide---for you and me.

Stephen L. Bening

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